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My Day Archives

March 18th-I officially consider myself a softie now. Why I say this is because I was watching 'extreme makeover: home edition' tonight and I actually teared up when I saw the reaction of the family when they received their new and regenevated home.  Maybe I just teared up because I haven't done a dang thing all break for the most part, who knows.  But I do know that the feeling of helping someone else out to make them have a happier life is wonderful, so I can't wait to get with my job to help people out.  Tomorrow actually going to get in some observation hours for my adapted PE class, so cant be staying up late tonight.  The 15-16 inches of snow that received earlier this week ihas receeded to hardly anything already, so was able to get to the track in panora to get a workout on the track done.  But well back to watching NCAA basketball games for the night.

March 17th--So I havent typed in here for quite awhile.  Indoor conference this year reminded me so much of the state track meet my junior year in high school.  The common link between these two instances is 1 point.  I say this because we lost by 1 point both of these times, and they both came down to the very last event to know that we had lost.  This loss was not as harsh as the loss in high school I do not believe, but it was just as big as a loss.  We had won the indoor conference championship 8 years in a row and then we got outperformed by a team that had not a single sprinter.  The bus ride back was very rough on us all.  We then got reprimanded by Kip during a team meeting because we did not step up.  By the way I got disqualified in the 200 meter dash, because I supposedly ran on the line around the turn.  So yeah that was a downer for our whole team, so now we need to dominate the outdoor conference meet to keep that streak going and to regain our conference supremacy over the rest of the teams.  I believe we have twice the talent as all the other teams, but our training has to much volume with to little speed work for us to perform at our maximal potential.  But I have to keep pushing through the workouts, although I do not agree with Kips training regime he has for us.  Not going to get in depth about that, but I do know there are numerous people feeling the same way.  Kip is an Olympian, yes, but for the decathlon, so the rest of us should not train that way as well.  I just want to be able to reach my true potential but with these workouts it is not possible. 


Anyways on another note Kayleens birthday was on March 5th.  We just did the whole dinner and movie thing.  I wanted to see Passion of the Christ, so thats what we saw.  Not so much of a date movie, especially since she cried during it, but it was all still good though.  My creative side tried to leak out for her birthday as well.  I purchased a little journal book, and started it off by writing 19 reasons why I like you for your 19th birthday, and mixed some funny things along with some serious things into it.  Then she is supposed to just write things in it about us two, and supposedly she has done quite a bit of that as well as put little things that I have given here now and then into the journal as well.  So I think that has worked out.  In addition, I attempted to make these crafty heart things.  However, they did not turn out right, as I used wax paper instead of aluminum foil, my mistake.  So I need to redeem that idea and do it again.  But the idea just consisted of cutting out strips of oak tag, or such, and forming a heart from it.  Then laying the heart on aluminum foil (do not use wax paper) and filling the heart up with glue.  After that you put food coloring, into the glue and swirl it around.  Then when it dries the hearts should come up from the aluminum foil (they do not come off of wax paper).  Well that was just a little simple idea but I put quite a bit of work into it only for it to not to out right.  Then from a photo program on my computer, I made a collage of pictures between her and I (needed more pictures), it turned out to be pretty nice I guess.  So those were my so called creative/attempted romantic type things that I did for her birthday.  Not so romantic, but it is quite an improvement for me, and it seemed like she realized that and really liked it. 


Have you been able to tell that I have nothing else to do right now.  I am on spring break, no one is around that I know of, my parents are in bed, and I do not want to study for tests this next week.  Friday I am going to go to my moms school and observe the PE class for my Adapted PE class, but still need many more hours to do, but plan on going to some Special Olympics stuff down in Missouri, if I have the weekends to do so.  Otherwise I have yet to do much of anything over this spring break.  The day I had plans was Tuesday, but then the wonderful 15 inches of snow came, so that ruined those.  I shall sign on here now though.


PS-I have missed my kittens a lot, they are fun.

February 16th-Been well over a month since I last have taken the time to type in this.  There has been quite a bit that has happened, but if you know me well enough and have kept in touch with me you will know the gist of what has been happening with me, and if not here is a brief overview.  Track hasnt been going all that great, times have continued to get slower and slower.  Not even sure if I will be going to conference this year for indoor.  I have had been making some good strides lately to get my times better however.  Only one more meet to prove myself before conference takes place, so wish me luck.  This semester has been rough and will continue to just get harder I believe.  I have 17 hours, most I have taken in one semester, and this is all during season.  So my free time I have is very limited.  I have yet to take speech class, but this semester is filled with presentations for me.  Last week had a group presentation that was supposed to last 25-30 minutes, and my groups lasted 50+ minutes (10 minutes of video however).  I was so scared, but was actually capable of talking in front of a class for a good 15 minutes or so. Received a 96% on it all too.  And well just did another presentation, this one was just for track class though.  Valentines Day was spent down in Joplin, we left at 730am and didnt get back till 145am .  The meet was 3 and a half hours behind the time schedule.  Missouri Southen has no clue how to run a track meet.  But well the night before Kayleen made me diner, and we did a litte picnic type thing up in her room.  Well thats all want to update on for now, you should all know this stuff anyways if have kept in touch with me, vice versa.

January 2nd- Happy New Years and year 2004 to you all.  The night to me wasnt that great.  Jacobs party got busted like 20 minutes after had gotten there, so then went out to Rosss and then after being there for an hour or so went out to Keegans for the majority of the time then back to Jacobs to just lay there (as I couldnt sleep) then watch the Iowa bowl game.  Since we went from place to place that kind of changed my plans as we had to drive from place to place.  Yes it was nice to see some people again, so I cant say anything against that its just that other things just seemed too much and to weird for me from what I used to know.  So I just had to separate myself from everyone by spending quite a bit of time on the cell calling people or people calling me.  So I just couldnt be the social once as it was too hard for me to try to be that, and the cell phone was my refuge to give me some people to talk to back from school to keep me somewhat cheery. At school all my worries go away it seems like, and when I go anywhere I am always happy and it just was not the case for new years back here in Iowa, just to many memories unearthed themselves.  I cant blame anyone but myself for being the way I was at the party, but ugh ha.  The bright spots of the night was that most the people I saw I was glad to see and talk to again.  And then those who I really had no clue who they were at first like Mitch Murphy as he went on to tell me how he could never beat me in track and how he never liked me because he couldnt and all, and exactly how I did at state and what my times were from meets throughout the year.  I think thats always pretty cool when I see people from other towns from high school and they remember who I am and how I ran etcI feel like a legacy to them ha, because they say they looked up to me so much then, which I knew they did then because I would always over hear people talking about me at track meets back then.  And just to know that they still do is super.  But well I have a lot of questions to ponder over from new years, but thats all for just me, and nothing to put on here.  Anyways, Kayleen is coming up here this Saturday to come and visit for awhile, not sure how many days, however.  So having her up here will be a good refresher for me and it will be just great to be around her again, as I am always able to be myself and happy around her.  I have absolutely nothing planned to do though, so hopefully we can find something to do so she doesnt get bored.  Im used to doing nothing but she wont be hah.  But well I just got back from getting my hair trimmed, so now its tamed down some and not as frizzy like and tangly ha.  Well when I was leaving to go there I ran out to the garage and tried a lil jump stop action to turn quickly to get around my dads truck and over to my car, and well the garage floor was wet and so in the process of turning my feet slid out from under me and before I knew it I was looking at my feet above the level of my head and then my legs were part way underneath the side of the truck.  I got right up and was like oww dang, then jogged a little to let the pain reside some, came back into the house washed the dirt of my pants and coat, then went back out and got my hairs cut.  Well from that my left knee is now swollen as is my right and I have ecchoymois on my hip and hand (thats a bruise for those who dont know)  I planned on getting a good hard running workout in today as I havent done so lately, but now my knee is just too tender and sore, so heck.  Oh well ill get over it, and now well going to clean up parts of the house for when kayleen gets here. Later, and I hope you all had a better new years than I had as Im

 sure you did.  

December 18th-One of these nights I am going to go to bed early ok, as last night i stayed up really late again, atleast for me ha, as was talking to kayleen, good times.  Today i saw 4 deer and yet again have failed to get off a single shot, Im alway just in the wrong place and they see me and they just take off and run so there is no way for me to get a decent shot off.   Just not having any luck so far this year.   So now tomorrow im guaranteeing that I get a deer ha.  Well then when it got dark and my dad and I met back up at the house he said we were gonna go out to eat.  So we went out to eat at the diner in dexfield for our guys night out ha, as my mom is at the elementary concert for the night.  We wound up seeing our neighbor there and just talked about hunting hah, so now tomorrow we are going to go hunt on his ground as he says that he has seen some big bucks, but so well I probably wont see anythign then since he has my hopes up.  Today when was out walking around and sitting while hunting, I just thought about how so many people from here at home never did wish me a happy birthday when they knew it was.  So many people from school wished me a happy birthday before I left for thanksgiving break, and I didnt even know they knew my birthday was  coming up.  Then I even had several people from school call me on my birthday and tell me happy birthday etc...So just thinking about stuff like that makes me really miss everyone from back at school, there is just always someone to be around and hang out with. I miss everyone on the track team, having my room door open so everyone who walks by can stop in and talk, being able to just walk across the hall to see dave, or just down the hall to see others, and beign with kayleen.  I never thought anything would be better than high school but college is actually better now I believe.  I just wish i lived so much closer to everyone at school, dang missourians.  Sadly enough, I wish christmas break was over with already so I could be back at school to be with everyone there. 

December 17th-Oh boy was last night a great time in more ways that one, but not goign to reveal the best thing ha.  I had not a thing to do and so was like I'm just going to watch tv for the night.  I go look at the tv guide and there is not a thing on.  The only thing that really caught my fancy was a special on the wright brothers, so figured I would give that a try to pass the time.  After watching the thing for the whole two hours I was like wow, that was pretty good, and it was even educational, I learned during xmas break, yay for that.  I have also liked history stuff though, but it did surprise me about what all the wright brothers had to do and go through in their making of the airplane.  And also on tv, I think this was 2 days ago, but was the Oprah, 'favorite things of 2003' it was a great show, i wish I could have been there to receieve all the gifts that she gave out, over 1.5 total millions dollars of gifts she gave away.  Keeping with the tv theme, tonight I watched the simple life for the first time, it was quite funny, and well hey they are both cute, so yay for cuteness.  Then I also watching the OC for the first time as well, and have to say it is pretty dang good as well.  This is what happens when I am on break, I find all these shows that I like and so then I want to watch them every time, but then I go back to school and never watch them so I miss out on everything that happens.  Maybe I should get a life hah.  But well I got asked the best question today, 'how are you always so happy?' I just think that is great that people know that I am happy and like how I am always happy.  I dont know you may think im dumb, but I thought that was the best question ever.  And I like it when people lately are saying that they just cannot see a bad side of me, and how they could never see me get mad at anything, just hearing that stuff makes me keep going and keeps me all jovial and happy.  Well on to today now, dad woke up me to go hunting at 8, so i only got like 5 hours of sleep, cause someone kept me up last night, hmmm, but oh it was good times ;)  .  We drove over and went all the way to the north side of the timber, as we havent been over there yet this year.  I wound up seeing 4 deer there.  2 of them i couldnt have gotten a shot at as i just scared them out of the evergreens when walking through and they took off running.  Then the other 2 i saw came up right behind me after the other 2 ran off, so i turn around and they are just standing straight at me staring at me, so i stare back ha, and while im just in a daze staring at them, i get my gun up and aim, but they took off so i had no chance to get a shot off at them either.  It just seemed like i stared them down forever before I remembered I should shoot them ha, but I dont think I actually looked at them forever before trying to shot, it was just an in the moment thing like when the time seems like it goes so slow.  but well then after walking up and down the stepest hills around here for 3 straight hours made our way back home and then my dad spotted 3 more out our front door, so i got all my stuff back on and went after them but they took off before i could get close enough to take a shot.  So 7 deer tonight and not a single shot taken, tomorrow or atleast by friday i guarantee that I will have a deer.  I played around with my guitar tonight, and this one song i was playing, my dad came in the room and was like hey that there is actually pretty good, so well sweet, now i just need to learn lots other stuff, as i still dont really knwo what im doing hah, i only know like 5 chords by memory, and  i have to play so slow so i can get my fingers switched to play a new chord, just going to take lots of practice still.  But that is all for now, getting fatigued of typing here now. Later.  Give me a call whenever you people get back for xmas break, as I have been out for a week and been waiting for you all to finish up ha.

December 16th-Quite the dream last night, it really  began to make me think some things over.  I dont want to say what the dream was about, so not to sure why I am really even mentioning it other than that its making me contemplate over some stuff.  Yesterday, I was home by myself all day until parents got back home from work.  I got bored so I dusted, filled the wood box, took out the trash, and then just cleaned up some other stuff.  Also did workout for track and then lifted as well.  I did squats for the first time since I hurt my back.  My back didnt seem to be hindering me to much while doing it although I kept the weight light as only went up to 245lbs.  My back isnt feeling it today so thats a good sign, Id say its probably 85% healthy now.  Otherwise when parents got home I didnt do anything at all, just pretty much walked around looking for something to do, and never found anything to do so I just ate to occupy my time ha.  My goals for this break were to get my personal trainer certification tests completed and I have yet to look over them at all.  I shouldve had it all done this past summer but got to lazy at the end of the summer.  I also want to learn a lot more on my guitar, and I have only played with it once since break.  So I am behind on my goals for the break, I have to get a deer too.  I havent been out hunting yet today, so Ill probably go do that in a few, yeah sounds good, I am off to go hunt now.    

December 12th-I now have just 3 more semesters of school left (If all goes as planned atleast).  Today is the first day of my month long christmas break and I already miss people from school and I have only been home for 5 total hours so far.  I was done with all my finals on Wednesday but stayed around till Friday so I could hang out with everyone from down at school some extra, in addition to getting in some extra workouts for track.  Wednesday night or maybe it was Thursday night I went sledding with trays from the cafeteria, pizza boxes, and laundry baskets, down the hill by the multi (indoor track).  The hill is literally like 80 degrees, so I just stared down it for a bit until I finally got the guts up enough to go down it.  After going down it the first time all was good and it wasnt so bad.  Then went over in the parking lot and sat in a laundry basket and got pushed down the slope to see how far we could slide on the ice.  It was all good times.  Friday night then I wanted to go ice skating so Kayleen, Peesh, and I went to the Crown Center to go ice skating.  According to Kayleen it was supposed to be a bonding experience for us, hah.  But she said we weren't bonding very well, especially after she made me miss the exit to get there, so then I just harped at her, but none in an arguing way of course as I am a happy person.  I dont think I have been mad at anything for so long.  I dont think I can even get mad at anyone or anything anymore, happy people rule.  I feel a couple times and so did the both of them, so we all had wet bottoms by the time we left.  Peesh was upset though that Kayleen didn't tell her that it was an outdoor skating rink though, as she didnt bring anything warm to wear.  But heck she also said she couldnt ice skate well, but she was definetly much better than Kayleen and I.  I also about ran out of gas on the way there, then after we left the rink went to a gas station and I screwed everything up because it was a pay before pump station (dang ghetto stuff) so the ladies had to cover for me on it and fix the problem hah.  Then we went to some old school little burger shop and had a bite to eat.  Well from it all Id say that the bonding experience had to be overall a positive experience.  Yay for bonding.  But then today I couldnt leave when I wanted to as Kayleen left her cell in my room and she wouldnt wake up so I could give it back to her, after a couple minutes of banging on her door though she finally woke up so I could give her her phone.  But its time for me to go to bed Id say, I didnt go to bed till 4 last night as I was still bonding hah, and well I have to get up early to go hunting so well, g'night. 

December 8th-Just finished up my blaw final.  I even got up earlier than I needed to this mornign to do a little bit of extra studying for it, go me.  I think the early morning studying even actually helped me out a little bit.  Last night I just didnt study a whole to lot for it, as i was sulking according to kayleen, she taught me a new word, so yay for a new word.  I got an A on my art painting final, but I still doubt I get a very good great in the class as my last paper that I did in there said, 'peter your writing is so poor that it makes it hard for me to follow along, PLEASE go to the writing lab' , i have never been told that by anyone ever before, my freshman year and sophmore  year in my comp classes my teacher specifically pointed out my papers saying there were so good and read them aloud to everyone, and now im a so poor writing, hmmm, maybe its because she is an art person and not a literature person, sorry i cant write a paper using art talk exactly how you like it, and also sorry that I am not an art major.  And now on a total random thought here, metro sexual.  I had never heard the term before, then several weeks ago my mom called me a metro sexual, and i was just like wow, um ok, not knowing what it meant but didnt ask, and then she called me that again over thanksgiving break, so i was like ok enough with the name calling, i need to figure out what that means, so i asked.  And after her telling me about it, i thought yeah that term can be constituted under me i believe.  Since then I have heard the word quite often.  the other day matt was commenting on my clothes, and he was like your shirt is quite metro sexual, and i like it as im a metro sexual myself, haha.  The term just doesnt sound right at all, itll just take sometime to get used to if the word keeps getting used more oftenly. 

December 7th-I was so so tired yesterday, because I only got a meger 2 hours of sleep on friday night, because I stayed up till 5 watching a movie and then well just couldnt sleep after that.  Then later on Marie, Dayna, and Kayleen took me out to dinner at Applebees for my birthday, and so then the Applebees people did their whole birthday singing thing for me and all, it was kind of embarassing, but well I got a free sundae though.  Then well I just came back here and took a nap, then went over to the xc house for another party, when first got there, there wasnt to many people there, but after a bit it really filled up, and there was lots of girls too, the typical, can i touch your hair, and i like your hair thing went on there.  I just think its hair, theres nothign special about it, but well the girls like it so i like it.  Later on today I have the 100 mile relay for track, and then have to study tons for my blaw final, and also clean up some in the room. 

December 5th-I wrote some stuff the other day on here but then forgot to finalize it all so now I dont know where it is at, so ill have to look for it and then get it added back on here.  But well I am down to my final day of actual classes left and to be competely up to date from now I only have 2 class periods remaining for the rest of this semester.  My BLAW class just got out early as our actual teacher didnt show up because he supposedly has pink eye, hmmm, last day of class of course he is going to make up an excuse for not having to come, punk.--Well it is now the 6th as I didnt finished typing this as I got side tracked, so I am now all done with my classes for this semester, cheers to that.  Now just need to take my finals and then the semester is completely done.  I came into the semester thinking that I could come out with straight A's if i could do good in my BLAW class but ive basically guaranteed myself not an A in there so that whole philosophy has been burnt out, and when I think about it, i dont even know for certain 1 class that im going to get an A in, thats no good, but so ill just have to wait and see how well my teachers like me to see if they give me As or not.  Anyways, this past week went darn good in track,  I actually finished a Tuesday workout, and then also did all of Fridays workout with ease.  I believe that to be my first time ever I have been able to finish a whole weeks worth of workouts through my 3 years here so far.  Well I have before, i guess, but not when there is some higher volume in the workouts, next week will be an all new story though as we will be back to doing 600s.  I have lost 8 pounds in the last month or so, and I believe that to have helped me out quite a bit.  Now if i can just maintain the weight I am at right now for awhile, I should be good.  I lifted for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday as well,  my back still has a few tweaks in it when doing some lifting stuff, but I really need to start lifting again. 

December 3rd-I have now celebrated 21 anniversaries of my birth, as my grandpa would say, as he believes that birthdays only occur the day you are born and everything after that is just an anniversary of the birth, thats my grandpa for you, you just have to know him as he is quite the practical joker as well, its all fun.  However, for my 21st I was alone for the most part of the day until my parents got off work and my sister got off work from Iowa City.  And then when they got home I still did nothing other than just reminisce with my family.  I still stay quite busy throughout break still thought; it was a relaxing busy though.  Went shopping with my sister on one of the days, and she bought me a new guitar for my birthday that was priced at $300 but was on sale so it was cheaper, but with a good guitar now, I can hopefully get to playing some songs that actually sound good.  So I am quite excited about playing around with it and learning some stuff.  I plan on playing it a lot during xmas break, as I do not have any plans really.  I think I may go stay with my sister in Iowa City for a couple days and then go to an Iowa basketball game though.  Nicole and I were just trying to think of things that we should do, we've thought about going skiing back up in Minnesota, going to Atlantic City to go gambling, or Las Vegas, going to Florida etc etc... during the summertime if possible.  Itd be fun to do that sometime at least, so hopefully that can happen.  During break also went and visited my grandma who now abodes in the nursing home in gc since I had last seen her.  It was weird to see how much she has changed in her mental capacity.  Then on Saturday night had our actual thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles in gc.  We were there till like 11 which is pretty late for all of us compared to usual.  Samuel and Livy captured the attention most the attention until they went to bed.  And then a few of us played cranium, and dang im quite the play doh sculpturist, not really.  Anyways that there is the gist of my thanksgiving break, exciting huh. 

During break I thought a lot about how I have not done well at all in keeping in touch with my friends from back at home.  Yes, I have made great friends here at school, but I have known everyone at home for much longer but I feel so much closer to my friends here at school now than I do with my friends at home because I talk to them only very seldom anymore.  I just thought about what the heck am I going to do over xmas break, am I going to have to come visit people down here in Missouri so that I can hang out with some friends, or are my friends from home going to want to hang out with me.  The whole friend thing at home has been awkward for sometime now I believe.  As soon as I lost my girlfriend it also felt like I lost a lot of close friends as well, as they would always still hang out, but since that was the case I wasnt invited to go along with as well because separation was wanted.  I know I didnt make a great attempt at trying to find stuff to do though.  I just want things to be able to be how they used to be between all of us.  I know things change and people have all their obligations of things to do etcbut can we just all get along and hang out like we used to do.  Life is all about having fun and happiness, and when I have to think about who wants to actually be my friend at home, isnt all that much fun, contrasting while here at school I have to decide which friends I want to hang out with on each night and not deliberate on whether they want to be with me or not.    

November 23rd-Last night went to a frat party.  I dont think I had ever been to one of them, but thats what i get for going with a broup of girls.  The reason I went was because I was supposed to meet the baton twirles girl.  And glad that I got to meet her as well.  But then the party got busted and so we had to leave, and didnt know of anything else so just came back here at 1245ish.  However didnt go to bed until 345 because people came in my room.  The girl drama is still there regarding me, and last night reassured me of that.  However I just am not finding anything in my heart, I am searching but no true feelings from the heart are able to transpire.  When i try to let my heart out there it just becomes dead. I dont know if it is because I am afraid to let my heart back out there or not.  I just know that i am completely happy so I shouldnt be worrying about letting my heart out.  I guess my heart will just come back when it is ready and the person is the right person, even then I dont know,  hearts are just extremly hard to heal even when you think a transistion has taken place. 

November 22nd-Well its 11:00 now and I just woke up because I tried going to bed last night but then the next thing I know Dayna and Kayleen want to play some games, and I couldnt turn down game time.  So we played guesstures, well I played atleast as Im the only one who acted out the stuff and so then they just guessed.  Then we wound up playing lots of games of scattergories.  During the midst of playing this, with the equation of me being tired and them giving weird answers for their questions I couldnt concentrate as I just went on a laughing fit for most the time, it was good times.  Before doing that I decided that I was hungry so us + marie went out to eat, i think they said were going to go out and eat tonight as well for my birthday coming up, but then again that may have been monday that they said to do that, i dont remember.  And yeah thats right only 4 more days till im a jovial 21 years old.  But well plans for rest of this weekend, dave and I going to go on good road to highway 50 and back today i believe, im going to clean room, especially the bathroom, and need to get my research paper done for exercise phys. i have procrastinated till the very last minute once again pretty much, i think im going to write it on fast twitch muscle fibers and the training modalities and considerations for individuals with high percentage of type Ia and type IIa fibers, but im really not sure, once i get started it should be ok, but i have to figure out for sure what to type about first, but well give me a call whenever 
November 21st-I wish it was shown exactly what dreams mean.  I know there are dream books and such out there, but they are just written by weirdos who make up stuff for the most part I believe.  I always have some messed up dreams and when i wake up am like wow what the heck was that all about.  Last nights dream involved me and a bunch of kids from my high school and I really didnt even talk to them much then, and they havent even crossed my mind lately at all, so why am  I now dreaming about them.  Well the dream consisted of us all lined up in a yard with lanes designated for each of us, and our goal was to rake up all the leaves in our whole lane in the yard the fastest.  Halfway through the race, however, my alarm goes off and wakes me up, so the dream never concluded.  But so my question is why the heck do people dream the way they do, and what was the purpose of this dream for me. 

Advanced Big Five Personality Test Results
Sociability |||||||||||||| 58%
Gregariousness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Assertiveness |||||||||||| 50%
Activity Level |||||||||||| 50%
Excitement-Seeking |||||||||||||| 54%
Cheerfulness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Extroversion |||||||||||||| 56%
Trust |||||||||||||||| 62%
Morality |||||||||||||| 58%
Altruism |||||||||||||||| 66%
Cooperation |||||||||||||||| 62%
Modesty |||||| 30%
Sympathy |||||||||||| 50%
Friendliness |||||||||||||| 54%
Self-Efficacy |||||||||||||||| 62%
Neatness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Dutifulness |||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Achievement |||||||||||||||| 70%
Self-Discipline |||||||||||| 46%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||| 58%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||| 64%
Anxiety |||||||||||| 46%
Anger |||||| 30%
Depression |||||| 30%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Immoderation |||||||||||| 46%
Vulnerability |||||||||||||| 58%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||| 55%
Imagination |||||||||||||| 54%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||| 70%
Emotionality |||||||||||||| 58%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Intellect |||||||||||||| 54%
Liberalism |||||||||| 38%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||| 56%
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November 19th-The countdown is now to 7 days.  Dont really have much to say, just been up to the normal stuff, but figured id write a quick msg to let you know that im going all good still, i know you were all so worried about me, prff....

November 16-Just 10 more days until my birthday,  super, huh.  Well I am glad that this past week is over.  My art paper turned out to be 2 more pages than the limit of  how many we were supposed to have but there was no way for me to make it any shorter I don't think, so she better not lower my grade because of the extra length.  My blaw test did not go all that well I dont think.  And I really needed to do good on it, so we will see.  I have been liking my free room makeover that I got on Friday,  they went off a $200 budget, so I can't have much to complain about there at all,  the color theme that they went off of is green and blue, which do happen to be my 2 favorite colors so they did a great job with that.  But well they made me some new curtains, 2 huge really soft floor pillows, 4 other smaller pillows, all new bed sheets and pillow cases, a little table deal, a cork board for the wall, 2 plants, and then some bamboo shoots, an electronic dart board (been played with a lot already) a ball lamp thing that hangs from ceiling, with spare light bulbs, a personalized throw blanket, 2 personalized towels with name, and a track runner embroidered on them.  Lots of snack food, 2 movies, $25 for Applebees, $10 for blockbuster.  A frog stuffed animal.  Beer caps with magnets for frigerator, pencil holder, p-shaped notepads.  And well I think that wraps it up for what I receieved.  I keep noticing little things that they did to different things as well, its fun.  Since I screwed up my back and all and I couldnt lift for track and neither can dave we decided to go to wal mart during this ordeal to burn some time until they finished.  Well when dave and I get back they, camera crew, and decorating crew, see us walk in the door on the far side of the hallway, and start recording us walking down the hall with all our wal mart sacks.  So I am just like ok i am goign to hurry and get into my room to get away from this camera guy,  so I walk right into my room, and the very first thing I see is yet another camera guy with his whole video camera set up on a tripod and all, so my first impression of the room probably looked bad as I just saw him, then i just like stared at the girls on my bed that decorated my room, and then all i said was wow those are big pillows, then he turned the camera off, so when they show it on tv im going to look like a total fool, because they turned it off before they actually talked to me about the stuff, and i said good stuff when the camera was off of course.  And well this is now a good 7 hours after i first started typing in here cause kayleen came over, and she just left so I never got this finished up, she did beat me for the first time in playing darts though, darnit.  Anyways, yesterday went to independence, suburb of kansas city, to go to the mall there.  Maggie went with me, Id been wanting to go forever, but just never got aroudn to do it.  I wanted to go for jeans, and well only wound up with one pair.  Maggie wound up spending quite a bit though at old navy, my most hated store ha, it was a good time although i didnt get what i planned on.  April, saw me in the mall while getting her nails done, so Justin, her bf, track guy, called me and said she saw me so then later we hooked up over at barnes and noble, and sat around and read magazines, and various books, may sound boring, but it was a good fun time there as well, then met up with mccraken and we all went over and ate at chilis, fun times there too, and then drove back and nearly nailed a fox, it was so foggy driving back.  but well i really need to study here now

November 12th-Yesterday had its highs and lows for the day.  The high for the day was that while I was trying to take a nap I received a phone call from the campus activities board saying that I have been selected to receive a free room makeover.  On Saturday I was checking my mulemail, the email service here at school, and saw this chance to have a free room makeover and all.  So I filled out the application that was on the email, and on it I just had to describe my room now, say why I think I deserve to have my room chosen, and to give an example of my perfect dorm room etc...And I also attached some pictures of my room as well.  Surprisingly I won.  But so well the fashion and design department at school here is in charge of this, so later on they called me and asked some more info about my room and what I would want in it.  I really didn't know what to say then, so I was just like I'm free for whatever ideas you guys can come up with.  So we will see what they come up with then.  This is going to happen on Friday during track time, so that when I come back it will be all beautified for me, but I dont think they will be done with it all by then, as she asked if it would be ok to paint some stuff in my room as well, and I gave her free go on that as well.  And also with this I get a $25 gift certificate to applebees, so anyone want to go with me?  Well to the low point of the day now,  we are maxing out again this week for lifting for track.  While doing warm up sets for front squats, I came up and my lower back just buckled up on me and and went sssqqrrrrrr, and when I set the weight back up I could hardly bend my torso forward or backward at all.  I was hoping that it just was a cramp, but it definetly wasnt the way it felt right when it happened.  The weight wasnt even that heavy as it was a good 30lbs lower than that of what I previously maxed out on for front squat.  But so then I just got out of the weight room then and came back here and iced it, then found kayleen and made her give me a good long massage to work it out a little bit.  She said she could definetly feel where it happened, and so then could I from her massaging it.  It did get some of the intial tightness and swelling out though, as when I woke up this morning the swelling was gone, but pain still present of course.  So went to the trainer and got it strecthed out and then did stem treatment.  Since then it has just gotten constantly tighter, especially sitting in class that blew.  But so well Ive been told to take the day off except for maybe a really easy run, but kip will probably still make me do most of the stuff for today, so well ill have to give an update of how it feels after practice later. 

November 10th-I think I am going to have to make a no drinks rule for here in my room or atleast make certain people use sippy cups.  Kayleen has now for the third time spilled stuff on my carpet.  It has been pop twice, and then last night a full glass of cranberry juice spilled all over my tan carpet.  She has taken care of cleaning it up each time, but gee how can it happen so often.  She used so much resolve on it last night she had a huge pile of soap suds after rubbing it up, as she used way to much of it.  Right when she knocked her cup over she just sat there and I was like oh geez, as it spilled on some of my books, and all over my guitar as well.  Luckily it didnt ruin the textbooks, cause then I wouldve been kind of mad.  But well I'm a happy person so she knows that I won't get mad at her or anything.  I think people have been taking advantage of my leniency lately knowing that get mad at them.  But once again nothign beats happiness. Well today I wore jeans for the first time this year.  And so everyone that saw me was like wow youre wearing jeans, like its some great world spectacle or holiday that I was wearing them.  I did not know that it would turn out to be some marvelous happening, or let alone that people would be so observatant.  It shows that people atleast look at me, so yay for that.  Girls lately though, gee, just don't know what to about it all.  And this week will be a little bit better now as my exercise physiology test is pushed back to next monday, so now I only have one test and 2 papers due for this friday
November 9th-Ive got so much to accomplish today, right now I have my laundry in, and am wasting time by typing in here, so Im going to keep this very short.  This week is going to be rough as have so much school stuff to do, and regression week is over so were going to be at 70% and we have 600s this week, that is not a good thing.  This weekend though I did nothing, friday night just stayed in and watched a movie with kayleen, and then last night dave and I watched a movie and then wound up coloring in our coloring books, pretty sad huh, hah, but then maggie called so talked to her for probably a good hour and a half.  Dave and I also went on a road run and made a new route for it, it was only 36 when we ran cause it was dark when we finally got around to running but it didnt seem all that bad though.  But well those were just random things that happened this weekend, not enough time to think about what all did, and so well off to working on stuff here now, you all have a nice day. 

November 7th-Disregard yesterdays post in here because our volleyball season has not yet concluded.  Yesterday right before going to track practice, I received a call from the intramural office saying that our team needs to play another game, as we are in a tie with a team for making the playoffs.  Me being totally surprised am like, are you serious, and she follows up by telling me about the whole scenario.  So I was quite happy after getting that phone call.  The thing I was unhappy about however was that the game had to be at 10 at night.  So well after track practice, I come back and take a nap expecting a game and I want to be fresh for it, so thinking the nap will help.  We get there at 10 and the team never shows up, so we wind up winning by forfeit, making it to the playoffs.  The sad part of that is I wanted the game at 7 but the other team said they could not play it at 7 so after several phone calls back and forth to the intramural department 10 oclock is agreed upon because that is the only time that would work for the other team, and it turns out they still do not even show up for that, heck.  But a win is a win i guess, now time to play like no other and win the playoffs. 
After getting back to the dorm things were, how should i say it, interesting for me.  I don't even know what all to say about it now.  But well it is now known that 3 girls like me right now.  The problem arising last night is that one of them came from out of town to visit me along with her friends that go here as well, while another one that goes here wanted to be with me last night as well.  Since I took a 2 and half hour nap before our volleyball game, that didnt happen, I wasnt that tired so I thought what the heck, Ill just stay up semi late tonight and all.  So well go over to daynas room and start watching a movie, but then her roommate comes back and says she wants to go to bed, so then marie, dayna, kayleen and i take off to my room, as they labeled my room the place to be for the night I guess.  Once there Kayleen sticks in zoolander, as she hasnt seen it before, and dave and I constantly quote the movie.  We were just going to watch the rest of what we were watching, so instead I have to be up even later than planned on.  So well we watched the movie, while I quoted the whole thing.  So that finished up around 1:30 or so, and the girls leave, and kayleen stays, so we just lay around for awhile.  She then leaves at like 2:15, and then 15 minutes later comes in kristi, the girl from out of town,  and so then I didnt get to actually sleep till around 5.  Kristi had to work in the morning as well, so at 7 she was up and out.   So I am working on a lil over 2 hours of sleep, I am doing a lot better than I thought I would be doing atleast.  This weekend, I need to not go out, as I need to work on some papers and study for all my tests that I have this next week.  After the 14th is over, I will be able to relax a lil bit, but until then its going to be rough.  Stuff is just all messed up, there are girls that say that they like me now, that never happens to me.  And well I dont want to hurt any of them, which i think i have already hurt one of their feelings, because I said i am not exactly ready for a relationship.  As long as it all doesn't turn into major drama, im all good with it.  I have learned not to fret over stuff so much, and just roll and be happy with what happens.  As I told this girl, as long as she is happy and always smiling maybe something will come out of it all.  Smiling people are much funner than people that have a constant bad attitude. 

November 6th-Last night we won all 3 of our volleyball games, go us.  But well the volleyball season is now over for that, and we wound up with a 5-10 overall record, so in turn, we definetly did not make playoffs. 

November 4th-I feel like crap.  I woke up this morning thinking that I was actually doing quite a bit better, but as the day has progressed I have continued to feel worse.  I doubt the whole 20 degree temperature drop from this morning to this afternoon has helped very much.  So wish wellness upon me.  Thank goodness this week is regression week for track atleast, otherwise there is no way I would be very productive at practice.  Screw being sick. 

October 26th-Weather has cooled down quite a bit here, especially today.  Had to go run down to the hill today and then do the hill workout and it was quite cold on the way down to the hill but got fairly warmed up by the time I got down there, so it didn't turn out to be near as bad as I thought it may have transpired to be.  Otherwise today so far all I have done is my laundry, and started up on one of my many papers.  I called Shae as well, I hadn't talked to her for so long and felt bad that I hadn't.  I have meant to call her for so long and just been to lazy but now I have so all is good.  But well this weekend was homecoming here so most people actually stayed here this weekend for once.  Friday night was a busy night as just went from party to party.  Phil, Lori, Megan, Megan (lori's friends from truman) and I started off at the cross country house and then went over to justins and then everyone there was going downtown so we all went downtown to the bars for a couple hours, then when all of that closed up went back to justins to finish the night off.  I basically was just around to make sure the girls weren't going to get into anything bad, as they were quite drunk and out of it.  It was quite hard to handle them all after phil took off for a bit, but I managed as best as I could.  It was all fun though, even though I did have to dance with them all, ha.  There was just a whole lot that happened friday night and dont want to type it  I have also come to conclude that girls are indeed more players than guys are.  But well got back around 3 that night.  Then saturday went to football game with dave and then met up with lori and rachel, but they left after the first quarter as were so tired from friday night.  Onto the night, lori and rachel came over and we went over to the xc house with dave and phil as well.  Stayed there for most of the night, I called so many people when I was there too, cell phones are great.  Back track to Friday night here now,  phil, dave, maggie, emma and I went to the art museum in kc, and it was aight, if we had a lot of time to spare I think it would have been better so that we could have all walked around to look at everything there longer.  I may go back sometime if someone will go with me to do that.  But ok saturday night again, called maggie so she came over to the cross house (the girl that likes me, however still has not really showed any signs of it, other than telling other girls that I know that she does and then having the girls i know tell me that she does) But well then maggie and I came back over here to my room, as I really didnt like wearing jeans, im not a jeans guy at all, so i threw on some shorts, and dave had to as well hah, we both hate the jeans, but well we just hung out here for a bit, then when was going back over to xc house they were leaving from there, so maggie dave phil tom, and i went over to some football party, only knew like 5 people there but stayed there for awhile, until the football guys started being stupid, wow go figure football guys being stupid, shocker,  so just came back to dorm to call it a night, but then maggie called me and wanted me to go to some other party with her but i neglected to go, first true sign of her showing she may like me hah.  But well its paper time here now again, later, give me a call sometime...

October 24th-Just got done taking blaw test, and I now have a 2 hour break until my next class, so I'm going to take this time now to start my web page for micro apps (it should be fun) play some literati, and possibly get in a few emails in this time as well.  The test was fairly hard, but I did study quite a bit for it the last two days.  I'm still just thinking that the best I did on it was a middle c, and that may be pushing it.  Tonight after track practice, dave, phil, maggie and I are going to Kansas City to the Nelson-Atkins muesum for the art class we are in.  Lots of people say its a really neat place so I am hoping that it actually is.  I've never been to a big art muesum so it will atleast be a first experience.  Supposedly this maggie girl that is going with us likes me as well, as she was talking to cody, track girl, in a class she has with her and was saying that she likes this guy with the curly hair that sits in front of her in art class, and cody was like peter and then maggie was like yeah thats his name, but so well then cody gave that info to me during practice.  I wondered why maggie asked if she could come with me to the muesum, it all makes sense now.  And she is always asking me what parties are going on so that she has something to do etc...I am always so oblivious to stuff like that, mainly cause no one ever likes me, ha, anyways.  Last couple days havent done a whole lot of anything at night, kayleen has just been over and we have hung out, otherwise just hung out with dayna and marie and dave, and whoever else happens to come by my room.  But yeah im wasting time here now and need to get started on the other stuff. later.
October 20th-Was too tired from this weekend to get up to go see the trainer this morning, so I didnt go then of course.  But well I realized today during my classes that I have so much coming up to do in all of them, tests, and papers galore.  Ive known about the papers ever since the first day of class, but well I started out the year lazy and am still lazy so I have yet to start any of them.  So this week is going to have to be a busy one I believe, but that is ok, I need to actually get settled into knowing that I am here at school to do work, instead of just goign to track practice, and hanging out and never thinking about studying and doing the homework.  For track today I actually did the whole lifting workout for the first time in a good 3 weeks as I haven't done anything above parallel of my shoulders.  It didn't feel all that bad doing what we had to do today, but there is still some pain that is involved with the movement above parallel, and well since its tendititis it really won't go away so just going to have to try to work through it however I can, without flaring it back up again badly. 

October 9th-Cant really remember what the last stuff that i put in here is about but anyways.  I didnt officially pike this week, i did dry heave and all on tuesday but so i guess that thats an improvement, although i dont think the medications are helping so much other than making me all tired and such.  And then for tuesdays longer 200 workout, i didnt puke then eitehr, and big ed even called me later on that night, so hey thanks for giving me a call although you were spose to come here to run track , but it was good to here from someone at home. On wednesday had co ed volleyball games again, and well we managed to to lose all three gaes once again, but we did play quite a bit better especially since a girl on the other team used to play volleyball here.  Otherwise I dont remember what i did the other nights.  Friday night there was another party at times place,  there wasnt very many people there at first, but then people started making there way over to his place.  I didnt plan on staying very long at all cause wanted to be rested up for the saturday night party.  But well wound up staying till 130 or so i think it was, and then megan and amanda stopped by from down town when they got back, so chilled with them for a short time.  Then kayleen came over a lil drunk and we hung out till like 330ish, so i didnt det the sleep i was planning on getting at all.  ANd well to sunday, i was quite mad that the iowa game wasnt televised here , and i couldnt get it on the radio very cleaar either.  So i called home, well actualy to my sister and she turned on the radio at her place and put the cell phone up by the raido and then i just put my phone on speaker phone, to make my own make shift radio hah, sounds pretty ghetto probably but hey it worked.  BUt well Iowa wound up losing then however, they totally beat themselves with the special team problems.  ANd oh dave and i went to wal mart as well , otherwise thats all i did till the party.  But well lori came over before the party because she didnt want to go by herself, but well so then dave her and i went over to the party, which was just across the street at the xc making it easier to get around, and pretty much right when we get tehre she ditches me a takes off with some of the track girls to another party, but she was just going to be gone 30 minutres tops, ha, and well she just never did come back actually.  There were so many people at the party that i have no clue who they were, but thats aight, but well kayleen came over after awhile and so just bascially hung out with her etc..I wound up staying there till 230 i believe and hen she just hung out in my room again till 4 this time as i kicked her out cause i needed sleep ha.  And then at 345 lori came back as she left all her stuff in my room  cause she was spose to be with me for the night, but nope, ha, but im thinking that kayleen scared her off as she was in here and all.  And well none of what i just wrote probably  makes any since, as i just woke up and i am workint on not much sleep.  but well i decided to type in here now cause i just got an email from teri, the reply is real late but i still accept it.  and she said taht she actually reads stuff in here, which is good , cause i havne no way anymore to tell who has lately cause they switched it up on me so i cant see who actually has been on my site but thats all for now, later, give me a call sometime.

October 14th-Im just waiting for class to start now, Ive been to the trainer to see the doctor already, as I got up at 7 to do that.  Dave had to go in as well to see the doctor.  But well my diagnose is that I have rotator cuff tenditis, and a possible local something or other tear in the supraspinatous muscle, I think thats right atleast, trying to think back to my anatomy class.  So didn't really figure out anything that I didnt already think and know, its just now more certain about what the problem has been.  So now I just gotta continue to take it easier on the shoulder and continue doing rehab stuff in the training room.  All I want to be able to do is freaking lift, but haven't really been able to be very productive with it all.  But so well all I wound up getting out of that is a perscription of vioxx, which I have already been taking and have some off.  But then I asked about the whole puking during practice thing, and so then after talking that over for quite awhile, the doctor prescribed two more medications for me to try to help out with that, zyrtec, and zantac, is what I'm getting for that then I believe.  I thought that was just allergy stuff, but well I guess not.  They say I have possible exercised enduced asthma/nausea/vomitting, I cant remember what term they gave me for that.  And so well if those meds dont work on me, I'm gonna have to do some other actual tests on me to figure out what my deal is.  And well have to see him agaian in 2 weeks to see if it does help out at all.  And well then I was just at the health center and picked up my meds.  Lucky I had my insurance card with me cause I didnt wanna have to walk all way back to dorm to search for it.  It looks like the insurance covered it all but the co-pay so thats good, but well, wouldnt have had to pay for any of it anyways, as the school would have to cover all the charges because these are sport related problems.  Being athlete is good, as dont have to pay for problems that get, but then again if wasnt in a sport, wouldnt even have problems most likely.  But well hoping it get by todays workout without puking, if so i would be so happy.  Thats pretty sad though that not puking in practice will make my whole day.  But it would be so great if after all this time could finally figure out whats making me puke so much during practice, and so I could actually make it through a whole workout then.  But well im just rambling on now, just trying to keep burning some time before class starts, but i think im just gonna play some games on yahoo or something, so well, later. 

October 12th-This has been the greatest weekend ever, for serious.  However, that is not true, as most everyone here went home or elsewhere for the weekend because it was a three day weekend.  Maybe I should have actually gone home, but I have accomplished some of what I wanted to do this weekend, although not near as much as I had planned on doing so.  Got up early to go to trainer on Friday cause shoulder is goofed up again, and well am going to meet with the doctor on Tuesday about it now, I guess, cause the trainers say it should be all better now, so they think there might be something else messed up with it.  I don't think theres anything too bad messed up with it, but it does hurt pretty dang bad at times.  It has woke me up a couple times in the night the last couple nights.  It will probably feel great when I see the doctor then the next day it will kill again, thats how it usually seems to go.  And well I've also got a puking problem, ha, I have always kinda had one, but well this past week and a half I havent really been able to complete a hard workout because all I wind up doing is puking, so I need to ask doctor and trainer all about that as well.  I've just got problems, but you all probably already knew that ha.  But well rest of Friday just went on some errands around town here with Dayna, cause I didn't want to go by myself.  And I'm pretty sure got the cell phone bill all settled out, and nextel did screw it up some so it wasn't just me thinking it was wrong.  So they are going to credit it all back to the next bill I guess. And also it was my dads birthday so i called home to tell him happy birthday.  Then that night I wound up goign to bed around 1130ish or so actually.  Saturday slept in pretty late, then later on took a nap, then watched some football games, and then did some studying and homework till 12, then like 2 minutes after I had laid down to bed, mandi called and asked if i wanted to come over and watch a movie.  I was tired but I hadnt even walked out of the building all day so figured I would go ahead and go over there, and wound up watching zoolander, thats 5 times now i think in like a 3 week span, and I know its too much when I can actually quote the movie, as I usually can never do that with any other movie, but its a great movie so all is good.  Well plans for today, brief case for blaw class (already done) do hill workout, study for exercise physiology, work on web page etc...for online class, wait eagerly for people to come back here, so there will be someone to talk to, so well give me a call. 

September 6th-Well today is Dave's birthday, however, he is sick, as he has a temperature, which doesnt make it any better because his back has been screwed up as well, so he hasn't been able to run or lift for track.  I got him some robin williams live comedy dvd thing, as couple weeks ago when went to wal mart he said he wanted it but didnt want to have to pay for it and all, so well I took care of that for him, he was very appreciative of it, so that made me feel good hah.  But yeah happy birthday to dave.  But well a couple people just kept coming into my room tonight so i really did not accomplish a whole to lot of work like i had planned on, the i went upstairs to visit some girls, and stayed up there till like 1245 or so, and thats late for me.

October 4th-Last night was a great time.  But well first off before that took place had the time trial 400 for track practice.  I ran a 52.1 which by anymeans isn't all great, but it is real early in the season so it shows what work I need to continue to put in as our percentages increases in the practices to improve my time.  It is the fastest early time trial I have ran compared to my first two years of doing that here, although did get an extra 2 weeks of practice in before the time trial this year.  Then after that maxed out back squat and incline press.  Then just relaxed for awhile after all that and I got hungry and didn't want to fix anything so Tina and I ordered pizza together and watched Zoolander, Ive now watched that 3 times in the past 2 weeks or so, great movie.  Then got ready to go out and Tina didnt like what I was wearing so she wound up picking out my clothes ha.  Then I took off to Tim's house for party.  It was just a good time all around.  I was there for good 4 hours and wasnt really bored at all, which is amazing for me ha.  As met quite a bit of new people, and had a girl on my lap like the entire time there ha.  One of the girls wasn't the skinnest girl there but she was nice and all.  I think I did make Mandy kind of mad though, cause she kept asking to make out with me and turning in to kiss me and I just turned away every time.  She was just very drunk to say the least.  So she just kept saying I knew you didn't think I was pretty know I like you cause I keep calling you etc...she wound up with some other guy though by the end of the night I believe.  I don't know it was just good time all around as met so many new girls etc.  Tom wound up coming back to my room to sleep in my spare bed, as he wasn't in the best condition to drive back home to odessa, he wound up taking off in the morning even before I woke up.  Well then today went to wal mart then came back and got my mail and it was a bill for cell phone, and wow it was high, $452.58, can you freaking believe that, that blows.  So if any of you can find it in your heart, feel free to send me some money to show your your generous nature.  Iowa beat Michigan today though, so that made me feel quite a bit better.  I did a full room and bathroom cleaning today, I used some bleach to help clean the bathroom floor, and I so about passed out cause I think I used to much of it, I got so dizzy and my eyes just watered constantly, and I kept coughing, but hey I'm alive now, so don't worry.  Well thats it for now I guess.  I may try to get some pictures from stuff lately put up, but may not be much, I thought I took alot more pictures last night but when I was looking at stuff today I guess I didn't, it must just be a lot of visuals instead of actual pictures. 
October 3rd-Im just sitting here in computer lab now waiting for next class to start, but so well.  My shoulder was doing quite a bit better, but its really getting to me again, mainly because we have been maxing out all week, and I really hadnt even done much of the lighter weight stuff we had done.  So I probably havent been very smart at all in going ahead and maxing out, but I am still alive, so nothing to complain about I guess.  The other night did play some volleyball and gosh dang did we get beat pretty bad, I dont think we shouldve signed up for the 'A' league, but it is still fun.  Shins are really getting to me again as well.  Track is just wearing me down into the ground, but my shins have always been a problem though.  All of my classes I am still liking except for legal environment of business.  Last couple nights have not gotten to bed near as early as I have wanted to as erin, ashley, kayleen, dayna, and dave have all been hanging out  in my room, but its all been good.  Well this is boring, so I'm done with this for now. 

September 29th-Luckily I rolled over and saw the alarm clock this morning cause I guess I either did not set it, or it went off and I turned it off without knowing that I had done it.  I would not have missed a single thing in my first class if I sleep through it but still, and Dave may have wound up banging on door to wake me up as well.  Well I have a lot of work to do in my BLAW class to get my grade up, as I got a 61% on the test and thats with a 9% curve too, oops hah.  Took quiz in care and prevention class and then in art class just had to draw stuff, and wow Im not good.  This is max out week for track and gosh dang am I weak,  we maxed out on jerk and power clean, which I havent even done because of my shoulder, but it has been feeling fairly good so I thought Id give it a try, and thats exactly what it was a 'try'. Ive got a long ways to go to get back to where I should be.  I had several comments about when Im going to get my hair cut today, so not gonna get it cut for even longer.  Thats it I guess. Give me call or text message but leave your name cause I dont have caller id dang thing.

September 28th-I have decided that as soon as people stop asking me when am I going to get a hair cut, that I will then get one.  So if I do wind up doing that I will wind up with an extremely large fro, as I have been asked every day from someone for atleast the last week.  But who knows, Ill probably get tired of it after a bit although it doesnt really cause any problem other than when I run and it bounces in my eyes.  But well this weekend went out to party on Friday night for Shaw's birthday.  It was fairly good times.  I think I have already doubled my first two years of parties I have gone to already this year, ha. Saturday night though I just wanted to relax as haven't had much time to just do that, so I just went to the campus movie, Finding Nemo, with Jill and Monica and them.  Then just came back here and chilled.  And oh Friday night after getting back from the party and then in bed, Mandi decided to call me at 345, first on my room phone, and then on my cell phone cause I was to lazy to get up and get the phone.  But it kept beeping cause she left a message so I got up to listen to it and she called to tell me to call her when I wake up so that her and I could go to the zoo on Saturday, Im thinking that she was drunk when she made the call, but not so sure as haven't talked to her all weekend.  Well it was a funny call anyways.  But well back to on Saturday when got back from the movie I was talkign to Trish and Lacey at the front desk and I reached behind the desk to look at the package log thing and Trish just ripped it right back away from me and slammed it down and told me to leave the front desk, and I was just like yeah ok, but just kept talkign to her, and then she got on the phone and made call to a CA and said that they need to come down to walk me to my room.  Yeah I had been teasing her and all a little bit, but gosh dang there was no reason for her to call someone to make me go to my room.  Im thinking she thought I had been drinking or something, but it was just all weird.  She must not have been in a very good mood at all.  So I just walked away.  Well, have test to study for now, so I'm gonna go back to that.  Oh oh by the way if someone wants to come down and visit me the weekend of October 10th, I'm all for it, as it will be a 3 day weekend as I dont have school on the 10th, and most people will be going home, so someone come to help entertain me, I'll pay back for gas money. Everyone is welcome, we can have our own little party. 

Septemeber 25th-Advice of day, definetly make sure that when getting stem treatment to make sure its not on your bone, cause it definetly doesnt feel so well, last couple days id been wondering why it felt different and i now know.  Well i feel as if i have not gotten any sleep all week, as just been so sluggish towards everything.  In bowling i only bowled 99 as all i did was walk up and basically drop the ball down hoping it would make it down the lane, cause i dont wanna aggravate my shoulder anymore, as it has been making progress in getting better cause i want to be able to actually lift hard again, maxing out next week may be a problem, but have to try atleast.  well had 12x200 relay today and it went fairly well as i actually did all 12 compared to last year when i remember just doing 4 as my shins were hurting, and well i did get some blisters that were bleeding by time was done running, but all is good.  Well i have no plans for this weekend as of now atleast as it is family wkend, so everyone is either going home or their parents are coming down.  Mandi who has called me the last 2 nights and talked for hour each time said she kinda wants to go to the zoo in kc, so may just wind up doing that if I can find some other ppl to go as well, i do need to go to independence mall sometime atleast as im needing some new jeans and i dont like buying them offline, as gotta try them on of course. But so well if none of you have plans come down and give me a visit.  My favorite new show is 'most extreme elimination challenge' on the spike channel.  Its really fun, its some japanesse stunt contest type thingy that is made into english.  the new bachelor has started too, ive got the girls written down who i believe should win but not so sure of there names right now as in computer lab, so ill have to get back to you on that one, and well paradise hotel finale is next week too, yay, ive had several ppl come in and watch it with me lately, but well yeah my life may seem boring, but its all good i think as keep meeting new women, nothing beats that.

September 24th-My shoulder is still hurting me, so been getting up earlier everyday to go to trainer to get treatment on it, stem machine.  I have been told not to do anything above my head for lifting, but Ive been doing some stuff anyways, and im really thinking that I should take more time off from doing stuff like the snatch etc...I just hate not being able to do stuff, I need to be more patient though.  Yesterday had 400s and well wasnt feeling all that great to begin with, and then definetly didnt after the workout as i wound up puking after doing just 4, dangit. Its just the longer interval days that always screw me over.  Other than track stuff have been quite sedentary as just come back ice my shins and ice my shoulder 2 more times before go to bed.  I just want to be healthy.  Ashley and erin came down awhile last night though and just messed around in the hallway, wonderful dorm life, ha. And oh i was just walking back from class and this girl yells out my name, ive spoken to her twice maybe, and says can you come over so i can take a picture of you, so im just like um ok, so then some other girl gets in the pic with me, takes it and then walks away, it was strange,

September 20th-Slept in pretty late today as didnt get up till 1130, but its all good.  And well then didn't do much anything at all, just went to wal mart to get some food, then listened to the cmsu nwmsu ftball game in which we won.  All that mattered to me today though is that I got to watch the Iowa football game and then to see them win, which they also did.  It was a great game, I kinda wish that I went to U of I so I could go to the games, or atleast live closer so that it could be easier to go to the games.  So does anybody care to buy me tickets to a game so that I can go to one.  But well when was done celebrating the iowa win tina and ashely came down and ordered pizza so we all hung out for lil bit, then they left after daves roommate came back, as no one likes him, so then i just watched where the heart is, movie with ashley judd, wasnt that great, by myself.  And my shoulder is still hurting me, ugh.   Afraid and confused, later.

September 19th-Well my right shoulder is definetly screwed up, ugh, as I can hardly lift it above my head without pain shooting up and down it so cannot lift for track, gosh dangit.  But so ive been goign to the trainer to get stem treatment on it before classes.  It just makes me mad cause its just going to be another nagging injury thats goign to limit what I can do.  Kip has been gone this past week as he is over in france coaching some decathlon stuff, so moser, is on a major powertrip thinking that he can have us do whatever he wants us to do for practice, which means he is running us into the ground, we are not meant to be run into the ground so early in the year, kip designs the workouts to gradually increase and aaron is just like screw that, so there have been several mtgs between the guys on the team trying to get stuff settled out.  But well went to party tonight, and knew not a single person there so left and went to justins for awhile then later on went back to the party for the rest of the night. and why do i think that things are getting better and all of a sudden it totally turns around making me confused. later

September 16th-Had bowling class and actually got to bowl a complete game for the first time all year, and didnt bowl so well as never even had a freaking strike but still managed to get soemthing over 150, and my shoulder was killing me so bad.  I hurt while doing new lifting stuff for track.  But when back from my classes came back and watched some of braveheart then went off to track practice, in which had 500s, and they didnt treat me so good, as i already wasnt feeling the best, so i puked, wonderful stuff tehre, then went and lifted, and made it through it all, but my shoulder was killing really bad then too, as it does just typing here right now, so ive been icing it and all, but doesnt seem to be helping much, and have to do same stuff thrusday and friday for lifting, so i think i may just have to cry, and also finally got coed volleyball team put together, as have had several ppl sign up for team but then decide they not want to do it, but all taken care of now well hopefully no more changes atleast, 

September 15th-Woke up this morning all worried that I had a test in one of my classes today, I should write down when I have stuff do I don't worry myself so much, but it all turned out good as I had no test.  Got my exercise physiology test back and well didn't really pull out an impressive grade by anymeans so I'll have some work to do to try to pull it up to the A range.  Well after all my classes today I came back and took nearly a 2 hour nap, and it was great. I could take the long nap as don't have to run today and all, but did have to go lift.  And gosh dang it was rough lifting.  Tucker, throwers coach, is in charge of the lifting program for this year, and he is a stickler on olympic style lifts, which I have never been a fan of, but am going to have to be.  We have to do complexes of 5x8 with 5-6 exercises, like power clean, jerk, snatch, front and back squats, and much more of course.  I felt it so much after just the first set, but managed to get through all 5.  It should all help with explosiveness and speed I am believing.  And on a side note I just saw myself on tv for highlights from the volleyball game I went to, fun huh.  I just need to keep myself healthy this year, from shin splints which I always get, and just any other nagging injury that will interfere with my training.  Todays question that people kept asking me was if I have myself a girlfriend and all yet, so I answer with the infamous no, and then I keep getting asked why I even want a relationship etc...then the girls are like we'll get you hooked up with someone.  And these are people  I hardly even know, and wow quite the coincidence, girl just stopped by and asked me how my girl status is going.  Its not like I have to have someone, but for some reason people always have to ask me the question.  Atleast theres people out there caring for me hah, but well I'm out of here for now, hope your day was great.

September 14th-Yeah, I definetly have not been writing in here lately at all.  I have just been too busy to do so.  Well I haven't been completely busy I guess, so when I have had down time I have been hanging out with other people, or having people come over to room to chill (including girls, had some fun nights).  But well anyways, track started this past monday, but actually sunday for me as I am doing monday's hill workouts on sundays, and then taking mondays off to rest my shins and then running the rest of the week with the whole team.  The team is still quite large, and I have yet to learn everyones names yet, well I know all the girls but a slim few, several guys though I have no clue who they are.  Classes haven't been all to hard yet still, have had a couple papers, tests and quizes though.  And just waiting for grades back on them, and if I did bad I really better buckle down and study as I have not done more than probably 30 minutes total for everything.  During the past couple weekends, just gone downtown or out to some parties, its all been a good time, although Im always so tired the next day, but I don't meet any new women if I don't go out, so alls good.  Well need to work on paper here now, this has been my little break.  Ill try to find time to type in here more often, although not even sure if anyone reads this anymore, who knows, later, and take care.

  ugust 24th--I have now been back here at school for one week, as I got all moved in this past Sunday.  Move in went fairly well, as got here to the dorms around 730ish, so in turn was like just the 3rd person to get moved in according to trish atleast as she was working front desk and knew how many people had came in so far.  So by being here early for that it made it much easier instead of having to move around all the other people.  So parents and I got room all organized for the most part and then later in the afternoon they left and I finished up what needed to be taken care of.  Then Sunday night went out to xc house for the party there and saw some people get busted for marijuana and just hung there with everyone there for quite awhile.  Monday actually started running for track, and ran with Dave, Phil, and Ali (freshman girl from marshalltown that met at party, who has the best freaking eyes ever).  Otherwise just hung out with them all day, and then at night went to the hypnotist with them and then ali and her roomate and suitemates.  Tuesday same thing just hung out with them.  Wednesday first day of classes, and well I have my class schedule posted on the cmsu page here so take a look at it if you care.  Classes should go fairly well I'm hoping as in all but one of my classes I have atleast 2 other people that are in track in them, and the other class andre is in it, so I am quite pleased that I know someone in all of my classes, unlike last year when I didn't know anyone in the class to start off with.  So then just went to class hung out and ran with phil, dave and ali (who has the best eyes, as i already said ha, but I really dont think she will go for me, although I have gotten lots of good words put in about me to her, anyways)  And well then last night dave and I went to go to some activities thign at the union and it looked stupid so we went and played pool instead and wound up playing with 2 freshman girls, and they freaking wooped up on us in 4 games so dave and I felt quite stupid. 

May 1st-Yeah well i finally writing in here again, well today had to get all snazzy and dressed up for presentation for older adult class, and well melissa and my presentation was the shortest of everyones i believe, but we just got straight to the point in it all and got it covered quick, well i should say melissa did atleast, as i didnt say much at all, but well was glad to get that over with and all so yeah, then just did a few things like setting up new lifting program for this summer, and itll be a good one, i still got a lot to map out on it before it comes how i want it to but its coming around on paper atleast, and well when actually doing it hopefully will all work out and i can make some progress in strength but yeah anyways, well then went to track, and all did was just to warm up and do some strides then phil and i went and drove around looking for fairview street and well we found it, and we were looking for it cause some of the track girls are having  a garage sale tomorrow and they are selling stuff dirt cheap, and they are starting it at 730 tomorrow morning so phil and i made sure we knew where it was at, as were gonna be there right at 730 to get all the good deals on tvs and such, they selling tvs for 5 bucks, big mirror and dresser for 10 bucks, aiwa 3 disc cd playe for 5 bucks, and the stuff is all fairly new, they just need to get rid of it, so hopefully i do find something good, otherwise ill be mad i got up early to go there ha, and oh also for dinner tonight at the cafeteria they had fried ice cream, and so i made sure i got myself some, and the server lady there always gives me good servings of stuff there as she likes me hah, but well yeah my life is still probably boring for yall so yeah, well later

April 29th-Well dang i havent put anything in here forever as havent really had the time and really just havent wanted to either i guess, but well lots has gone on around here lately, and well yeah dont wanna take time to type it all so if you wanna know how about you give me a call or something, as no one hardly ever calls me.

April 19th-Today was a pretty good day overall id have to say.  Didnt sleep so well as had a pounding headache from the track meet and all yesterday and it just never really did leave.  But well ill have the info from the track meet on here soon.  But well my parents came down for the meet and all, so well after the meet we went out to eat at copper coyote, a mexican place here in town, and well we wound up being the very last ones out of the restaurant as we got there at 1045 and it closes at 11, so i think they just wanted us out hah, but well heck i dont really remember much as my headache was terrible, but i do remember seeing melissa there, girl i partner with in my older adult class, as well she works there and all which i didnt know so talked very briefly with her, and well i just got quesadilla and well it wasnt that great really, and i did happen to spill my full glass of water all over the table hah, i was just so tired, but well then parents stayed in hotel, although they couldve stayed in room here and all but yeah, and well then to today well parents stopped back by here at like 10ish or so, and well my dad worked on my accounting for me, as i was lost in what i was spose to be doing, so well got good help with that then of course so now i believe that i understand it all much better, it took him like 30 minutes max to do it all to i think, and the teacher was like it may take you all a couple hours to do it, so i think thats what scared me and well figured my dad would be albe to do it quick anyways and well he could, and now i actually understand it as well so its all good, and well when dad was doign that my mom just kept doing random stuff around here and was like im gonna do your laundry and im like no no no, but well then i gave in and she did my laundry then as well and so well day got off to quite productive start and all there then, and well then i wanted to go to mall in independence to get some more clothes, so well i drove my car with my dad riding, and then mom was following in her car, and well when i got gas and headed towards kc my mom somehow thought i went back to the dorm and so thats where she went while dad and i were on our way to kansas city, and well she would have no clue where to go to, to get to the mall so we turned around and then found her driving the other way so then we had to turn around and hook back up with her, it was just kinda all messed up ha, so that took awhile as we drove around aimlessy trying to find each other, but luckily we did so tahts all good, then well went to mall and all, and got 2 shirts from hollister, and then 2 shirts, pair of shorts, and necklace from abercrombie, so oops spent over $200 on clothes but i like them all so its all good of course, then went out to eat again and i got margarita marinated chicken or something like that, and dang it was good, i wanna go back and get some more, it was excellent, and well then from there went to angelicas, and good thing i got map in my car otherwise i wouldve had no clue how to get to her place from where i was at then, but well i made it right there, and well when i got there her brother came up to me with a big easter basket with a bunch of stuff in it and im like, well thats nice, and hes like happy easter its for you, and then i was like dang, definetly wasnt expecting that at all  hah, and so that was all cool, thanks beth hugh angelica and ben, and then ben her lil brother even gave me a dyed egg that he drew on ha, and well i had nothing for them, oops ha, but well then angelica and i went to the movie the core in lee summitt, it was pretty good movie and all but shoot it resembles armeggedon alot, if i havent had seen armeggedon i wouldve really liked the core but since i had i just thought it mimiced it too much, and well on the way to the movie, it was raining so gosh dang hard, and i had angelica all freaked out cause i thought there was gonna be a tornado and all but well nope there wasnt darn, and then when actually did to theater it started hailing but well i didnt find any dents in my car so whew there, then got back here at like 1130ish or so and well right when was laying down to bed, i moved my pillow and there was a sack underneath it and i was like oh geez what is this hah, and then i remember my mom making my bed after i told her not to like 43 times and so i figured out why she actually did make it then, so that she could hide my easter sack and stuff hah, and so well yeah today i just got lots of stuff pretty much, so i guess thats what made the day so good, i got 2 good surprises gotta see parents again etc...
April 17th-Forgot to write in here  yesterday, and well dont really remember to much from yesterday, got anatomy test back yesterday on the appendicular skeleton, and just got 87% ?!?!? on it, i did fairly well on the bone memorization stuff i just goofed on the fill in blank questions as i didnt study so much for them as i did for the bones themselves, i think i studied the bones to much as is, as i cant keep myself from reciting them over and over in my head, all i can think off is the gluteal tuberosity, linea apera, posterior superior iliac spine etc...i used to study hard like that all the time in high school and well i hadnt done it for quite awhile, and well other classes were the usual i believe, and then track was fairly easy, and then watched the bachelor at night, and well so so sad, audree is  no longer on it, as she didnt get a rose, mainly because she is a mormon so in turn she doesnt drink and well the bachelor guy owns a winery so that just wouldnt help out his job as his wife wouldnt even drink then, but well hey im here for you now audree, the whole drinking thing isnt really a bother for me as it used to be so much i am much more understandable but its a plus for her for sure, and well she runs and such too, only thing is i doubt i will ever see or talk to her, well im pretty sure that will never happen ha, and so well now im routing for jen to win it, shes the most down to earth one in the bunch i believe, and i like those type of women, i like the girl next door, down to earth, cute, funny, beautiful smiling girls, and so well aint that great for yall to know ha, but well to today here now, well just had older adult class and well teacher didnt teacher as have a grad student in the class that had to teach in order for her to receive credit for the class or something, and well she did much better than the regular teacher, but i dont like the teacher, so ive already got a bias against her, and well got test back that took a bit ago and wow i didnt fare well on it at all, i didnt flunk but gosh dang close to it, and oh before that class i always get there a lil early cause erin  is always there early for her class as well, so i go to talk to her, and well there was a lil girl there with her mom im guessing waiting for class, and well erin had some cards, and so sam, the lil girl, erin and i played a couple games of go fish, and well i didnt really remember how to play, but sam sure did let me know how to play hah, if i made a mistake she was all over me, and well she wound up beating erin and i each time as well, but it was all good, and so well i was a bit late for class then even as our last game went a bit too long hah, then had track and did some handoffs and well brian kinda hurt his hammy i guess, and so now phil is on it with tim, kyle and i, so that should be fun, and oh before practice cleaned all of bathroom and room while....(refraining myself from complaints although its a good one and you all would agree its worth complaining about) and well parents are coming down for the meet tomorrow then possibly staying in room here or in hotel, they got one resevered but i say no need to pay when can sleep here for free as dave will be gone and so there will be room but as of now they planning on just staying in hotel i guess, but well if some of you wanna come visit me though youre all still welcome, im probably just talking to myself about that since no one is going to but yeah ha, and well then went to track supper deal at the park, and well the park wound up beign already reserved by a group of ppl for an easter egg hunt so then we had to all go to another park, and well dave tim and i, stayed at the one park for a good half an hour waiting for ppl there to show up late to tell them that we were now gonna have it at another park, and so well we did our job and in the meantime played catch with football and all, then went to actual park and were for sure the last ones there of course after we had basically been the first ones there ha, but it was all cool, and so well kip grilled the burgers and ppl brought cookies, baked beans, salads, cup cakes etc.. that they made, and well i just brought 2 gallon sized gatorades as signed up for drinks but so yeah, and well was there for a bit and then played some more ftbll with phil and tim this time, phil claims i should be quarterback, but i dont think so ha, i can usually never throw a football but well tonight i actually could, i impressed myself hah, and well then phil drove me back as dave left early....and well then took ice bath, and studied for a bit, and well need to some more, do some homework, then shave legs and shower, lots more to do still and its kinda late so yeah, later

April 15th-Went to parkview gardens for the last day of actually exercising with ethel, how sad.  We just went and retested the exercises that we tested her out on the first day we met with her, and well today i took of pictures of her doing some stuff as melissa and i have make some sort of presentation that have to do in front of class and all then, and so well thought that pictures may liven it all up a little bit.  I may possibly put some of those pictures on here so you all can have an idea of what have been doing at ethels place and all.  Ethel seemed like she wanted to cry after we told her that next time would be our last time there, she just went on and on about how that she thinks its so great that ppl our age are willing to help out the elderly, melissa and i were just like aww what a sweet lady.  Ethel improved so much on everything from when melissa and i first started working with her, i was in awe of some of the results of tests that we did on her today compared to those that she did before, but well so next time will probably be really sad for her and melissa and i probably as will be the last time with her.  But well then had track and it was a brute, i made it through the first set on pace and everything, but it was followed up by lots of dry heaving and then when the second set came around i didnt last very long there before i actually puked a lil bit, i hadnt puked for awhile so i was suprised but hadnt gone that hard in a practice for awhile though either so yeah, then came back to room and ate then went to my other  2 classes, and in a&t of aerobic conditioning i got so dang worn out as i was trying so hard in the games we were playing, we played a like field hockey game, and 2 types of like capture the cone, and well i won the football capture the cone type game, bragging moment by me hah, i just thought it was cool cause out of the 18 some kids in the class 12 are in football, the track speed prevails hah, and well then had  test in there, which i forgot about as well, but there was absolutely no way to study for it anyways, and well also turned in nate and i's group lesson plan, which i did all by myself ha, but i pretty much volunteered to do it all, didnt bother me, then in drugs and youth just got into groups and discussed marijuana and one of the guys in our class then went to front of the room and talked about how he thinks marijuana should be legalized and all this stuff and did it for a good 45 minutes, without the teacher saying a word really, and well there is a girl in this class that is a counselor for kids who are addicted to drugs and all and so well it got a lil heated between them as their view points differ so much as she deals with the first hand affects of it, compared to the guys opinion of what he thinks and all.  That class has actually been fairly fun with the discussions we have and all the joking around everyone does. And well only one more day of class for that class and then got the final, time has seemed like it has gone so quick this semester kinda, knock on wood.  But well when got back to the room i was starving, so i had 3 chicken strips, can of tuna, a chicken breast, big container of my speciality cheesy brocoli, and 2 granola bars, and i was still starved, but well yeah then just did whatever and it was bed time.

April 14th-Explain to me the point of having air conditioning but then not wanting to even use it, so well when i wake up in the morning and well periodically through the night as well im basically soaked from sweating so much, well i guess they have an agenda of turning the air on here may 1st, now what the heck how can they set a day to turn it on, turn it on when it gets hot, not when its a certain day of the year, its hot now so why not use it, oh wait our school is cheap so they think they can save money by not turning it on yet, although everyone here just complains about it not being on, and oh well its spose to be mid 60s here this weekend so they think we are going to possibly need the heat on, how what the heck who using the heat in 60 degree weather, no one hopefully, so yeah in the meantime i sleep and sit in my room sweating constantly, not wanting to study and focus on my work as i feel as if i just wanna pass out, especially after track practice, but yeah i aint really complaing fully about it, i just dont quite understand the whole reasoning behind it for not turning the air on, and well ive come to the conclusion that i really have complained alot this year and have thought negativetly about so much stuff as you all know, and well i think i have found another thing to trace it all back to besides the other thing so yeah, i just know that i cant put up with much complaining at all anymore, and well i dont know if what i did was actually considered complaining and such in the past but well whatever you wanna call it, im sorry to yall and i really not gonna try to complain and really focus on the positive which i have been doing good with lately, and especially since lately theres been lots of complaining etc...that has been bothering me, i have always said to myself that i just need to surround myself with nearly always constantly happy positive people but well that isnt really how it has been, so need to break myself away from that a lil bit, but well yeah etc..., for track today did speed workout, and it was a pretty good one but the sets seemed forever long but thats all good though still, and so well figured i needed an ice bath after that workout and all so i took one then, and well then had so much work to do, but well wound up just watching the cardinals baseball game, so gonna have to do all my work tomorrow before class  
April 13th-Well track info from the DII challenge at emporia will be on track page sometime soon if not by the time you read this so check there for the track info, but well when back from the meet heard that there was a foam party downtown at the star bar, and well ive been wanting to go to one of them, so was like yeah im gonna be going for sure, but i just didnt know who else was gonna go, but then kirk and i wound up going down there, it wasnt the greatest though, the foam parties ive seen on tv are much better than lil small town warrensburg foam parties ha, but it was still cool and all, i was so soaked by the end of the night dancing there from the foam, and well the floor was just basically a couple inches of water and then foam on top of that so well my shoes and feet were completely soaked and wet the entire time was there, i thought they were gonna be ruined but well they drying out fairly decent, the best body contest was kind a disappointment there as well hah, but yeah, but well yeah otherwise it was cool and all though, i enjoyed it atleast and i dont like dancing but it made it funner so i could do more, but well today woke up ate a lil and then went outside to study on the pole vault mat again and well was out there for hour and half and then came back in and ate for bout 30 min and then went right back out to study in the sun again, and stayed out there another hour and half then back here ate some more, and then went to the cafeteria and ate some more, then went back out to the track again and well this time i colored a picture and studied, i just cant stand beign in here so much well i did good today with staying away ha, but well just got out of  ice bath, and now gotta do some more homework, but well gonna stay in here to do it this time with headphones on probably, but well yeah back to homework here now, later

April 10th-Well didnt really do much of anything yet again today, had class, did nothing important in that, then had track, and well had 200s at 85% definetly was not expecting that for today, but well didnt go to bad though, and well when back from track did to laundry though and went to wal mart to get some food and sinus medicine, and well all my food i got basically is junk food, oops, and well someone i never got back with my medicine so im gonna go back tomorrow and complain on how that i never actually got it, and well its on my receipt and all so im guessing she just never put it in the sack, but well they probably wont give me any, and if they dont ill be mad

April 9th-This morning was quite the weird one as well i put my shirt on backwards this morning and well didnt even notice it was like that until just when i was walking out and looked in the mirror, and it was a collared shirt too, so if someone else saw me it wouldve been real obvious, and well then went to anatomy and studied stuff in there, and then suddenly i felt like i was so drunk or something, i just got all dizzy and everything, and so then i just figured i should leave as i didnt know what was going on so well i left, and in the midst of walking up the stairs i was so wobbly and nearly fell back down all of them, i was just gonna go lay down in the gym as the gym is right there and all but i kept goign and well then just went to computer lab and tried to relax there, but i had accounting to study for and well couldnt really study much as the more i looked at stuff the dizzier and such i got, it was all screwed up i dont know what the deal was, i really dont remember much from the accounting test either, so heck i probably screwed up both parts of it then as first part didnt study for and 2nd part i was like drunk for it, i dont know what it wouldve been that made me like though though so who knows, and so when came back here i took a nap and well when back up from that still wasnt that great but was better, then went to track, and by time was at it i was doing lots better, then got some more food from the cafeteria and put it in containers, then well i have done nothing related to homework at all tonight, i watched the bachelor of course, and well audree is still my pick as well as the 'like' of my life and well then theres jen as well that is moving up, amber on the show tonight wow, she sure cant handle her champagne and such very well, shes quite the ditsy drunk too, and well liz reminds me of someone i know, but i just cannot think of who it is but yeah i guess thats all for now, later

April 8th-Well alarm never did get to go off this morning, as well i thought it did at 830 but then was like i didnt set my alarm for then as i turned it off so i was like well must have just been the phone and well it was as it was tate calling so then i just set my alarm back on and went right back to sleep and then like 10 mintues before alarm was spose to actually go off angelica called, but that was aight cause i needed to be up then anyways, and well i dont remember anything that was said though really i was quite out of it, i just remember hearing her and terra??? laugh alot, and well then i got my khaki pants and was like wow this need ironed so i got out my iron and well i think its busted it just never did get warm even hardly and well the water i put in it just all pretty much drained straight out of the bottom of it, so then my pants were soaked and still wrinkled so i was like ok well heck what do i do now, they are my only khakis, then jill walked by and and started talking to me, and i was like i think my iron is broke and etc..and well then she was like just let me iron them with my iron in my room i got it all set up and im like no, but then i gave in and she ironed them for me, shes no nice, and her sister is really really extremely nice, probably nicest ppl i know but yeah hah, so well once that was taken care of went to parkview gardens and melissa and i did our stuff with our lady, and well ethel  had both of her daughters there as well as they were visiting so we had an audience and all, and well one of her daughters has this dog, and well it was one ugly dog at that as melissa stated when we left, and the dog constantly coughed, yeah thats right it coughed, and sneezed as well the entire time we were there, it got kinda annoying, but was workign with melissa so all was good hah, she wore a track shirt today too, i think she wants me, riiiiiiighhhhttttt, but well yeah when that was all over came back here and ran for track outside, in the snow flurries and 33 degree weather, and it was even long interval day, and so well that didnt go all so great really but better than i thought it would regarding to the weather and all, then had a&t of a/c at the pool at the multi, and so well we were in the pool for a good hour and half straight exercises, and there was one other person in class that couldnt swim either so that was good hah, but we didnt even have to swim so yeah, it was kinda pointless other than to dehydrate our bodies from being in the pool and such, and well drugs and youth class is cancelled for tonight as teacher has some big mtg hes spose to be at and he didnt know if he wuold be back on time and such so yeah, and well need to study for accounting here tonight for 2nd part of test especially sicne i totally forgot about the first part so i didnt study, and then study bones for anatomy, another full night of studying for me, i want summer to come, but sad thing is, is that ill probably be studying alot this summer as well as im gonna try to become personal trainer certified this summer, so that will take alot of time and work into studying and preparing for that i believe, i need to call lady back tomorrow so can pay 595 bucks for the material to study over and all the other stuff that comes with it, and then watch me fail the test or something when i have to take it, and oh oh before going to class today i thought someone just the radio or a cd playing or such so i just walked down the hall to see who it was, and well it was an actual guy singing with his guitar in the girlss room, he was pretty dang impressive, he sang and played alot of stuff like every rose has a thorn, lots of garth brooks stuff such as brokenheartsville, dave matthews, eric clapton, billy joel, you name it he was singing it, and he was doing it really really good too, he sang some of his own stuff too, and it was all dang good, katrina even got teared up in one of the songs he sang as he said it was all true and such and it was good, and then some songs hed written for his girlfriend and all, i was so mad i had to leave to go to class, and well yeah i never even did figure out his name but the girls didnt know his name either hah, he was just a friend of guy that goes to here that the girls and i are friends with, id buy his cd for sure, or i mean download his songs, im a cheap skate, and oh another real good one he did was piano man, and he even used the harmonica and everything, may sound like im easily amused but no, im sure you would think it was dang impressive and good as well, so you all just missed out, poor you hah, but yeah i should study now, later

April 7th-Well my face isnt as red as it has been the past two days but i still get plenty of ppl saying dang you got sun burnt bad after they give me funny looks like what is your problem reject whys your face so red looks, dusty has told me to use some st ives whipped lotion or somethign or other as i was telling him i feels as though its gonna start peeling here, can always go to dusty for product advice hah, but well had anatomy and just studied the bones, and well then had my hour break and did the usual of goign to the computer lab and pretty much doing nothing, and well then i went to accounting walked in the class looked around and like everyone was looking over their notes and in the book and such and i was like hmm whats going on, so then i asked someone do we have a test today, and he was like uhh yeah, and im like oh crap gosh dangit, and i freaked out, grabbed all my stuff out and got in like 2 minutes of study time right before the test, and so well i pretty much blew that test, and well i cant afford that as grade isnt so great in there right now as is, so im quite worried about the grade i got on it, cause the problems we had to do it yeah i had no clue at all, maybe i should do the practice problems that are assigned sometime, but well yeah im scared ha, then ecology boring as usual, came back here did some stuff for a&t of aerobic conditioning then relaxed for a bit, then went to track, and we did a good speed workout today, well i thought so atleast, and then got a fairly good lift in as well, and now tonight ive got to do lesson plan for a&t of aerobic conditioning and study like mad for the 2nd half of the accounting test for wednesday so i can hopefully try to recover from the 1st half of it, so may not be able to watch much of the ncaa tourny tonight unfortunately, and well its time for an ice bath right now, and then im all study for the night, well probably not but yeah ill try to stay focused on it though, and well ugh im getting really annoyed lately with some stuff, some of you know what i mean, but yeah, later

April 3rd-Got up early to do some final studying for my test in physical activity and the older adult, and well then took the test of course, and well took not even a whole 10 minutes i dont think but not so sure how i did on it however, then well just sat around and did nothign even t hough i have so much to do but yeah, then had track then went to caf and well filled my plate completely up with sliced meat, and well im glad no one that worked there saw me cause it was quite a lot, and so took it back to table and put it all into my containers in my bag so i could bring it back to the room, why buy sliced me at the store when can just steal it from the cafeteria right, and well then i filled up a big container with lucky charms then as well, it was quite the productive day of stealing food, and well then back to room and well did nothing once again, talked to tate on phone for a brief bit though to get idea for volleyball activity for aerobic conditioning as she is quite fond of balls so thought she would have some advice for me there, and well she did of course, but well yeah later
April 2nd-Been kinda hard to sleep here lately as its been so warm and well they wont turn the air on yet cause its spose to cool down again this weekend and such, which i think is just quite dumb, especially since we all here have to just lay and sweet in our beds while trying to sleep, which really doesnt happen.  But well had anatomy today and didnt do to much in it nor in accounting and ecology today. When was back from classes though since it was so sunny and all and i had anatomy to study i went out to the pole vault mats down at the track and laid on them to get some sun and to study, and did that for hour and a half or so, until i got fed up with the stupid wind blowing so hard that i could never stay on the same page i was trying to study, and well i actually got some sun from it all too as chest got burnt a lil bit, so atleast i got something out of it, if i dont remember what i even studied, and well then had to come back here so i could go for a teachers visit with my accounting teacher as he has a mandatory mtg with him for every student and well today was the last day for that, ive had all semester but i just keep putting it off hah, and well a bunch other kids did as well, as i had to wait 35 minutes to even see him as there was such a line of ppl waiting, and i even had to cut in front of a couple kids as i said i was already late for track practice and i needed to get out quick and they were nice enough to let me go so that was all good, and well i talked to him for like maybe 2 minutes at most, hes like got any questions im like nope, where you from, iowa, got any questions nope, and then i left hah, it was very dumb but i got points for doing it atleast so yeah, well then i was like for track of course and then had to get right into doing handoffs and well then i got spiked so cut my leg open a lil bit and bleed, but doesnt look bad now, but it wouldnt stop bleedign for quite awhile, then lifted, tried to get in a good arm workout as they looking pretty squany lately but thats  usual i guess for me, then when back from that called michelle, and she was like youve got the wrong number and well of course i do, cause her name is mellisa, i felt so stupid so i called her right back and was like wow im an idiot is mellisa there, so then asked her about what did in class last thursday as i was gone for meet and all, and shes like well we took a bunch of notes, so then i went over to her place, and then she was like well oopss sorry we didnt take any notes hah, but that was aight it was nice to see her though haha even though shes been sick but didnt look it, then back to here i was and studied for the test, and then saw that the bachelor was on so i had to watch taht to find myself a woman and well i found her in audree, i hope she makes it to the end so i can see her on it all the time, but then that she loses so that she can be mine instead, then i studied more and that was pretty much my day there i guess, later diggity

April 1st-Well the day started out pretty screwed up as well i didnt put my dishes and such away last night so well my knife was laying by my blender and all and well i use the blender in the morning for my protein and well i was quite tired and somehow i wound up cutting my arm with the knife and it bleed pretty well so i got kinda freaked out so figured id go to the hospital so i went there all before class and wound up having to get 7 stitches for it, i still cant figure out how it all happened but yeah, and well then i went to parkview gardens and i guess melissa had tried calling through all of this saying that she was sick and all, but yeah i didnt get the call of course but so when i got to parkview gardens i sat around for a bit and then saw the teacher and was like have u heard anything from  melissa and shes like yeah i have shes gonna be gone today cause shes got the flu, and so then i had to work with ethel by myself which i kinda liked better actually hah, her and i did our workout stuff for that week and then since it was like i was like yeah lets go for a walk so her and i went for a short walk as she cant go to far but yeah, shes quite the nice lady anywho, although i hear the same exact stories everytime i go there cause she has demincia(spelling) but well yeah then when back from that had track and oh gosh it was a terrible one, really not that hard if you look at it on paper but it was so gosh dang windy and such and my legs are dead just as and so well wasnt the most productive workout for me at all, then went and picked up watch for winning conference as a team, then umm didnt do anythign for a bit, then went to a&t of aerobic conditioning and well heck i dont know what it is but mrs devil teacher aka mrs doyle was nice for once, class was so laid back and actually fun for once and she let us be like that, and thats much better cause it aint fun to run around for 2 hrs straight as is and since she let us have fun for once it made it enjoyable finally, but that wont last long probably, she actually even said some nice words to me, very very surprised was i, then had drugs and youth and watched 2 videos in there but they were short ones however and took a quiz and lots of lecture time and such, but well dang my legs are so sore, and i really wanted to run good this wekend especially with last wkends pathetic running, but heck i dont really know how it will all transpire with how i feel now,but yeah later

March 31st-Hmmm umm well  got anatomy tests back today and i got 94% on it so yeah i was kinda pleased with that but that was even after adding 10 pts to the test for a curve ha, so yeah well really didnt do that well, but it all works, other two classes of the day were just quite boring as they usually are, then had track, and well we had a team mtg before the meet relating to the effort we have been putting forth so far this year, and so then it turned into like a motivational type mtg for us to start working harder etc etc...then had speed workout and it was an aight one, havent really done speed work for quite awhile as just been lots of slow paced stuff so it felt good for once, yeah anyways, then didnt do to much of anything at night, just watched some tv, and then angelica called, shaved legs again, and i gotta say i am getting quite better at it, as my legs have adapted to being gotten shaved and all, and well otherwise yeah just kinda discombobulated and beguiled

March 30th-Well heck its been quite awhile since i last put anything in here, i had kinda forgotten about it, but yeah anyways.  And well i guess i did put stuff from the track meet on thursday on this so yeah, go to track page to look at that, and well on friday, was just really tired all day long as from the meet on thursday and all, and well luckily dave woke me up in the morning cause our electricity went off which i knew cause i was still up when it went off cause i was coughing so much, but well i guess i just totally set my clock all wrong then as the time was just totally off, but well yeah then went to anatomy and well he didnt have our tests graded yet so  he gave us candy and was like ill give you 3 extra credit points for coming today and then we left, so i was there for a whole 5 minutes of class, and so i couldve sleep in longer, but well the extra credit was all good though still of course, and well then went to my other classes, and took a nap in the afternoon sometime, then went and ran and lifted a lil bit, and well then was back here and did laundy, i really dislike doing laundry, i enjoy cleaning and vacumming and such, but heck laundry is just so boring and takes forever, and well didnt do anything else on friday night i dont think so yeah, and well then yesterday i went to kansas city area to go shopping at the mall, so went and got angelica to go with me hah, and so well then we went to the mall then of course, and were there for quite awhile, i saw quite a bit of ppl from here that i knew at the mall so it was cool, i only bought one shirt then entire time was there, cause i got to stingy when i was actually there, i wanted to get alot of stuff, but i backed out of that, so well just got a shirt at hollister as id never been there before, then after the mall took angelica back and well then watched swimfan, it was fairly good, and well left from there around 1030 or so and then came back here and well was so tired but just grabbed some food and then took off to mccrakens party, but didnt stay there too long really, just like 45 minutes maybe as i was so tired and plus ppl were starting to leave from his anyways, and the ppl that were there were quite out of it anyways, ha, but well i guess thats pretty much it, and hey to tate and effy, you two better hurry up and come to visit already dangit, cause gosh dang woman dave wants to see you, and well you know what i want ;) haha, and glad to know that you can still 'o' even after what happened haha, and well ill probably get hit for that by dave but yeah hah, well you two take it easy, and talk to you both later,

March 26th-So much has gone on the last couple days, and i dont wanna type it now, so if you wanna know ask me.

March 23rd-No more staying up late for me this week, i always so tired when i wake up, but this week is gonna burn me out anyways so i dont think i will even be capable of staying up very late anywho.  But well when woke up, watched baskeball games, studied anatomy, worked on accounting, had track pratice as well theres a high school meet here the next two days and so well i gotta help out at that so we had to get in workout today and all, and well i didnt realize how burned out from running i am already for outdoor season, but well we got meet on thursday at emporia kansas, so if you around that area come watch id enjoy seeing ya there, but yeah i got tired fingers here now even so bye and diggity

March 22nd-Slept in till like 1130ish and definetly didnt realize that till i woke up, went to tan as i wanted to study outside today to get some sun, but well when i went out the clouds rolled in and it began to rain, and then went and shampooed inside of car and vacumn it out and such at car wash place, and that took for gosh dang ever, then wanted to color, but well i dont even have a regular green color, so i went to dollar store to buy some crayons but well  when i tried using them they just broke right in half so well gonna have to go to wal mart and buy some better ones i guess, and otherwise dont really wanna get into anythign else from today, im just so lost now but the person is doing nothing about it but yeah, bye

March 20th-well woke up  quite tired but not as tired as i thought i would be as i went downtown last night and so was back fairly late, and btw did u know i was 21, well i sure didnt atleast as well, when i walked in and showed id and such, the guy read it wrong and gave me stamps on my hands to say that i was 21 so i was like yeah aight so then i just walked away, so then i was just like hmm but yeah anyways, was kinda boring actually so phil and i left from that place after quite awhile to go play pool in another bar and well shoot they were closing right when we started our game so then that went that idea as well, but so well my first night downtown wasnt to great really, just pretty much boring especially since there werent that many ppl downtown, well the ppl that were though i pretty much all knew so that was good though, so did have ppl to talk to and such, besides ppl that went with, anyways, well otherwise not whole to lot for the day just watched quite a bit of basketball i guess instead of doing homework, had one heck of a conversation with a girl from georgia about something...and oh btw i got my parking ticket appealed and so i dont have to pay for it yay
March 19th-Well yesterday was quite the day id say, well maybe not but yeah, went to parkview gardens for class and well all the lady i work with talks about is crocheting(spelling?) hah but well its interesting though i leanred some stuff, good thing she wanted to talk about that though, as workout had for her for the day wasnt very long at all so she did a good job filling up the time ha, and well then had track and it was quite a tough one as had 500 intervals so that kinda wore me out, and well then came the ugh part of the day, well i had my circuit training thing to teach for aerobic conditioning so i show up like 15 min early or so so i can get stuff organized how i want it, so i get there and i need jump ropes so i ask teacher if i can go get them and shes like aight so she goes and unlocks the equipment room and all and she like how many you need i say 15-20, and shes like shouldnt you have an exact number of ropes that you need, and im like not really, there is never everyone at class so i never knew how many ppl are actually in it, and well i dont got the class roster or anything so i cant know, and shes like well you shouldve asked then, well i understand that i shouldve asked before and all, but well she wouldve gotten so mad at me for even asking then as well, as she just wouldve said how about you just count and i know thats true cause she made other ppl just do it that way, so i wasnt gonna even bother, so then her and i kinda get into it a little bit actually as i already dont like her, and then out of nowhere she says to me "that is quite ignorant of you" and im like im ignorant, and shes like yeah, so well that just sent me over the top, but i had to restrain as i had my lesson plan to teach for the day still, but gosh i was kinda peeved then, she had no right to say that to me, and well how was i even being ignorant with what i did, she doesnt inform any of us of what to do, its pathetic, more on that in a bit, and so well then i got kinda cooled down and all, well not really though as we were in non air conditioned building in a gym that was a over 80 degrees, but so well i do my thingy and it went fairly well i believe, as when got comments from the class they were all pretty good, but of course the teacher throws in all this stuff and well none of it made since at all, if i wouldve done it the way she stated it wouldnt have been possible at all, so she just never knows what she is even talking about, and so then later she was like you actually needed to be here 30 minutes early to get stuff all organized because you never know if the gym could be flooded with water as that has happened before, ok well it hasnt rained here for quite a long time the gym is not on the first floor, so theres no possible way that it has happened before atleast in that gym, say some relavent and that could actually be possible mrs doyle, i just so dont like her, and well then we got out a lil early in class and then i had to stay around to ask her questions which i so didnt wanna do as i just wanted to kick her instead, but so well when got them asked i was out as quick as i could, and well then went to drugs and youth class and well we talked about the war thing for quite a bit and then finally after like 45 minutes or so actually talked about stuff related to the class hah, and well then took a quiz, and followed that up with a great video on drugs, it had some quite graphic stuff in it about how parents abuse and kill there kids when on drugs and vice versa, i couldve cried almost, and then when done a girl was like yeah i couldve cried during the thing about the children so i didnt feel all so weird then, but well that type as in abusing children just really gets to me so yeah it was quite a good video anywho, tweaked was name of it if any of you wanna watch an educational video sometime hah, and well then just came back to room and did just whatever, and well now today went to anatomy got quite a bit of bones memorized i believe actually as well i still can visualize and remember them quite well even now, and well the test got pushed back to next wednessay so that made me happy, then just went to my other classes, im getting lost in accounting, teacher is just so boring i cant keep concentration, adn well i actually understood what ecology teacher was talking about today, then came back and well then went to track, and did some different stuff than usual as in terms of what we had to run for workout and all, and well practiced handoffs for 4x1 as well, then lifted and then ate and now im here, cooking and getting ready to go out, but well when i was walking back from eating amy who was in aerobic conditiong class but dropped it was working at front desk, adn so im like i dont think doyle knows you actually dropped cause she said you were absent for the role, and then i was like well i know shes your adopted mom and all for church, but well i dont like her even more as she called me ignorant, and then even wrote a a guys lesson plan 'dumb' and well so im gonna write a letter to the head of the pe department saying that i dont believe she should be teaching it and such for the students to get anything out of it, and shes like yeah, and then write about how she does this and this and that wrong, and then to myself im like wow must not really bother her if i write a letter about her as she gave me even more stuff to write about, so well im gonna try to have that all written up by the end of this weekend atleast, and wow this is getting quite lengthy here, and i got so much more to say about today and all but well i guess not as you probably havent even read everything that i wrote to this point anyways, and well i need to eat my food here now and then shower and such for the night, so well yeah g'bye now and take care, sorry so long, but i hope you read it all, as if you did youre quite special to me, yeah that was lame, me go now bye

March 17th-Well im back here at school from spring break, not a whole to lot went on during break really but i enjoyed most of it still, friday i went job shopping and went to ymca in waukee, prarie life health and fitness, fitness world west, fitness heaven, and then carlos o kellys not sure why  i went there but yeah, none of them really seemed to promising from the ppl i talked to as now they want me to be certified and all, so i may just have to get certified this summer instead of working, but well once i certified i can make the big bucks of possibly around $25 or more an hour so maybe that would just be best for me to get certified this summer but that means i gotta study all summer long as well which i wont really like so much, just as long as i stay busy though i should be fairly well off, but thats aways away still so dont really wanna think about it as otherwise it will take forever for it to be summer, but well on my way back here i decided on stopping by angelicas for a lil rest stop ha, planned on just staying for 30 some minutes but wound up being there for 2 hours i believe before left, but it was all good, and well tuesday is gonna majorly blow this week as got hard track, a 20 minute presentation all by myself for aerobic conditioning class, and then big quiz in drugs class, but well yeah i dunnu what else to really say here now to tired pretty much, and theres some things i just will never understand but theres nothing for me to help with it now anyways so i just gonna wait i guess and ill leave it at that

March 13th-Well not a whole to lot today, just went to school to run 4(3x200) with 30 sec and 4 minute rest and so well heck it was a killer practice and im still feelilng it and its 10 now so i did it a good 7 hrs ago but wel yeah anyways, well i stayed around and watched hs track practice and all and talked to ppl there, and then waited around so i could talk to teri before i left, it was nice talking to all them again, but well then made up new resume tonight as well, well my sister is the one who actually typed it out but yeah haha, and then watch are you hot, and well my girl that i liked on it didnt make the final 4 so was bummed out about that, so i cried and mopped around for a bit, well not really at all but  yeah, tomorrow gonna get up fairly early so i can go get in track workout and lift and then i go to des moines and just whever all around here to look for job, and then go to baby gift for cousin at babies r us hah, oh ill enjoy that as i gotta go to gift registry thing and then search all over for whatever, i volunteered to do it, but i dont know what for sure hah, and then go to hy vee to get food for school all by myself hah, so if any of you wanna join me youre more than welcome to do so, and well yeah later

March 12th-Woke up surprising early today so just laid in bed hoping to fall back asleep but well that really never happened, but well when got up ate watched some tv and then just randomly decided i wanted to vacumn so i vacumned the whole upstairs and then dusted the whole upstairs as well, and then sister was like wanna rearrange the living room so then her and i did that as well, and well that was quite fun, we arranged it how its never been arranged before but i really like how it is, althought we had to get rid of a hasack as it just didnt fit into arrangement of the room then, but well yeah that took up a good part of the morning, and well then i colored another picture, wow coloring sure is fun hah, but well then watched movie, and then ran and lifted,  and then watched tv and did just whatever then watched all american girl, it seems kinda dumb so far, and well none of the girls were really even good at anything i didnt think, the only girl on it i liked got booted off but well not really as she was then brought back so then i was pleased so i may have to actually keep watching just to see how she does on it hah, and well dad was at a mtg thing tonight to see what is all going on with the mid american power line energy thingy as its spose to run through our timber now so they would have to clear out a bunch of our timber and well we just aint gonna let that happen so got a bunch of ppl fighting for it now, and we getting ready to hire attorney to see what all that will do and well if he helps it will be quite worth it as we will lose lots of property value if they have to bulldoze part of our land, it just aint a good thing, but well yeah thats just really rough sketch of it, and well none of you probably care to much but well it really matters to us here so yeah, but well i done for now i guess so later

March 11th-Slept pretty dang well last night i think although was still kinda tired and all though when i woke up, i just know that i didnt wake up like 50 million times during the night like i usually do so i guess that was the good part of last night ha, but well just did whatever for most part of the morning and then i looked outside and say a opossum walking around in your yard so i went and got 22 since its been up here to shoot squirrels and well i figured if i opened the front door that it would take off so i snuck downstairs and then walked around the north side of the house and hid and then peered around edge of the house and it was right there for me to shoot it so i took a shot and hit it and it scampered off a lil bit so i shot again and think i missed it that time but then it went a lil further and just fell and so i was guessing that it was just playing opossum, as in dead, so i shot it another 3 times, then ran back into house as it was moving a lil still and got more bullets and then shot another 3 rounds into it, so i was pretty sure that it had to be dead by then hah, so t hat was quite fun i thought haha, but well then went to panora to run on track to do 600 workout, and well shoot i thought i would be on pace but i was actually quite behind pace i spose to run at, there was some snow and ice on the track but that shouldnt have slowed me down to much really, i was quite tired after the workout anywho so i guess i got out of it what i needed to then just came back home and fixed some food and then for the night watched american idol i hadnt seen any of this seasons one and then watched meet my folks and just been playing various games with my sister in the meantime but well yeah anyways later

March 10th-Well last two days aint really done a whole lot of anything really, last night i spend alot of my time coloring in my new coloring book haha, yeah i may be quite the child to do that but i actually rather enjoyed it, i colored one of the things quite well for me i believe, played many games of scrabble with my sister last two days as well, watched signs last night with my dad as he hadnt seen it yet, today had hill workout for track and it was quite the doosey (is that how you would spell that) the coldness didnt really bother me too much it was just that it was quite a lot of volume for a hill workout and tomorrow got 60s so probably will go into panora for that to do it on the track, i watched married by america tonight and then fear factor and then meet my folks and all then, the married by america wasnt too bad but well i cant really remember much of anythign here, so well later

March 8th-Well i home here now and well actually got this to work here so figured id add to it and all, but well yesterday left from school after taking 2 tests one for accounting and then one for ecology, kinda scared about both of them as dont think i did so hot but then again who knows, but well then after the tests packed up and took stuff out to car and then did whatever as was waiting for when i could leave to go to angelicas, and well then went to her place, after i stopped by the wrong house at first and a guy came out and was like can i help you and im like is this angelicas place and hes like nope that must be a street over, so i felt dumb with that but yeah, then went to hers, when there her and i watched the ring, as she says its just the scariest movie hah i was just lost when watching it i guess but yeah, well her mom made me a loaf of pumpkin bread to bring back with me as i had mentioned that i liked pumpkin bread once to angelica haha, and she also fixed diner for me as well, well not just for me as for family and all but yeah anyways, it was really nice to finally meet angelica and all, as had just been talking to her on internet for a month or so without any actual personal seeing, but well yeah it was all good though, and well then left from there at like 745ish or so i think cant really remember then came home  here and got here at like 1130ish or so i believe so wasnt all that late, good thing i got headlights for my car too right ;)  but well today didnt do a whole to lot, did shoot a squirrel when i woke up though as it was on bird feeder, otherwise not a whole to lot went on, as dad had several tax ppl over for the day, so just laid back and tried to be quiet here and just relax from all school such, but well yeah i tired and not even sure what i typing here now so, later

March 6th-Just been tired pretty much all day here today, but well woke up went to class, went to eat, dreaded what i thought was gonna be a tough track practice, but well then really didnt turn out to be hard at all, but well next week for break got lots of hard stuff so hopefully the weather is nice up home so i can get it all completed well, but well then after practice played basketball for another good hour or so, i was so tired after that and well still am, i aint good at it hah but it was still pretty fun to play as i aint played basketball in quite a long time, but well then studied for my tests for tomorrow, called angelica to get some stuff figured out for when i go home and stop by her place on the way, directions and such, and well i really should get back to studying here now so i do that, and btw i dont know how much of this i will do over break as computer at home is slow and all so yeah, but well g'bye now

March 5th-Woke up extremely tired this morning not so sure why, but heck i was tired, but once got to class after walking in the cold i was pretty much awake and all, and well just took notes for anatomy, and well learned that i gotta buy another book for anatomy and its like 60 some bucks as gotta have it for the bone stuff were getting into that were gonna do for quite awhile, but well then had hour break and spent that time studying for accounting test and playing some literati, and well then took my accounting test, dont know if it went so well, i was kinda stumped on the last problem but then i got it close to right atleast ha, and then went to ecology and just had review for test on friday, then just back to here then later went to track, and my calves have been so tight lately, ever since running the mile on monday, then we lifted which felt good as i hadnt for quite awhile but i felt weak so that wasnt good though hah, and well then went to eat at the caf, and well i getting really low on food in room here and well i dont wanna go to wal mart to buy more food before break so i took some containers and put them in my bag and then went to caf as i said and well i went and filled up my plate with sliced meat and then put in container, and well all the meat was then gone as i took it all ha, but well then i went back and looked and it was all filled up again, so i got another huge plate full and filled up another container, no one caught me either so its all good hah, and i dont see anythign wrong with doing that anyways, i pay for the food so it all works out, but well then when back from that sat around for a bit and then went to campus house, it was a pretty good one tonight i thought, and well then when got back from that shaved my legs with my venus razor hah, i hadnt shaved them for quite awhile they really needed it, almost was gonna use clippers to shorten it up first but just went with the razor, dang my hair grows fast ha, but well thats all pretty much i guess, tomorrow just one class, but well gonna get started packing for break, gotta go try to appeal ticket, gotta talk with angelica, gotta study as got 2 tests on friday and well much more but yeah, g'bye for now

March 4th-Well was woke up early as travis was calling to tell us that we have to go to sign up for classes at 330 with the whole track team,  why i really dont know, and well really still dont know why even after doing it, wouldve been so much easier to do it from our room right here and also save me $25 as well, cause well when i drove over there, well i guess i parked in a staff only lot as by the time i got back out which was like 15 minutes most well id been ticketed, ug dangit hah, so well gonna go appeal it tomorrow and hopefully that will work, and well back to the morning phone call waking me up and well since that happened i just decided to completely get out of bed, and well then checked email and mom said it would be fine to get a single for next year, so well i go over to the housing on this side of campus and sign up for a single room and all same room here, i got nothing agaisnt dave, hes a great roommate, but i just like alone time i guess i dunnu hah, but well when was done with taht i went to track office to ask about the class signing up thing cause i have class at 4 and all and wounded how long that would take but well they really didnt know and just said show up so i did as i already said as i got a ticket from it, but well right when i walk back in the door here, i get a phone call saying that she had to remove me from the room as i havent paid back the $100 deposit taht got credited back to me so i would have to go to housing on the other side of campus to do that, so then i went and drove over there and paid that all off, then went to parkview gardens for class and well our lady is part deaf i guess ha, as melissa and i were knocking on door forever and then gave up and just called her on melissas cell phone and well then she finally came to the door, and she was sitting in her chair a good 8 ft at most from the door so cant believe she didnt hear us knock, but well then we did workout for her which went aight i guess, and well then when got back here dave and i went and did track workout, and well then ate and then did class schedule thing and then went to aerobic conditioning class and wow i so dont like that teacher still she is the worst teacher in our whole school as was stated by a guy in my other night class and i pretty much really agree, i could go on and on about how i dont like her but i wont so yeah, maybe some other time when she makes me mad again, and then took 3 quizzes in my drugs and youth class and got out an hour early cause of weather, and well heck it got up to 54 degrees today and well then in 4 hours it was down to 16 degrees with freezing rain and so then ice all over the roads, so kinda a weird weather day here, well alot more went into today but i stop with this now,

March 3rd-Well i got tired of tryign to use the xanga account for the my day stuff already, its just kinda a pain to have to use that and use this as well so, and theres other reasons too, but well yeah, so now it all be back on this here, but well really didnt do a whole lot on this day, just went to classes, nothing to fun in them, just other than that i now know for sure that i got 3 tests this week coming up with 2 of them on friday, so yeah, then was aftraid of what we were gonna do for track practice, but didnt really turn out to be anything hard at all, but still wound up beign sore from it all, then was gonna study for my tests, but well instead i wound up watching fear factor and meet my folks as they were pretty good ones and so im gonna have to do my studying when i come back from my night class tomorrow night instead, but well yeah.

My day now placed here

February 26th-Well had my anatomy test at 8, didnt seem like it went to bad, i got all the memorization of the parts of the brain and such all right i think, never knew there was so much lil dinky things to know hah and then that id have to be able to label them all, but yeah anyways, then just other classes were pretty much blah, and well in my ecology class i made quite the impressive doodling on my notebooks (aint doodling just such a fun word, say it over and over and over out loud, wow fun and exciting aint it) then just relaxed and then went to track and did sprint drills, and then i worked on some starts for the 200 working on starting on the turn and just trying to get it all refined so it will be better, and then when back from that did just whatever, and then went to the campus house again finally, bachlorette is over now so i figured id go back haha, and well i still liked it and all there, i realized that i missed seeing some of the ppl there and all, but well its getting late and i shouldnt stay up late this week, so g'night
February 25th-Well im gonna cover the last several days here as well since i didnt get anything written for them but i really dont remember much from them now anways but yeah, but well awhile ago the school decided that they were gonna switch our water pressure on us, and well the other day they actually did, they brought in new toilets for us all so it looked really weird for awhile as in the hallway there was a line up on new toilets ready to be put in and all, and well right when they got to our room dave and i were leaving for track so we just trusted the workers to not steal anything and such and well when we got back to the room well they hadnt stolen anything but our door was wide open so whoever wanted to couldve came in and taken whatever they had wanted, including all of daves movies and such as everyone can see them when they walk by but yeah anyways, well the toilet now has lots of pressure and is fairly loud, and well they also switched our shower head and faucet, and well now we got like absolutely no pressure in either of them as the school thinks it will save them money, so now we get only 2.5 gallons of water per minute in the shower, and only .5 gallons per minute max in the sink, and wow that is just terrible, were gonna have to use the same amount of water its just now gonna take us 5 times as long to do stuff, ugh,  and well a girl on our floor got a petition started so now thats going around, so hopefully they will switch it all back, cause its ridiculously pathetic right now,( like that ridiculously pathetic hah) but well yeah i just dont like it, and well that all i remembering from that day atleast, and well then yesterday  went to parkview gardens for exercise deal with our lady and well of course the lady never even shows up so melissa and i had nothing to do, but well so we wound up just staying there and making our 8 wk exercise plan for the lady, so it worked out i guess so that her and i didnt have to meet at the library tomorrow then, i looked all nice to as i dressed up but yeah hah, and well we did this in like the office area and on other group was in there and this lady was getting out her medications so she could do her health history thingy and well shes like oops i just dropped my viagra out, and then she just bursts out laughing cause she said it was viagra, instead of allegra, and this is a 75 some year old women so it just made it even funnier that she said viagra, and then later they were talking about dancing and she was like well i dont have a man to dance with though, and then someone was like well we can hook u up with a guy, and shes like yeah sounds good and then i can give him some of my viagra, yeah i know good story peter, but well it was funny when i was there atleast you just missed out thats all, and well then had track and it was our fastest workout we have had to do all year as we gotta be up to top speed this wkend as its conference and all, but yeah, and well then when back from track had to hurry to eat kinda and then took off for kansas city for my aero. cond. class so we could rock climb, and well once i got there to the city i got the right road at first then i missed the next turn and then i got back on the road i needed and then i drove by the place went another couple miles realized i musta passed it drove all the way back and finally found it, but well i wouldve never found it with the directions my teacher gave me so im glad i looked directions up online, as her directions were to turn right on the outer road, now what the heck is that there was like 5 lil roads in the spot where i was at to turn on, but yeah anyways again, well i got there right at 4 thinking i was late, and well there was only 1 other person there, the teacher didnt show up till 20 minutes late, and she strictly said no one could be late, and well she was but thats fine if shes late she thinks ugh, and so then we couldnt start on our stuff till she got there, and then once we did i had to do training stuff for a good hour before i could even like touch the walls, and well then i only gotta climb it once, once  the training was over and then it was 6 and im like i gotta go i have class right now, and shes like well i need to talk to you about your lesson plan here now so im like ugh i gotta go,  and all she says is yeah and then continues to talk, i wasnt happy by that time and she could tell, but not my problem she just doesnt care about what other ppl have to do,  i better get more credit than the other ppl that showed up late and then never had to do the training for a full hour, and they gotta climb the wall just whenever they wanted too, just wasnt so fair, i paid 10 bucks to do that and i only gotta do it once, im gonna email her later and ask her if i get more credit, but yeah well but other than all of that i really liked it there, and oh except for when i was getting let down i didnt go down so smooth as clint kinda stopped me suddenly as i was starting to go fast and well the harness around well kinda really got me if you know what i mean, it wasnt the most comfortalbe thing, but well yeah otherwise i really liked climbing there and such i wanna go back sometime or atleast to someother place to rock climb for longer ,but well then i got back here to town and to class right at 7, so i missed a good solid hour of my other class, but not a whole to lot went on i dont believe, so well thats good, then came back here and well studied for anatomy some more then went to bed pretty much, and oh btw 2 ftbll guys here have been accused of rape on a girl here, i dont know who the guys are or atleast there names so i could actually know them, but well i just heard about it as the teacher brought it up in my late night class,and well a kid in my class was like im the one who drove the 2 guys over to the place, and he just looked really scared, as i think he feels somewhat responsible for it too, but he says he had no clue that they guys had the intention of doing that and such, well i hope not atleast, but well i really know nothing else about it, but i just feel really really sorry for the girl if it actually did happen, i just dont see how someone or in this case 2 ppl could do that to someone else, it just kinda makes me mad that someone thinks that they can do that, just makes me  mad thats pretty much it, but well yeah this is extremely long here now i think so ill stop, so take care, and until later

February 23rd-Slept till 11 today i think cant really remember actually, but well then really didnt do much of anything for quite awhile, but then did study through all my anatomy stuff once and then played some games on yahoo for awhile again then went back to studying anatomy but pretty much failed with it as wound up just going back to playing some more games, and well then talked on here for awhile after that and then actually went through all my anatomy stuff again, why does there have to so much stuff on all the anatomy tests dangit, and well im grilling some chicken here now, so i better get back to watching it so well until later

February 22nd-Well on the 21st just had class and really didnt do to much, or atleast not that i can remember, and well today just had track meet here, i didnt run at it though cause of my foot and all, stuff about the meet to be in track section here, and well then when back from that was really tired and all from working it and just whatever, so was gonna go to bed early but didnt wind up goign to bed till 130 as played literati, its like scrabble, online here with angelica, and that took forever hah, but then went out to get some water and i saw that monica was working the front desk and was playing scattergories with some ppl, so i played a couple rounds with them for a bit, then i went to bed pretty much. bye

February 20th-Well i got up a lil earlier than usual again today so i could meet with melissa before class to get our exercise plan made up for our class and well she called right before i was getting ready to leave saying that she was at the hospital as shes been fairly sick i guess lately so she wasnt gonna be able to be there early, but well it really didnt even matter cause thats all we did during class was get in our groups and try to make some stuff up, but well her and i just talked about whatever though as we didnt wanna do it then hah, so we talked about the bachlorette, track and such so it was good stuff hah, but so now her and i are gonna have to meet some night now since we didnt do it during class but well yeah, and well then went and got hair cut and i get there and sit down in the chair and i hear the infamous words 'you got some coarse thick wavy curly hair there' and so im just like yah, and so well she starts cutting it and all and was like well i think i need to get some of the gel out so it doesnt seem so thick so she then washed my hair, and then brought me back to cut it more, and shes like well gee your hair is just really that thick isnt is, so im just like well yeah, and then when she was getting done with it shes like what me to thin it out, and then shes like well never mind bad question by me as im sure you want it thinned out as its so thick, but yeah anyways its the same thing everytime i get my hair cut there ha, but wel then had track and did some sprints and such, and well my foot started to bleed again, very very lil though, but it was really burning though, and so i told kip that i wasnt gonna be able to run this wkend, and i know he was quite upset with that, but so am i and theres nothign i can really do about it, i really wanna run, but i know its in my best interest to not run on it, so it can get better, but so yeah im kinda down about all that, and well then when at diner after track i was just eating and eating and then i started drinking my full glass of water and then all of a sudden i guess i like totally zoned out or something and the next thing i knew i heard a boom and my shorts were all wet as i dropped my cup and spilled it all over me, but not so many ppl saw it so that was good hah, but well then after that came back and worked on accounting, i didnt do it right i dont believe, but its done for now atleast, and then i just talked to angelica on here for quite awhile and playing various games on here as well, and well thats pretty much my day here i believe i guess, so until later

February 19th-Well happy birthday to my sister on this day for starters, and well anatomy notes the entire time again, then accounting and got back tests from last time and i got 46/50 so that was pretty good compared to how i did on the first test, then just ecology boring, then back here played some games did whatever, then track, then went to wal mart to get food, and get hair cut, but well they said it would be an hours wait till i would be up so i was like yeah im out of here, as i didnt have time to wait, so then went and tanned, then right back here for the bachlorette, i was kinda surprised by it all as i thought she was more for charlie but i thought that ryan was actually a better pick for her, and so well she did good with that i guess, or alteast from what girls i have talked to saying that they like ryan so much better but yeah, i still dont think it will really last so long, but so maybe they will prove me long, but well also i just heard that kelly culbertson, girl from my high school, i kinda dated her sister for a very brief stint, well i hear that she is engaged to justin from the first  american idol, so that is just all pretty weird i think, and believing its true as of now so yeah, i just find that hard to believe actually but yeah, and well that it i guess until later,
February 18th-Well wow finally can work on here, and well im in the computer lab here again for break in between classes and this is the only place i can get my site to work as it definetly isnt working right in my room by anymeans, but so well hmmm where to start, but well i guess i just go from saturday, well i have been trying to fix my computer for the past week as its just been all so screwed up and majorly slow with everythign, so i tried to defrag it and well the 3 days straight i had it defragging it basiclaly accomplished nothing so then i decided that i was gonna go ahead and do a system restore on the stupid thing, so well i tried doing that and well then it wouldnt even let me do that at all, and in the process of doing it i completely lost everying as it said i had no drives at all like my c drive, so i called support and they were like sorry youre not under our warranty no more so if we help you were gonna have to bill you so i just hung up from that, then thought of calling david so i did, he kid from my floor from last year thats good with computer stuff, so i took my computer over to his place and he worked on it for atleast a good 2 hours and finally got it all fixed and such, and then even upgraded what i had on my computer so now its even better than my factory settings of how i bought it, so i lucked out alot by knowing him, otherwise i was just gonna go ahead and buy a new computer so saved my money there,  but well lets move to today i guess, well i got up and left early for parkview gardens so i could get the lady to fill out the letter of consesnt and medical information papers before we can exercise with her, and so im there early and all and im told that she has decided to not even do it at all, so im there by myself with nothign to do, then finally ppl came and i told the teacher that the person i was with quit so shes like well you can just go in with this group then and im like well what about melissa and shes like oh yeah i forgot you had a partner, no duh we all have partners stupid, so then when melissa got there the teahcer finally got some sense in her and put us with someone else, so we did exercise stuff with her, then came back and had to practice for track, and it was quite a killer too, especially since i went through the first 500 3 seconds to fast so it kinda burnt me out for the rest of the workout but still did what i was capable of and all, and well then went to my a&t of aerobic conditioning and we had to do our choreographies, and well our teacher welcomes us the day (same teacher as my other class) by saying i dont think any of you have put in very much effort at all in this class so im gonna grade your lesson plans you turned in today and your choreography thing today relaly really hard, so im like oh great, youre having a bad day so you take it out on us well wonderful, well maybe if you were more organized for your stuff and told ppl what was going on we would be able to do what you want us to do, it aint our fault, she hasnt followed the sylabus yet and she expects us to know her every move, i heard after class that she has basically been fired and this is her last semester, so she thinks its fun now to torture us i guess , but so well yeah well then we did our routine and well it wasnt so great really ha, but we did some good improve as what we had set for our routine wasnt long at all, never thought i could do aerobic type improve stuff haha, but well we pulled it off, and well there was 5 groups of us and well we each had to go for 20 minutes while everyone follows along, so yeah thats 100 minutes of straight aerobic stuff after a hard track practice, the teacher is out of her mind, its more of a stinking boot camp, but she doesnt know she just sits and complains to us about how we arent putting forth all our effort, and well then when everyone done with there routines she was like none of those were very good so now youre all gonna make up another quick routine and do it for the next 30 minutes, and so well shoot all of us had lost total interest in it all especially with the way she was acting towards us so then we had to do more of that crap, and im like i got another class right now and shes like yeah i know, and just walks away and says continue with this stuff first, i so wanted to kick her in the head, i dont think she could do any of the stuff for 20 minutes let alone 130 minutes straight of it, after i had a tough track practice, she feels nothing for anyone else though ugh, then she finally let us out making me late for my 6:00 class but does she care heck no, and well next wk we have to go to kansas city to some rock climbing wall and her directions to get there are, take I70 onto 6 and youll get there, yeah ok stupid teacher i aint from around here yeah i know I70 but i dont know anything else about kansas city so theres no way ill find it, but all she continues to say is take I70 ugh, so i wanted to kick her again, and we have to pay 10 bucks to go as well as use our gas, so how about she pay for that atleast, shes the most unorganized teacher i have ever had and i very much so dislike her right now, but whats she care although thats her job of caring for the students, so i think she fails well at her job, but well yeah all for now i guess, so much more has gone on with stuff since i last was able to use this, but so well just leave that up to your imagination of what i have done and what as gone on with stuff, later

February 13th-Well went to class, and well thought that my group had been switched yet once again, but then after class went and asked about it and shes like oh my mistake no youre not switched again, after went through the whole class working with this one girl thinking i was with her, but well the girl im spose to work with, is on vacation now anyways so not much i can really do about that, but well then had track at 2 and just did easier stuff as got meet and all tomorrow, and then worked on lesson plan for a bit, then got really tired, then went down to watch the field events and the distance stuff, then came back up to room, and was just so tired still, so didnt really do much, then went to bed.

February 12th-Anatomy took notes all class, accounting notes and went over problems, ecology not a clue what is going on in that class yet, so well thatd be my classes for the day tehre i guess, and well then came back and decided that i really needed a nap so i took a short nap before going to track practice and all, and then went to track practice, and just had some 100m build ups, as got meet thursday and friday, and well im running the open 400 and then 4x400 as well, and is gonna be a pretty big meet as well, last meet supposedly had 600 competitors and i believe this one is gonna be bigger, but not for certain actually, then after track went and tanned, and then went to wal mart and gosh dang it was the busiest id ever seen it there, i timed myself standing in line to check out and it took 17 minutes and that was even in one of the faster lines, so yeah it was quite busy there, then watched bachlorette, i still not sure who i think she gonna pick and all but yeah not my worry to choose especially since its choosing a guy so yeah hah, and well yeah nothing much otherwise really, tomorrow gotta get started on circuit training lesson plan though, so will try to work on that a bit, in case something is going on this wkend and then i wont have much time to work on it, so yeah, visitors are more than welcome here, and well that all i guess, take care and until later

February 11th-Well was woken up earlier than wanted to today as got phone call from guy that was spose to be in my group for the exercise program at parkview gardens, as he was telling me wasnt gonna go and all, and well he isnt in my group anyways, as the teacher switched it all up for the 3rd time the night before as she called me, and well when i got to the place, well our teacher had switched our groups up all once again, as she said that their cant be two guys in the same group, so she put me with a girl, but shes cute though so thats good of course haha, but well the lady we were spose to work with wasnt even there so we couldnt really do anything anyways, so i just went with another girl and just kinda  helped her out with the lady she is gonna work with, adn well we just had her fill out the consent papers and such, and then just sat and talked for the rest of the time about her family and such, and then she went and started playing her organ, it was pretty good, and she started singing with one of them as well, it was just kinda amusing i thought, and then when leaving her she gave the girl a hug and then a kiss on the lips, and i was like ut oh is she gonna do the same with me, so i had this afraid look on my face i think, and then juanita just stuck out her hand and shook mine, so i was like whew, hah, but well then practiced early for track as tuesday and all, and well there wasnt much to the workout really,but yeah it still hurt quite bad, then had class and well we rollerbladed adn well for only like 2 mins to it was stupid, we spent most of our time, putting on all the knee, elbow, and wrist guards, and we had to wear helmets too, i felt like such a dang fool, then we had a jump roping test, which was kinda hard actually, but got an a on it so yeah, then learned that next wk a huge lesson plan and our 20 min choreography are both due, so i gonna have to get to working on it all, she said she was gonna give us a lot of time to do the lesson plan but well she really isnt, so next tuesday is gonna be by far so much worse than this one, espeically as got 2(500, 300) rest 2 and rest 10 for track workout at 90%, that is just not really possible to do, but thats what we have to try to do atleast, so im gonna be dead from that, i doubt ill be able to do another 20 min choreographied workout, but ill have to dangit, and well then had my 3 hour class, and we took 2 quizes in it and lots of notes, so nothign to exciting there, then just came back to room, and did some other stuff, just quite a really long day, planning on taking a nap as ill need one one of these days, and well g'bye for now i guess.

February 10th-Well happy birthday to ashley for starters, and well in anatomy class just took notes and then in accounting just did the usual, and then in ecology the usual again, so classes werent really to exciting  but so yeah, and then when back from classes started working on my accounting, while it i was all fresh in my mind from class, and well i got it all to balance out as well and i was happy of that, as its taken me 3 days to do this last problem, mainly cause i just didnt wanna do it but yeah, and well then had track, and well foot didnt feel all so bad, but when was done some more skin had started to come loose adn all, but not blood this time so that was a plus hah, and was able to get a fairly good workout in with it so yeah, and well tomorrows workout is just gonna be horindous(sp*, but its a fun word) and well classes for tomorrow are jsut stupid as i gotta drive to 2 of my classes but yeah, and well oh tonight i also shaved my legs and gosh did it take forever, at first i used the clippers so i could get at it with a razor, and so well that took a lil bit, then decided to take food break so i ate ha, and well then it took me probably a good 45 minutes to use the razor on them i was being so cautious, and well i only cut myself once, and well it was really minor by my knee, so i was quite proud of myself, and well i just been rubbing my legs with my hands since then, as they all so sexy and smooth haha, it just feels all so weird now, its gonna be hard to sleep tonight with my legs on each other, as i wont know that they are even my own legs, it just makes a huge difference without hair for me, and well thats pretty much it i guess, so g'bye
February 9th-Got home at like 1245 this morning then went to bed, and well then woke up at 7 and was like dang i need to sleep but i cant right now, so i just laid there for atleast another hour and then finally feel back asleep, then got up sometime later and went and did laundry, and decided i was way to tired to do anythign still, so just laid back down and tried to sleep while laundry was in dryer, although didnt fall asleep, but it just felt good to lay down and close my eyes, but well when laundry done, put it all away, and then worked on accounting for quite a bit, t hen put pictures on web site here from the meet, then more accounting, then phone with family, then more accounting, and well yeah gone blank here now, and to lazy to type anymore so thats all for now bye

February 8th-Go to track section and look at Missouri Southern Invit. to see this day.

February 7th-Got anatomy test back and well realized that this past week just was not a week for me to do well on tests, as i didnt fair so well on it either, and then had like an hour and half for break as all that did was go over the test in class, then just went to my other classes nothing real too exciting, then later on had track practice, and then cleaned and dusted room and cleaned bathroom and such, and it took quite a dang long time, adn well it really doesnt even look like i accomplished anythign much really so well shoot, and well then talked on phone for awhile with angelica, and well otherwise just been watching tv and trying to relax as got meet tomorrow at joplin and such, and so well yeah, bye

January 6th-Woke up early than i usually do on thursdays as i got up to do some final studying for my test, and well when i got to class, i guess we were spose to have scan trons for it but well the teacher had never told us, and so i didnt have one of course, but other ppl did just because they had some for other classes, and well so i raise my hand to get one and the teacher is like i only got 5 more of them and well im right by her and all and she looks at me with my hand raised and then just walks away and hands them out to 5 other ppl and well is like well thats all that i have, anyone else need one, and im still there with my hand up and shes like oh well hmm sorry i got no more, dont know what ure gonna do now, but well then luckily someone came looked and found and extra one they had, but well bad story there but i was just mad at the teacher for that, and well then took the test of course, and it went ok i guess, and well then after it i went and handed my test in and asked about our group stuff for the exercise program with the nursing type home ppl, and she is like well youre group isnt gonna work cause its 3 guys, so how about i just take you out of the group and throw you in another group, after she said we could pick our own groups and it wouldnt matter, so now im gonna be stuck with ppl i dont know most likely, i think the teacher was just against me for the day, and so she was like well ill just give u a call sometime when i figure out what group i can put u in, i think id be simpliest if she just keep in the original group but yeah anyways, well then had track practice, then came back here and worked on accounting for a bit until i got stuck and didnt knwo what to do, but it aint due till next wed i was just trying to get ahead but yeah, and well then watched zoolander as just got it downloaded, and then just basiclaly done nothing else for the night other than talk to ppl on here i guess, so yeah bye

February 4th-Well its tuesday, so not much of the day i can really like, but well for my first class, just watched a video and then went over guidelines for working with the elderly for next wk and then reviewed very shortly for test for thursday,  then came back to room, and did some studying for anatomy and ate a lil, then i was right back off, and this time to track practice, and well dave ran with me again so i wouldnt have to run by myself so that all works out, and well shoot workout was kinda tough, then came right back to room, threw some food down me, and then had to head out to warrensburg middle school for my aerobic cond. class, and well when i got there the teacher was like well the gym here is full so we cant have class here today, so then had to drive back to campus here to have class here, and well really didnt do a whole to lot then other than get in our choreography groups, and try to make out a routine thingy, this whole dancing type thingy has gotta go hah, but well then actually got out of that class 30 min early but went straight to next class and sat there and studied more for anatomy and then we had class, and well we watched a one hour video, and well heck i saw the same video last year with this teacher in a different class, so good thing it was kinda interesting and all, and well its my drugs and youth class, but he really doesnt even talk about it so much hah, he always gets off into stories or such, and today was mainly about parenting and such hah, but it was still real good talk, talk where you kinda wanna have a kid and all now haha, but yeah aint at that point in my life by anymeans now of course, but itd be super if i was, and what the heck and im talking about having a kid haha, as i dont even got no woman, but well then after that came right back to room ate showered, studied more, and then finished the night off by watching lingo, so well the day may not have seemed all so bad from that, but well it just isnt that much fun of a day atleast by anymeans, but it should progressively get better this wk i hope, and oh btw my blister is basically all pretty much healed now, its still raw skin and all but not so sore to run on and such now but yeah anyways,bye

February 3rd-Anatomy class was just pretty much a review for our test on wednesday, and oh gosh im scared about that test hah, then had my break between classes, and well studied lil more for my accounting test and then did just whatever, then took my accounting test, and oh geez dont think did so great on it, then had ecology and well i didnt get a good grade at all on that test, so ut oh not off to so great of a start grade wise i dont think but yeah, but then well came back here and studied madly for my anatomy test and all, then went to track practice, then lifted, then went to tan, then came back here and studied for a short bit, then angelica called for a brief bit to tell me that i should be studying haha, and then justin came over cause his car was dead so he wanted me to get my car and try to jump his car, and well when got over there and got it about all hooked up some girl came by and was like i got a portable thing so you wont have to hook it to each others cars, so we used that instead and he got his car started up, so that was good, then came back and well talked on here again, instead of studying oops, and well watching the nightly lingo, and well that all i remember i guess, so bye for now 
February 2nd-Slept fairly well last night as been so tired lately, so yeah, well yesterday was quite a long day as i had to get up early to take the c-base a 4 and half hour test, its pretty much like act or basic skills type test that the state of mo is now making students here take, which i think is quite dumb but yeah, and so when got done with that i was back here at like 1ish or so and then went and tanned as i had being so white hah, and bought a tanning package and all then right after that went to wal mart and spent $87 just on food, oops and then went and bought gas, so i was on quite the spree of spending money there for awhile, then later on at night went to 'just married' as i wanted somethign to do so i called phil and him and i went to watch it, because angelica said that i needed to see it hah, it was a fairly good movie, aint the greatest but still aight overall, and so well that was yesterday i guess, and well today just been trying to study here alot although havent really accomplished very much of it at all, i just cant get in the mood to do any of it, and well i also been looking for a bonsai tree online, as i have wanted one for awhile and all, haha, yeah im an idiot i know ha, and well need to get to studying here now, so thats all i do for today, bye

January 30th-My favorite day was today class wise atleast, as only got the one class, but well heck i wound up with 5 and half pages of notes and well i write small too so that is a ton of notes for me especially in a 50 min class period, and then well came back here and was quite lazy until went to track practice, and well was actually still lazy then as well, as we basically just had to do a shake out and do whatever we wanted to so we would feel comfortalbe for the meet here tomorrow, so in otherwords i hardly did anythign at all, tomorrows meet is fairly small but tulsa is coming up here, so they probably be kinda tough and all as most oklahoma schools are fast and plus its a d1 school. and well then after track i came back here and studied for 48 minutes yes i know it was that long, cause i timed myself, and well that was way too long too, as i was so exhausted from studying that long it wore me out so much, i couldnt handle it anymore, and well otherwise talked to angelica on aim and that basicaly been all i believe, and well yeah she also wound up calling me again, but jsut to make fun of me as i paint my toenails and all, and then her mom even talked to me giving me advice about using nair for my legs haha, but how nice of her though huh, haha, but yeah that all i believe so bye

January 29th-Nothing to much went on in classes today, as did just the usual note taking etc...but well then for track practice my shins splints were killing me so just wound up doing half of what we were spose to do, and also found out that im running the open 400 and then the 4x400 for the meet this friday, and there aint gonna be a whole to lot of rest time involved in it, so ill probably be quite dead, but im still a lot better than dave as he has the 4 2 and 4x4 with very lil rest, but yeah anyways, well i did finally receive a phone call today, but well no flowers are being given out, but on a very understandable basis, so dont worry angelica it is aight, and so well the flowers for a phone call is still available for whoever calls me next, and i am not kidding at all, i honestly am gonna send ya flowers if you call me so yeah but the key to this is that you have to be willing to give me your address and such haha, but if you dont wanna do that, i understand, although whoever would call me now im sure i would personally know but yeah anyways, enough of that, well i gonna have to do quite a bit of studying this wkend as i got some big tests coming up this next week, and well i kinda tired and all here now, so im done typing for now, so take care

January 28th-Well for my physical activity for older adults class, our class had to meet at parkview gardens, so i got up a lil earlier than usual for the day as i didnt know for sure if i could find the place in town, but i drove right to it, and well then i was quite early as no one else showed up for quite awhile, but well we met there so we could walk around and talk to the elders from door to door about the exercise program that we will set up individually for each of them if they wanna do it, and well the ladies i talked to didnt seem interested at all, but some other ppl said there were some ppl that they know want to do it so yeah, i did luck out though as most of the house things i went to, the ppl werent even there, as some ppl had ppl try talking to them forever about just whatever, but yeah then i came back here, and made a mistake of having another protein shake, as i was gonna have to run early for track, and well it came back at me, cause half way through the workout i puked it up, and well heck it was quite the tough workout for sure, dave wound up running with me then as well so i was glad to have someone to run with,but he puked before me hah so he had to sit out a lil bit of it, but yeah anyways, then came back to the room and well ate as much as possible as i was gonna have class until 9 then without no break, so i did that, then had polar  heart rate monitor thingy which we learned about them, which was kinda dumb, and well i found out that the heart rate monitor that i already own isnt gonna be sufficient enough, so i am gonna have to pay the 150 for the new one, but then had drugs and youth, and was just lectured to the entire time again, but dr carter keeps it quite interesting though especially when he was singing happy bd mr president, the exact way marilyn monroe did it, which all the actions etc..and this guy is 67 so it was quite funny, and then all of his jokes are quite good as well, but they dirty jokes haha, but then when back from that, just came back to room and showered and ate and watched the usual lingo right before going to bed, but so thats all for now i guess, take care
January 26th-Well just basically done nothing today, tried to work on accounting and such but havent quite figured it all out yet, so i waiting for danielle to get back from home so i can ask her as shes an accounting major and all, and well been watching lil bit of the ftball game and all, and well im gonna try to get stuff added into my track section here tomorrow about how the meet went and all, i got pictures on  now, but i have to mess with it a lil bit more before yall can see them on here, so hopefully i will have that all done tomorrow, so just check my track part of my site here later on.

January 23rd-Shoot didnt sleep well once again, it just aint the same as my bed at home by far, ha, and well went to the older adult class, and wel she couldnt find all that she was gonna teach us today, so class was fairly short and all, and oh i like the weather here now as well, nice a cold, i get tired of hearing ppl complain of oh so how cold it is and all, it could be much much worse, and it aint even that cold anyways, but well then sat around and worked on accounting for awhile then had track practice, and just did simple stuff and block starts and such, as have meet on saturday and all so yeah, and then after practice worked on accountign for quite a bit, realizign that i doing most of it wrong i believe as none of it seemed to be coming out right, but  yeah, and well otherwise just talked to ppl on here, including angelica, who confused me quite a lot earlier today hah, but its all good now, right, but she said she read every part of my web page here so thats just super, hah, although i feel sorry for her as i bet she got so bored doing so, and well leaving tomorrow at 330 so aint gonna be able to do anythign to this tomorrow then of course, and so well if you gonna be around in ames or such, go to the meet there, so you can see me, as i will wanna see you, and well you all are welcome to come here anytime you want when im gonna be here, i wont be here next wkend as got a meet at joplin, but otherwise ill be here as the next several meets are at home here , so you are all welcome to come see me then, and well yeah i just kinda blabbing here so i stop here now, gbye

January 22nd-Well woke up and went to class, and it looked as thought it was gonna snow, and i could also smell that it was gonna snow later as well, dont some of you have that same instinct as well, well if you dont its a good one to have anyways, but then had anatomy and just took lots of notes once again, and then came my one hr break so i went to one of the computer labs and just messed around for awhile looking at whatever and then went to look at the des moines register online and well a picture popped up on the first page and im like that looks a lot like my dads truck and so i begin to worry a lil bit and then i read on and well it is my dads pick up and it has been smashed into by another car and on its side, and totalled, so im like oh my gosh and just sit there and get all worried about it all, and then read on and read that he just went to hospital for minor cuts and bruises so that helped me relax and lil bit better, but gosh it so really really freaked me out, as i worried about my dads neck and all as he had already broken it once and all, so my next two classes i wasnt really all there, as i was flustered and worried about how my dad was doing and all, so when classes were out, i came straight back here and called home to see what all went on with it, and well seems like he aight for the most part so that was great to hear, and well then had track practice so went to that, and well heck it was alot harder than i thought it was gonna be, i was so beat and tired, then when that over came back here and did a lil bit of accounting as i quite a bit behind, but thinking that i can get all caught up tomorrow as i only got one class and all, so i hope i do get caught up atleast, and well also watched the bachlorette, great show hah, wasnt surprised with who she picked at all really, i just dont like russel, he seems like a fake or somethign to me, but what the heck, im judging a guy so anyways hah, and oh also it did wind up snowing and it snowed pretty good for a couple hours, but really didnt wind up adding to much, and also found out that im running the open 200 and then the 4x400 which i already knew for the isu meet, i wanted the open 200 so im glad thats what he put me in ha, so yeah 'baby' hah, but well yeah this seems as though it getting kinda long here now, so thats all for now, bye

January 21st-Well slept well for most of the night then came 6 and well heck i couldnt sleep very well at all after it was 6 so yeah, and well when actually got up went to class and didnt do to much in it just took lots of notes basically, and then came back here and waited around doing just whatever until my aerobics conditioning class, and oh well before that i went to the bookstore and bought another book for accounting and also a heart rate monitor for my aerobic class, cause well the one i already have the battery died, and well so i got a new battery and well it works and all, but when i put it back into the watch thing itself it doesnt work, so its just all goofed up, so i bought another one for $150 dang dollars, money goes quick at school, but well back to aerobic class, we did ultimate dance choreography stuff and also some kickboxing stuff as well, i was quite lost in the dancing thing, it was too complicated for me, i felt like an idiot, and then we got our groups, and well no we our groups have to make our own 20 minute choreographied aerobic routine and well i in a group with 4 other guys and none of us really care for what we are doing, and none of us did so well in the thing today, so its gonna be quite the experience for us to make up our own lil dance type routine thingy and then have it all memorized and perform it in class, scary hah, and well then had drugs and youth and took lots of notes once again and then took a quiz, but he lets us talk with whoever we want to for our quizzes so dont think did all so bad, and then came back here and ate, cause gosh dang i was starving, and well i quite tired here as well, so gonna call it a day earlier tonight here i believe so well, bye to yall


January 20th-Actually sleep well last night, i hadnt really slept so well since i came back from break, so hopefully i can continue to sleep well here again, since im getting used to the bed here again but well im sure you were interested in knowing that, so moving on, tried starting quiz dealy for anatomy but i gave up on doing that, as we have discussed anything that is on the quiz yet and i wanna make sure im right with my answers so i just putting that off for a bit, and so then i worked on accounting for a lil bit and then soon got tired of doing that as well so played some games for a bit then went back to accounting for a lil bit again, and then had track practice, and well it was spose to be an easier one but it was actually fairly hard, and well tomorrow theres just a pool workout and i got class so yeah i just gonna do what we do in class for my track workout i guess since its an aerobic conditioning class, good thing too, since i cant really even swin yet hah, and well also learned that gonna run the 4X400 at iowa state meet and not so sure what else gonna do 200 or 400, kip hasnt decided on that yet, since there can only be 2 ppl per event so that really limits the numbers for events, so well for those of you that go to isu or are gonna be around, please go to the meet this wkend so i can see you, hi shae, hint hint, and well for the rest of the night here, i just gonna work on some more accounting and do a lil studying for drugs and youth as i got a quiz tomorrow and just whatever else school stuff i realize i need to do, so well g'bye for now, and btw i now know a girl, angelica,  that is related to jo dee messina, as she is her step aunt, altough that confuses me but yeah anyways hah, arent you all glad to know that as well, but yeps me go here now, take care

January 19th-Well didnt do a whole lot again today but did look over some of my homework stuff, and also put pictures back up here as i hadnt done that yet of course, so now my wall is no longer bare and is actually lively if you wanna consider that an option, went to wal mart as well and walked around forever as i was bored and didnt just wanna sit around here, as there is nothing going on here tonight, so i did that and wound up buying nearly 82 dollars of food, so hope that tides me over for a bit, but it wont last long i bet, also just been trying to continue downloading movies on here, instead of having to actually buy them ha, and well shoot that is basically all i have done today i think besides eating quite a bit and all but well yeah, so g'bye for now, take care

January 18th-Woke up fairly early as i just havent been able to sleep all so greatly here since i came back here but yeah, and well had practice at 2 so went to that and then just came back here and have done nothing at all really, did a med ball workout for awhile, and otherwise just been sitting around here, nothing to exciting at all, but so well yeah, g'bye

January 17th-Classes werent all to bad but just the same usual kinda boring stuff though, my ecology class right now is a joke, he hasnt really taught us anythign yet i dont think, its all been dumb stuff that hes talked about, and well then had track and we did a little different thing today as we got up into groups and had like a clinic type thing at different parts of the track one for like warmups one for block starts etc..and so we just tried to get more techinical with that stuff, so thats good, i liked it atleast i figured we would be doing a lot of that stuff here in college but we really havent, then my three day weekend started oh wait, dont really have a three day weekend as got track on saturday and also on monday, so actually only get one day off, otherwise i was gonna get out of here and find somewhere to go for the weekend, but really couldnt do that cause of track and all, so i stuck here then of course, and well then phil called and waited something to do so him dave and i went over to the union to bowl but it was really full so we just went and played some pool instead there  for quite awhile, there were a ton of high school ppl there, and they were all smoking and dirty and icky looking, so nothign to attractive at all, and then we went up to matts to see what he was up to and well he was doing some bible study stuff and said he was gonna go eat and we were just gonna go do the same so we all went out to eat with 3 girls and another guy, so we ate at  country kitchen and then sat around and played some games there and some cards and then we left at like 115 or so, and well that was it i guess, so well  yeah, bye

January 16th-Well only had one class today so it was quite the improvement from my other day of classes and all and it we didnt do a whole to lot in it, just some group work so no real biggie, and well then came back here and organized some more stuff up, it seems as though i should be all totally organized for everything now, but far from stilll, but then had track practice, and it was a good speed workout that we did, and well then just been relaxing basically trying to do nothing at all pertaining to school and all here now, although i should so i dont get behind, but im fine just relaxing now ha, and well so thats basically all for the day i guess, bye
January 15th-Well took over 3  pages of notes today in anatomy class, theres a ton of stuff to learn in that class, and then just went to computer lab to do whatever and then went to financial accounting and that wasnt so much fun either, and then went to ecology and that wasnt fun either ha, but we really didnt do anything in it we just basically got in groups that we picked and so good thing i knew ppl in that class ha, and well then had track and then went and bought myself a new printer so then came back and got that all hooked up and printed off some notes from blackboard and well for my first exam in anatomy the review for the test was 27 pages of notes, so that aint gonna be the funnest to prepare for and well otherwise just tried to get the little things done around here and so i can try to get to the bigger stuff and do it more smoothly when the time comes around, so been organizing a bunch of stuff lately basically for all my classes and started to do list again for when i wanna have my stuff done etc...and well basiclaly all i guess, bye

January 14th-Well what a day, dont know where quite to start, so lets do it chronologically, well woke up early so i could go get books before my class and well then i couldnt find my stinkin room keys so i looked everywhere for them then went out to my car to see if they were in there and well they were so then i hurried to the bookstore, and well got most of my books expect one class that the books havent even came in yet, so i gonna have to go back there again and stand in the stinkin lines, but well after i got them i hurried back here so i wouldnt have to lug them for my class, so then when got them back here went all the way back to the otherside of the campus for my class and found out that i am not gonna like the class so much, there is only one person that i kinda know in the class, and well for that class we are going to have to go to some retirement home type place and have the older ppl there do exercises etc...which i wont mind, i just aint gonna like that i have to drive there for class all the time, and well then after that class came back here ate real quick, sat for 45 min and then went to track practice, and it was a toughie today 600s so i quite dead from that, and then when that was over hurried back here and then went to my 4:00 class and we went the whole 2 hours for it with no break, and well we gotta do lots of aerobic type stuff in that class and well i am just out of track and i am sore from that and  im gonna have to do stuff all over again, so i aint gonna like that, and well also for some of the classes we have to drive other places as well and even kansas city for class, well sorry but i dont see why i have to drive there to go to class but yeah, and also gotta do lots of presentation type stuff and they are all gonna be videotaped so well heck and gonna like that at all, but then directly after that class went straight to my 6:00-9:00 class and well we went the whole 3 hours with not a single break and it was all lecture and its just gonna be a tough class in general let alone after me having to do all of this stuff everyday i have the class, im so exhausted right now, i dont know how i can really even type stuff now, but im trying to, but well yeah i giving up on it now, there was much other that went on during this hectic day, but well all for me to say now atleast, i want a break from school already, and i want something good to happen to me, and well oh energy burst here, well the 6:00 class is fun though as the teacher is funny and all, and then he went off onto talking about how that ppl need to actually show that they love and care about others and such, and then just a lot of stories of him and his grandma, and how he used to get in trouble when he was younger as he was ornary and such, well but yeah i done now, gbye, someone cheer me up, i really need it
January 13th-This has seemed like the longest day ever mainly because i have been so tired all day but yeah, and that i have just been frustrated with a lot of stuff, and then more frustrations have come because of my whole class schedule thingy, so i cant wait for that 5 straight hours of class tomorrow, i dunnu things just aint been going my way lately, i thought they could only get better and not get worse now, but well i was kinda wrong by thinking that, but well anways already got assignments for my accounting class so im gonna have to wake up early once again tomorrow so that i can go get my books for my classes actually, and i got to go early cause after 11 tomorrow im booked from class to track and then back to class till 9, so my tuesdays will be no fun, just hoping i can make it through the day and that it doesnt seem near as long as this day, got floor mtg here later too as got new CA, and well went to wal mart tonight and bought myself some good food, and also got myself a george forman grill so came right back from wal mart and had me some grilled chicken with some salsa, oh so good ha, so well atleast that makes me happy now, but gonna get stuff organzied for my long day tomorrow

January 12th-Well i am now back here in warrensburg for school, last night just went to ryans and watched some movies, and otherwise yesterday i just got packed up pretty much to leave today so yeah, and well drive down here was quite boring once again but yeah, and well i did get the parking spot right by the door here so that was great and since our room here is the closet one to the doors it worked out even greater, so it wasnt to much of a hassle bringing stuff back in here but it took awhile to get it all put away again, and well i was checking my schedule and well they switched one of my class times so that it is now at 4:00 on tuesdays for 2 hrs, and well i have track practice at that time, so im gonna either have to get it worked over with kip or im just gonna have to drop the class, but so well i added a bowling class so that i can atleast have 15 hrs if i have to drop the one class, i wanted 16 hrs but well cant have what i want i guess, and well if i do keep that class that means that i have a 2 hr class starting at 4 and then a 3 hr class starting at 6, so i would have class from 4-9 on tuesday nights and well that will just blow, ill definetly have to take food to those classes, but so gonna have to get that all figured out tomorrow with kip atleast, and well im quite tired and all the drive wore me out i think, and well i got some stuff to do here now before tomorrow, so i gonna do that stuff now, so g'bye

January 10th-Got up earlier than i wanted to as thought that i may need to get up for something but that was not the case, and well i sleep horribly last night, didnt fall asleep till atleast 345, but yeah, and well today i just realized that i cant get what i want right now once again, ive had to realize that a ton lately, someday maybe ill get what i want as it means so much to me but yeah, and well otherwise today didnt do much of anything, didnt even run so yeah, not in the mood to do it by anymeans, and well gotta get stuff ready to leave as i leaving back to school on sunday, so well everything is kinda jumbled now, as there is so much i wanna and need to get done, but i cant do that now, as i just been waiting on other things to happen, i know i aint spose to wait for other things, but well yeah thats me, and i try to get what i want, but so well i waited to long for that and now aint got no time to do what else i need to do, but well i gone now so bye

January 9th-Woke up showered, went to lauras to talk more, came home ran, and it was kinda windy for that but it was aight still, then lifted, and well otherwise been working on computer here all night otherwise, and finally got it all fixed up i believed after i restored most of it, so yay for me for getting it atleast its fixed for now, and also played some games with my sister as well, but so well bye

January 8th-Well got my hair cut today, just the usual so nothing special with it, and then came back and did a lil bit of running and then did EDT workout for lifting which today was legs and abs, yesterday did chest one, and i pretty sore from it, so hopefully finally found a good workout to do, but well when i go back to school, im gonna have to go back and do the track workouts that are made up there, so looking forward to this summer quite well but thats normal as wont be in school but yeah, my mind has been racing quite a bit lately but they been maily good thoughts though, but probably shouldnt even be thinking about it but yeah anyways hah, but so well im single, so any 'beautiful' girl want me ;) and well watched the bachlorette tonight as well, to bad i cant have a chance to be with the girl on there, shes quite cute ha, but well yeah that all for now i guess, g'bye

January 6th-Well a real lot went on today but not gonna talk about it on here, other than that laura came over for a bit today so we could finally talk about stuff, im glad that we finally got to do that, and well hoping that things can now be better as she has actually talked to me, and well also got my stitches out today as well, and ran, but then other stuff went on,but nothing to put on here, bye

January 5th-Slept in till 1230 as i figured i probably would sense i didnt sleep so well last night but yeah, and well today is my day off from running and lifting so didnt do any of that today then of course, and so then instead of doing that took that time of the day to read my newer exercise book, so just read a few chapters in it, otherwise did nothing throughout the whole day really, just kinda slummed around mainly, tomorrow gotta go get my stitches out and then yeah, and then after that gotta run and lift, and try to get most of my sisters workout schedule planned for when i gone at school, and just stuff like that, kinda wanna reorganize some stuff around the house as well, so may do that tomorrow as well, but aight well i gone here now, so bye

January 4th-Didnt sleep so well once night even though didnt go to bed till 415, but aint been too tired today, ill probably just be really tired tomorrow, but so well today, did lifting workout, which was a heavy day and it went aight i guess, and then had my sister run and lift then as well, then went to grandparents in gc to eat and then play some cards with them, so we all played cards there till like 1030 or so, it was kinda fun, the guys won ha, and then came home fixed up some salmon then my played some chess, and my sister beat me for the very first time dangit ha, and well the time may now be coming in which someone is FINALLY ready for confrontation after hiding for several months, as i have had to be so mad lately and frustrated, but well heck things were fine for her so what the heck, but yeah bye

January 3rd-Went to sams house in des moines for xmas type dealy kinda, and yeah, bye...

January 2nd-Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a nice night and such, and well tegan came here on the 31st to stay till today, so she could be with me for new years day and such, so that was nice that she came to see me, she  has helped me in many ways lately, in more ways than im sure that she thinks that she has, and i really really appreciate what all she has done for me, which she may not think is very much at all, but she has indeed  helped me out of my so called long slump of unhappiness, so THANKS VERY MUCH TEGAN, but well for new years night her and i went out to courtneys for her party out there, it was pretty fun, as i hadnt seen hardly anyone for a long time, so was just real nice to be able to see all of them again, right shae hah, and sorry for those who thought it was boring ha, but well im just ready for the iowa game here tonight to take place, and well i gotta go run now though, so that all i put for now, gbye

December 30th-Slept in quite well today, so that was good, and well otherwise didnt do a whole to lot of much, ran and lifted, and had my sister run too, until she said she was gonna puke so she stopped hah, the workouts werent that great really, just wasnt in the mood today to work all greatly hard I dont think, although I still did what I was spose to do and all, and also made a workout thing for lindsie hoping that I did it right, and well also still got to make one for my sister before I leave for school again, so may try to get that done tonight, and then also read some more of my new fitness book, and if not that, read some more from the bible and such, also played lots of games of chess today as well, as actually figured out how to play it today, and well my sister finally beat me after like 10 games of it, and well played atlealst 20 games and shes only beat me once, so I aint doing to bad I guess hah, but I played it online with someone, and well I lost fairly quickly, but yeah, and well time for me to get my other stuff done here now, and oh btw whats going on tomorrow night?

December 29th- Had to wake up fairly early compared to when have been getting up lately as had to go to dm to my aunt and uncles in dm for our xmas, it consisted of just me, my sister, mom dad, aunt, uncle, and grandma, so wasnt nothing big by no means, hadnt been to my uncles for quite a while though, so nice to see their house, but just did the regular xmas stuff, eat, then gifts, then just sit and talk and such, some things that were funny was that my grandma thought she was eating meatloaf, when it was actually fried chicken, not so sure how she would get those two confused, but yeah hah, she finally figured it out though when she started chewing on a bone, realizing it wasnt meatloaf then ha, ok bad story but you had to be there, and also another thing was that, my grandmas hearing is going I guess, and well my mom got my aunt and uncle an indoor wind chime thingy so we had that going but my grandma could not even hear it I guess, but once when doug, got some popcorn he was walking back to his chair and he dropped a piece of the popcorn on the carpet, and my grandma was like doug I think you dropped some popcorn, cause I heard it bounce, haha, you cant hear popcorn bouncing on carpet especially when you cant hear a loud wind chime thingy, but yeah once again bad story, but it was quite funny, and my all seem like a lame time, but it was good though still, didnt get many pictures from there though, just got lil pictures of their house and all but yeah, and well I got money again, yay hah, and then a gift certificate for wal mart, and well then got home from there around 630ish or so, and then just sat around, and did lil things here and there, then later tegan called, so talked to her for quite awhile, then went to bed, so yeah that was the day there basically I guess
December 28th-Slept till atleast 12 today, or thats what im thinking, cant remember all so well, and well a few of you know what happened last night, well actually just one of you kinda, but well it was a really really long night to say the least, and dont wanna get into it here, but well when did wake up, there was a squirrel in the bird feeder here so i went out and shot it, and got it right in the eye ha, but so well finally got a squirrel atleast, then later went to the track and ran, good temperature and all which was nice, but yeah, and then all of us here went out squirrel hunting but saw nothing, and well my sister did happen to shoot a bird though, and well then i lifted, and just done not so much at night again, but so yeah, pray for me if ya would too, but bye
December 27th-Woke up at 1145 today, and well couldve slept longer for sure but yeah, didnt fall asleep until laying in bed forever, as couldnt get comfortable with the stitces in my stomach and all but yeah, and well then just kinda did nothign around here, did running workout though, then went to movie at perry with sister and dad, two towers, at 330 so it was cheaper as was only 3.50 for each of us but yeah, well it wasnt the greatest movie either, pretty much far fetched i thought, i didnt see the first one of them so was kinda lost but yeah anyways, and well need to get my sister started lifting here now, and then i have to lift when she is done with what i have set up for her to do, so bye for now
December 26th-Wanted to sleep in really good, but my sister again had to come in and basically wake me up in bed but yeah, and then just kinda did nothing for awhile or so, and then went to doctor to get a freckle/mole removed off my stomach, as my sister thought that i should have it taken off but yeah, and well it really was more of a freckle than a mole as it wasnt raised at all but yeah, and well so was at the doctor for 2 hrs getting that done, and so well i got a shot to numb it and all i guess, and then  he took a razor, some scissors, and some tweezers and started at it, then he got it off i guess, then he stitched me back up, just took 3 stitches, but they kinda hurt now as they are on my stomach so like every time i breate they are getting pulled on and such but yeah anyways ha, and well then came back here and just basically have sat around doing not a whole too lot, tried playing chess for awhile, but not so sure how to play it exactly, then just played some other games here, and well that my day i guess, so bye
December 25th-Merry Christmas, well had xmas stuff today at my grandparents house in gc(mom's side) so was there by 12, and then got back from there a lil before 9 or so, but well when there just did the normal xmas stuff that do there, ate, opened gifts, played games that grandpa always has planed every year, this year it involved bouncing a volleyball into a bucket and then playing some scandinavian golf, which involved 2 golf balls attached with a rope and then have to throw them and wrap them around some pools with different values and such, well you probably dont know what i saying at all but yeah, other years he just makes up a bunch of hard questions and stuff and have to answer them etc... i got last place with the stuff this year hah, and well this will also be the last year that i am the youngest at xmas there, as two of my cousins are now pregnant, so no more of me being the youngest now ha, watched part of pearl harbor when there too as, we got it for the grandparents, as they just bought a new big flat widescreen tv with dvd player and all so yeah, had to test it out, well for gifts got medicine ball, can opener hah(as mine at school for my tuna busted) food, yay i like food hah, and then of course the nice money, and well also got digital camera, frisbee(since tegan broke mine when she as here, or maybe it was actually me who broke it hah), and then a nice new bible, and well i blanking now so yeah, and well when home from the grandparents, got started on my sprint drills for track, and then lifted right after that, then ate more, then called tegan for a bit, and since just been doing this basically so yeah, well thats all for now i guess, and oh i also got a few pictures taken today with family, so may try to get them on here sometime as well, bye
December 24th-Well Merry Christmas Eve day here I guess, well for my day I woke up early so that could go to track to do 400 workout so I could get that over with as my sis and mom went to dm and my sis wanted to go squirrel hunting when they got back, so did the 400 workout, and well it was pretty cool this morning to say the least, I was there for quite awhile doing it and all but yeah, and well when went squirrel hunting I saw 2 of them but well heck they just went and took off and hide on the other side of all of the trees, so didnt get a good shot at them, then when back in from that, went straight to Guthrie center to go to church service with grandma there and then after that went and saw my 2nd cousins from north carolina as they were in town and all, and marvin covault who is my 2nd cousin and all well he is a 4 star general in the army, and so thats the highest in the military and he only can take orders from colin powel and the president, but he is recently retired or such, but that was the first time that I believe that I had actually seen him but yeah anyways, well then went to the care center to visit a guy that has been our neighbor here since we moved here, I hadnt seen him in quite a long time either, and so it was pretty good talking to him and all, and he remembered me pretty dang well so I was impressed but yeah, then when back from that, came back home, and had my sister lift legs, and well it was an experience for her atleast as she didnt like it so much but yeah, ha, then I did ab workout, and now its kinda late, so just gonna watch some tv for a short bit and then go to bed and wake up and go to other grandparents in go for xmas day, so well you all have a merry Christmas and ill ttyl, bye for now

December 23rd-Well did usual morning stuff for me here, and then later on just played games with my sister for quite awhile, then went out to have our squirrel hunting contest, and well by the time we started taht it was too dark to be able to even see them so didnt do much with that, then came back in ate, and then played cards with the family for awhile again, good times, then well by then it was all dark, so had to pull out the truck and put in the road with the lights on bright so i could even see to do my running workout, so i did that and then came back in, helped my sister finish up her lifting workout that i organized for her, and which ive got her lifting and such now, so fun there ha, then when she done i did my own lifting, then just been relaxing since then basically, take all for now, g'bye

December 22nd-Well last day of hunting season and well guess what i saw nothing once again, so no deer for me this year, but i am most definetly going to hunt squirrels tomorrow, cause they bother me so much hah, and i think it would help me out if i shot stuff, and well otherwise didnt do a whole to lot, played games with family for a bit and yeah, but basically that was all, as hunting consumed my day again, but yeah bye

December 21st-Set alarm to get up early today to go hunting but realized i was too tired once my alarm went off to actually go hunting so i went back to sleep ha, then when did go out, saw nothing either time, other than a bunch of squirrels, so on monday im going squirrel hunting as i dont like them so much ha, and well also ran and lifted today as well, but thats basically common day stuff here now but yeah, and well last day of hunting season is tomorrow, so that will pretty much consume my day or atleast until i get one, but well thats all for now i guess, more later, bye

December 20th-Well woke up quite late 1145 so didnt get out to hunting when i really wanted to get out there so yeah, but well when i did go out then i saw no deer once again, and then when went out later in the day same story, no deer to be seen, and well went to panorama bb game against east greene at night then, and well girls lost close game but the guys won, and well then after the guys game we all went down to the court, cause the east greene guys were all cocky and such during the game so we went down to the court to see what they would have to say, and well after a bit 2 kids from east greene came over and so i told them to get back over on there side so nothign would happen fight wise, and well then the kids mom came over and told me that that is her son and i shouldnt be talking to him, so im like all i told him was to stay over on his side so nothign would happen, then the next thing i know, the kids dad is over by me, and cusses me out and tells me not to talk to his wife at all, so i tell him the same exact thing, then he cusses me out more, making no sense at all, although i was zoning out anyways then finally they walked over after we talked a lil bit more, and then a bunch of the east greene kids then lined up and just stared at us panora ppl, and oh as well adam pushed one of the players as the player was just dumb anyways, so they were mad at him too, but yeah the ppl were pretty much not mature at all, and nor the parents either, i was just trying to mediate so nothign would happen cause i knew something was goign to, and well then i get cussed out by the kids parents, then that made me mad, so i so wanted to do something then to them all, but yeah, and well then the east greene kids then got kicked out of the gym and school, and were told to leave, so ppl just need to freaking grow up already kids and parents alike, i guess im just such a terrible person for trying to make things good and not let things happen, im already on a very short fuse with ppl now, and if some more things keep happening, i am going to blow, so watch out, but so yeah that is the  abbreviated story of that there, and me once again realizing that ppl are immature and need to grow up, and sometime face the true reality of how things are spose to be, and if they dont they will suffer later, so grow up now ppl, bye

December 19th--Was  woke up today by phone calls once again, as my sisters fiance always has to call in the morning for some reason, and well then went out hunting and saw nothing once again, and then back here then highlighted hair, then went out to run, and then went back out hunting, and since then just be doing nothing to much inparticular, just hoping that will actually see some deer tomorrow, where the heck are they at, but yeah g'bye

December 12th-18th--Well as i stated i wasnt gonna do much to this when i got home for xmas break and all, as the computer here is really slow, because of dial up and all so yeah, but so here is a summary of what has been going on to today, well im just glad to be done with school for now, and all, and just to get away from there and be home, but well when came home, just basiclaly got stuff out of car and then just relaxed after long drive and all, and then tegan came here, yay, haha, didnt really do a whole lot when she was here, i was just always tired it seemed like and just didnt wanna do anything, so her and i just basically relaxed around here, did go out to eat and a movie but yeah, and then her and i talked things over, and well now here and i are together : ) we just watched several movies while here and tried doing some stuff outside, but i broke my frisbee :( but yeah, she then left on monday morning, as she would have a long drive back to kansas and all, so yeah, then since she been gone, i basiclaly been hunting, running, lifting, eating, and sleeping, so nothing all so exciting really so yeah, and have only seen 2 deer the entire time so far as well and they were of course running and going the opposite way so have still failed to get a shot off, went to des moines yesterday with sis, and did some more of my arguing to get a new computer for here, cause the one here keeps screwing up and all, and then got the ppl to give, so now will be getting a new computer, they have to send it in the mail but so yeah, and well oh also have received my digital camera as well for $500 ha, so kinda pricy but yeah, so ill try to get several pictures and all taken here, and also some short videos too if i can thing of something to tape and then add them to my site when i came, probably not till when back at school though but yeah, but well that is basically a real brief summary of all of these days so yeah, well hope your break has been going well, bye

December 11th-8 oclock final and it was my american lit one, and it was aight, dont think did all so well on the essay question to it, which is half the test so yeah hmmm, then back here for a bit then went to take weight training final at 11 which took like a hole 5 minutes max to take, so pretty much a waste, class quite easy and all, and well didnt get to bed when i wanted last night either as ryan wanted to play cards, so got some peeps to play spades till 1215 or so, but wasnt too tired this mornign though so thats good, then went and did track workout from yesterday, and well the track in multi was covered for commencment so i had to run outside danigt, then went and lifted, and right shoulder really sore from our max day for track but yeah, and then just been organizing stuff to leave tomorrow, and then carried soem stuff out to my car, and then gotta study some here tonight, and oh only got $36 bucks back for my books today, bye

December 10th--Had no tests today or anything, so got to sleep in, so slept till like 1045 but then wasnt that great really as stayed up till 2 last night but yeah, i just aint been tired here lately at night, and was talking on here so yeah, then when got up went right after my studying, then took a break to eat at cafeteria for awhile, then been studying pretty much solid up to now, and have gotten about 3 hrs of studying in and its only 4 so doing well, but got lots more to accomplish still, so yeah, and then tomorrow, gonna clean up here alot, and get lots of stuff ready to go home, but well this is basically my study break for now, didnt run for track today at all, as just gonna do it tomorrow, but so yeah, basically it really, nothing exciting at all today, well atleast yet, so yeah, bye

December 9th--Had my global ag final at 11 this morning, and well didnt start taking the test till 1125 as no one showed up to give us the test, then finally went and asked so they got the tests for us, and then our teacher didnt even get there till 1150, so way to be on time for the finals there mr teacher man. then came back here and rested then went and did speed workout, then back to rest more, then had  max out day for track, and well i was not feeling it all, when lifting, had no strength at all really, just got 275 for bench, which i know i can do much better in and then just did 295 for squat and couldve done more, but he was like aight thats good enough we need to get others doing stuff so yeah, but well overall i rate it at a c for maxing out, as i not happy with it at all actually, it was pretty much a down day for lifting today, and well need to be studying here tonight basically so yeah, bye

December 8th--today is sunday...

December 6th-Oh surprise here, woke up tired once again, as slept terrible, as got so much junk on my mind, but yeah. Well went to global ag today, and well found out that if have a 95% or better that dont have to take the final, and so well heck im getting a 93.8 in the class, so i missed not having to take the final by 1.2% dangit, otherwise i wouldnt have a final until wednesday as dont have to take geology final, as i got an a in there, and also didnt miss any classes so yeah, and so got lit and weight training final on wednesday at 8 and 11 then on thursday got philosophy final at 8, then im out of here and going home, but well back today, didnt run as its friday and all but did lift and well did 4,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1 heavy sets and well on my last one for the bench i got 300lbs, i dont think i actually got it, but dave who was spotting me said that he didnt really help me, so well thats sweet then if he didnt hah, so that was highlight of day there i guess, and well now just gonna sit and do nothing here tonight, the usual stuff, so yeah, bye

December 5th--yeah sure

December 4th-Quite tired when woke up, but thats pretty much been normal for me here lately, then just had boring classes, in which mainly just filled out teacher evaulations and junk like that. Track sprint drill and ab day, and then also lifted so yeah. And been studying for first part for philosohpy final that have tomorrow so yeah, bye

December 3rd--Day started off better than yesterday, as didnt have another sink catastrophe. But well took quiz in geology, and now all done for that class other than go to class as I didnt miss any class, and since i didnt i dont have to take the final, and i got an A in it too, so yay yay, well atleast from last grade had i had a A so it best not drop drastically somehow. Then in philosophy reviewed for our first part of final which is on thursday as its comprehensive test and no way can do it all at one time so yeah, im kinda scared about it as well, as think getting a low c in the class right now. Then came back for my tuesday nap, and then came track practice, and oh yeah also went to trainer today for my hamstring, but yeah, for track had 300 workout and actually ran pretty dang good for it i think as was running 42s although spose to be runnin 44s as took lil bit longer rest and all but yeah anyways, but overall thought was a good practice as i havent had one of them for a long time, then just the usual night stuff, while trying to study a lil for that philosophy test, so that all for now i guess, bye

December 2nd--Well havent kept up with this the past couple days because i been at home for thanksgiving break, and well all got at  home is dial up connection, and so i didnt wanna take the time to do anything on here, nor did i really have anytime to do anythign to this anyways.  But well over break on the 26th(my birthday) mitch and i went to the iowa drake bb game, and well it wasnt all that great of game as low scoring and all but still good since iowa won 50-49, then after that just went straight home basically as didnt have anythign else that i could really do then so yeah, then wednesday went to toad hollars at night after being in dm all day long nearly shopping for clothes, in which i got a coat, shirt, sweater, and 3 pairs of jeans, and then just some supplies for the room here but yeah, well toad's was pretty good, different than other things that have done so it was kinda neat and all, someday i just might have to fight up there, riiight hah, only if i knew there was no chance of me losing i might, then went to perkins with dennis and shae, and oh dang have i missed shae, im sure she knows that now too haha, love you shae ;) hah, but then got home at 330 so was like wow, i must sleep now, then on thursday tried to relax although was busy throughtout that day as well, dont remember what all did though actually, then tegan called at 10 and we talked till it was 3, so a whole 5 hrs straight of talking on the phone, wow, quite impressive for me, didnt seem that long atleast but yeah, then friday umm just blanked out and so dont remember, and then saturday had family thing at night for thanksgiving and my bd, it was quite nice to see all my family ppl again, although i watched the iowa bb game on tv for most of the time hah, and well 2 of my cousins are pregnant now, so i will no longer be the youngest in the family, so yay yay, and then on sunday just drove back here for the 5 hr drive, and then went and did speed workout and hamstring still has somethign wrong with it, it like twinges on me when i try to go hard so yeah, then back here and talked for while on here about lots of junk, and then well finally for today woke up this morning went to the sink turned it on and then riht back off after got water for protein and then all of a sudden all this black crap came up from the sink and then water started coming up and filling the sink and then suddenly over flowing the sink all over the floor, so hurried out of room, still all sleepy and got janitor so they came in and mopped it up and then got it to stop, but it still isnt good though as water and that black junk still coming up out of it, and water filling the sink up as well, but not over flowing atleast not yet, as been scooping the water out and oh also randy called here last night saying that he is goign to transfer here for next semester even, more on that later i guess, and well still got all day ahead of me here now, but figured needed to catch ya up on all of that if you care, so take care, bye

November 24th-Set alarm to get up earlier than my usual weekend sleeping in time so that could get a good start on my paper, dont know if i really needed to get up as early as i did and all but yeah, i got my paper done anywho so thats all that matters, and getting to go home in 2 days now and its my birthday and i also get to go to iowa basketball game then too, so yay to all that. So didnt do a whole lot today other than work on paper, and then just sit here as usual and talk to ppl or just watch tv, nothign to exciting

November 23rd--Slept till like 1130ish as didnt go to bed till 3 last night as there was no way for me to sleep, from the feeling of betrayal and lies, then watched some of ohio state michigan game and well dangit, ohio state won, but its aight i guess, cant do nothing bout it, then just sat around here being all mad and such from everything, then laura called and we talked for lil over 2 hours on phone, with nothing being resolved, other than me learning more stuff, but yeah, and so now just sitting here while everyone else is at the bbll game here, cause i am in no mood to go, but needing to clean a lil here, and work on paper so yeah bye

November 22nd-Had only one class today as, for lit they had to grade our writing assements, so all i had was global ag and all we did was some slideshow dealy. So then was back here by 10 and so then just sat around till 2 when track practice started, and hardly anyone even went to it as kip gone to be at xc nationals and all, but yeah, and then later on at night i learned something and so couldnt go to bed at all as couldnt sleep, just go to my rants page on here, and you can see, and all, uuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

November 21st-Geology class consisted of watching a video basically and then philosophy class just made me not like that class nor the teacher so much more, i so wanted to just walk out and leave but yeah, then came back and took 2 hr nap before track which was 6x150s at variable speed 90-70-95% for the 50s. then went and ate, and done nothign productive again really,

November 19th--Quite tired as stayed up more late than wanted to as had to try to discuss some things over and all about stuff...but had geology test, and it was another iffy test, as not too sure how did, then got back philosophy test and i got a stinkin 35 out of 50 but the 4 other tests i saw were a 14, 15, 17, and 19 out of 50 so didnt do so bad from what those scores were, so then the teacher complained about how bad ppl did on the test, and wanted to know why and such, but the real reason is the way that he grades the test, everything has to be in his exact words when the answeres really dont have to be that way, but yeah, and he also mentioned that he in no way is going to help us out, if a student gets an f they deserve the f and nothing can be done about it, other than that they will have to take the class over, but then came back here and took a nap and all, then went to track practice for 500s and i couldnt breathe at all really, as chest just so congested and all it felt like from me being sick, so not the most productive workout and all, then came back here and really did nothing at all, then tegan called and talked to her for lil over an hour i think, and well basically bed time for me here now, so i just relax for a bit then go, so take care to yall

November 18th--Coughed quite a bit last night, so didnt sleep that well really, and kept dave up as well, as keep waking him up when i coughed and all but yeah, not whole too lot when on yesterday, did speed workout though at like 6ish or so and then mom called and talked to her for quite a bit, and well today, just went to classes, all kinda boring, got geology test tomorrow, and im kinda scared about it, but well went to track then just to watch since did workout yesterday and all, but then did medicine ball stuff with the team after they got done running, but well i need to study for geology here now, and then work on my ag paper, so thats all for now, take care, and btw happy birthday roxy!

November 16th-Yesterday just went to classes, and nothing exciting happened in them again, other than got american lit paper back but it was just a stinkin 85% so wasnt all pleased with that but yeah, then went to track practice at 2, but i wasnt runnin cause i taking fridays off for running for now, ed and cole came down this weekend as well for a recruit visit to run track here, and they both actually ran with kip during the practice and all ha, then just lifed after that all, then travis took out ed cole and i for supper, so that was nice, we talked track and stuff haha, so it was good stuff, and i also found out that randy is coming here next year to run, so theres another panorama person coming to run here hah, then after that we just went over to alexs for awhile and watched movie then went over to other track guys house to let them all meet ed and cole, so they talked to ppl there for a while, then just came back here and didnt really do much then went to bed, then woke up this morning and watched the IOWA HAWKEYES WIN THE BIG TEN!!! yay yay yay, now if you all just cheer for michigan next week against ohio state all will be good, then while after the game they took back off, and i just been sitting here since not doing too much, but do need to get homework started here in a bit i believe, and oh ed is thinking that he is pretty sure that he will be coming here, as he was talking about signing early to run and all, and for cole, think he still leaning more towards goign to iowa, but cant bash going there, but if he gonna run, he should come here, but if not, definetly go to iowa all the way, and now in addition just got done listening to the cmsu ftbll game and we won, so now we are in the playoffs, yay, so good stuff there

November 14th--Nothing special happened in any of my classes today, then came back here took myself a good 2 hour nap, although was woke up several times as they were vacumming and then shampooing the carpet in the hallway here, then woke up from that and went to track, and did my individualized thursday workout, to keep my shins healthy, and did 3(3x150)with one min rest and then 7 minute rest at 20 second pace, it was quite the killer since i havent gotten in very much conditioning and speed like that, so right when was done, i puked several times ;), but i liked it cause it tells me that i worked hard, so its all good, then came back here and quite the stuff began to happen...i just dont wanna ruin anything,... but back to just watching tv here now, and oh yeah, ed and cole are coming tomorrow sweet!

November 13th-Got my ag test back today and it was a 97% so i was quite pleased with that, but then he held us a lil after class time, and i had a writing assesment for lit and so i was a lil late for that, and the assesment is some thing that we have 45 min to type on an issue that is given to us that class period, it is really dumb, but yeah, and then went to weight training got changed, and then the teacher came by and was like i couldnt get my computer to work, so i dont have your test today or your workout stuff, so no class for today, so then just came back here and relaxed for while then went to track practice, and did very lil as i didnt feel like it hah, easy day anyways, but then did lifting for the new lifting program we got, and dang i was hurting, then few of us went and watched video of one of the guys here now that won the national championship with miami football team as a starting wide receiver, and all american in decathlon, bringing more good ppl here all the time, its good stuff, then learned that ed and cole are coming down here friday and then staying till saturday, so that will be cool, hi betty :), and yeah i dont even know anyone named betty but its fun, but me do nothing for a bit here now, so take care

November 12th--Woke up with a sore throat and headache today, first time in forever and ever that i have even felt like that, as aint been sick in the longest time, so in geology and philosophy i really didnt pay attention at all as had quite the headache and all, then came back here and took a nap which i planned on doing anyways, then went to track to do 600s and oh gosh did they hurt, theres bunch of ppl getting frustrated with lots of stuff in track now, but yeah, well after running and all, headache pretty much all gone, as well as sore throat, although its still there a lil bit, but it be all gone soon, so yeah, and then just came back here to dorm and worked on my homework and such, and hey roxy, you better keep your promise ;) haha, but well gonna just watch some tv and such for the rest of the night, so g'bye and take care yall

November 10th-Slept in till 1130 this morning, but wouldve slept longer if travis wouldnt had called to tell me my workout for the day, as i am now running speed workouts on sunday and interval workouts on tuesday and just whatever the other days, so when was woke started back in on my lit paper, which i didnt get done till like 7 then, but did my speed workout at like 4ish or so, then mom called at 730 talked to her for 45 min or so, and well yeah, basically all

November 9th--Got up early so i could go help out at the regional xc meet here in warrensburg at the golf course, my job was to help filter the ppl through the shoot at the end of the race and pick them up if they fall and then do clean up of the course afterwards, the guys race was fairly easy, no one fell down that i had to help out or nothing but when it came to the girls race there were quite a bit of them that fell down at the end, and so i had to try to pick them up and carry them to get them moving out of the way, it was kinda nasty touching them actually but yeah, and then had to go around the course and take the ropes down and all the signs that marked what directions to go in the golf cart, and or girls got 2nd and our guys got 4th as a team so they both qualified for nationals in ohio, so that is cool, then came back here and watched the iowa game, which was quite a blow out as it was 62-10, im kinda scared about the next game against minnesota, and was quite mad about purdue losing to ohio state dangit, then at night went to campus movie here and saw signs and otherwise nothing else that i can think of now, so yeah, take care

November 8th--Had global ag test today, it was just all right i think, not great, then for track didnt really have practice but had to go out to golf course to get my job for tomorrow for working the regional xc meet. and so gotta get up for that somewhat early tomorrow to help out at it, which should be fun though, went to movie tonight jack"bottom" as i refer to it, it was pretty funny, but yeah

November 7th--For geology class today we had a field trip to cave hollow park just east of town here, and i happened to find the park right away luckily, instead of having to drive around forever to look for it, so i was kinda early but yeah, and we just went to some hill slope and looked and dug around for fossils, kinda dumb, then went and walked back in the timber to see the other stuff, then hurried back here and went to philosophy, and well of course the part that i didnt look over very thoroughly was the biggest part of the test, so dont think did so well even though studied the last 3 nights for it, he grades quite hard so if i missed part of the answer its wrong, then came back here and decided on taking a nap so did that for lil less than 2 hrs then went to track, ran in track, then since then just kinda chilled here in room and studied for ag test tomorrow, but so yeah take care and be good

November 6th--Got my american lit test back and it was a 91% so not too bad really, but still not good enough really as quizess that have had in there i havent done so greatly, but yeah, for track had pool workout and then lifted, did laundry today as well, and studied for philosphy for ever but thats basically it

November 5th--Woke up surprisingly quite tired nce again so when came back from classes took myself a 2 and half hour nap before goign to track practice, and well in geology learned that we are taking a field trip on thursday to hollow cave park or something like that, but we have to drive to get there and such, so he was like you all know how to get there right, and i was like um heck no, so but anyways, this is regression week for track, and so today had 8-12 200s at 60%+5 seconds with 30 second rest, and well heck that even hurt, my hamstrings knotted up on me right away so couldnt finish it all, i was quite mad, i wanna get in shape, but my body just isnt letting me do it now, and so well yeah after track just been here relaxing for awhile, and now been studying for a good 45 minutes or so and now gotta get some more of that good studying of mine done,

November 4th--Didnt get my american lit test back yet, so now still just gotta worry bout that till next time, but then again worrying is like a rocking chair it gives you something to do but gets you no where, write that down, (van wilder there for ya, i like that quote hah) but then had track practice and had our mtg for our 100 mile relay thing that we do to raise money, so if you wanna support our team let me know, and yeah etc...then did workout with plyos and medicine ball and such, jsut the usual of what ryan and i have done, then we also got a new lifting program set up for track, and this one isnt optional, so i cant do what i wanna do no more really, but yeah, gotta be acceptable for the change and willing to learn more and such so yeah, and then after that all came here and got 2 pages written for my lit paper then studied for philsophy for a bit, then when doing that kelly wanted to watch american history x, so i stopped my studying and watched that instead, oops hah, not the cleanest of movies really, as some so called bad scences, but it has a great meaning and such, well id seen it before but yeah, i forgot that i really like it, and so thats bout it, take care

November 3rd--Woke up at my usual weekend time of somewhere around 1130, i really like being able to sleep in. Then went to wal mart for food and cause kelly wanted to go too, so took her, and so i got my food and such, and also some new toenail polish, hah, and so yep, im back to painting my toenails, i think it is fun, even though ppl always ask about it but yeah, and also finally got to download songs again as bearshare which i use wouldnt connect but now i put it on different settings and now download most songs in less than 20 seconds and got some in just 2 seconds too, its good stuff, i like my music, and well been studying here for past hour and half basically actually, trying to be studious atleast, kelly has been in our room for atleast 10 hours today as well, she only left to go eat at the caf for like 15 minutes otherwise been in here since noon on, but well back to my homework here now, as i listen to my mp3 player, take care, and hey sign my guestbook already there

November 2nd-Woke up at like 1130 or so, watched iowa football game, which they won yay, and then really nothing else the whole day, was quite really bored and etc...

November 1st--woke up at 7 to go to my geology class at 8 but when i got there i was like oh heck its friday and i dont have geology on fridays so i just went to the union and sat an studied for my lit test, instead of getting that extra hour of sleep dangit, then had ag and lit, and had the test in there, and dont think did so hot on the essay question as couldnt figure out how i wanted to write it all so it was all kinda jumbled info, then went to track at 2 and did lots of medicine ball stuff for warm up then did 10 semi hard 60 meter sprints followed by medicine ball ab workout then took 45 min break then went to the weight room and lifted chest and triceps and legs and did plyos in between my sets of legs, so its been quite the day for working out and all, so i am so drained of energy now, but its all good, i like doing that stuff, its gonna be my job, so fun stuff, and since its gonna be my job ive gotta work hard with what i can now so i can try to finally look somewhat decent muscular wise, which i got forever to go still, but yeah anyways, im probably just gonna relax here in room tonight as so tired and all, but i like this feeling of knowing i worked real hard, so yeah g'bye and take care

October 30th--woke up went to geology, at 8, global ag at 9, american lit at 10, and then weight training at 11, then back here and studied very lil, as mainly watched tv, then went to track and did, good hard ab workout with medicine ball, it was a killer, then went and lifted legs, back and bis, and did that all hard too, as could be noticed by how i was shaking so bad from working out that when drinking water in the cafeteria, i totally missed my mouth and spilled it all over my lap, as i was shaking so bad from being tired, but yeah bad story i know ha, but well gots to really start hitting the studying here more now coming up, so me study now

October 29th--Ive been not going to bed here lately till 12 or so even on class nights and all, so thats probably gonna have to change, but really havent been that tired and all, but anyways went to classes today and not much exciting in any of them at all really, then came back and did take myself a nap however, then woke up lil before track practice and all, in track we had 6-8 300s, and well i did fairly well for compared to what i thought i would do out of it, was jus a second off pace for first 3 three then just did a 2 for the next one and then finished it up 2 seconds ahead of pace, and it felt good, well actually not good at all as my hamstrings were screaming really bad, but its good for them to hurt like that, then well worked on mapping of earthquakes and all as i have to map all the earthquakes that happen for my geology class, dumb work i think, and gonna study for lit somemore tonight, and otherwise chill, as dont know exactly how to go about writing paper for lit yet, so need to ask questions bout it before i do anymore on it, and yeah basically all can think of now, take care and be good

October 28th--yeah dont feel like putting much here, so yall take care

October 26th--Was woke up at 8 this morning as like every single band that was in the homecoming parade here was warming up or something then, as loud as they could, not too far away from our window, even though the parade didnt start till 930. i didnt go to parade at all though as just tried to sleep through it all, but had my alarm set to wake up for the iowa michigan football game. and it sure was a great game expect for the dropped punt attempt, which shouldnt have happened so the score shouldve just been 34-3 but yeah, and then as soon as that game was over i went to the football game here, got to the game like half way through the second quarter, as had to finish out the iowa game and all, and so then stayed for game here in which we won, then right after that, 15 of us went to kc to some haunted houses, which really werent that too great,except for 4 15 year old girls who said i was sexy, hah, and then when were in the haunted houses the girls yelled 'petey where are you' really loud, then came back here and slept basically, so yeah.

October 25th--quite tired as stayed up kinda late here once again and then didnt even fall asleep till atleast 145 as i was thinking too much and it was too hot in here, as its usually nice and cool, but erin left for the wkend and so she left me her fish to feed and all, so i didnt wanna have the water get to cold to and have the fish die because of it. so for classes i dont really remember what happened and all so hopefully nothin to much of importance, then right after classes basically ryan and i went and did a medicine mall workout and leg workout, and it was fairly tough, then he and i came back and did laundry, then when that was done went and watched track practice, then just chilled here for while, then went to volleyball game and then the pep rally deal for homecoming game, then back here played some games and such and yeah.

October 24th--Umm did nothing really, for track though did 12 things of the flippers, which is most i ever done so yeah, and otherwise sat around here being not productive at all, and...

October 23rd--still bothered by quite a bit of stuff and all but yeah, for track practice since it was cold and rainy, although i dont think its really that cold, as this temperature is actually comfortable for me as im usually too hot any other time, but yeah, at the end of the practice we did a relay thing in which we would swin to one side and then have nother person go and such, and well i figured i would try it, and i did try hah, i did the first one, really slow and all as i dont swim right, it just looks funny i think, but i got to the other side and then i did the next one as well, but vied out of the last one as i did not think that i could possibly make it to the other side without drowning, it was so hard for me hah, but im glad i tried atleast to see what i could do with it, one of these days im actually gonna learn how to swim, then lifted and such, the usual for that, and then later watched legally blonde and went to bed and all so yeah.

October 22nd--Woke up way way tired as was up till lil after 12 last night tryign to figure some stuff out. And then had a great geology test that was fairly hard, so ut oh. and yesterday i was looking for beth's (girl i meet at state meet my junior year, and then she found my phone number after calling my uncle and grandma first as they have the same last name and all, and yeah, and then mitch and i drove to council bluffs to see her) well yesterday i felt like i wanted to write her again so i was trying to find her college address and all and i couldnt find it or nothing, but then last night well she found my aim name and started talkign to me so i was like wow, well i thought it was quite ironic anyways that she found me the same day i was looking for her, but yeah none of you probably care but i thought it was cool, but also she is taken and has a boyfriend ha, and after i asked tht just as a general question and all she said hold on a sec, and then she never came back to talk, but yeah. and well today i took a good 3 hour nap cause i was so tired from last night and all, and then had 400s for track and i did a 4,4,3,3,3, so that was pretty good and all i thought for not running much, but i did happen to puke after it all, and well just gonna relax for the rest of the night here now i guess, so take care and be good

October 21st--Had long 3 day wkend here, as it was end of first half of the semester, and didnt do anything at all really the whole weekend, as just played golf and frisbee and such, and also watched movies for the majority of the weekend. It was pretty much a bore and all i guess, and then last night we all got warned or something because we were being too loud which we werent being as we were bouncing the golf balls and all, a girl from the 3rd floor (we live on 1st floor) complained cause she couldnt get her studying done, and so what is that, if youre trying to study not even in your own room, how can u come down here and complain about that, and also this girl smokes on our floor and its a non smoking floor, so believe she is getting turned in for smoking next time she complains about us being so called loud while its not even her floor. but well got my global ag paper back and i got a 92% which was was great for winging most of the whole thing. but no i should be studying so g'bye

October 17th--Was spose to have geology test today but teacher was sick so didnt have it, yay, and didnt do much at all the rest of the day either really, as just sit around here and played games, and also frisbee and golf in the hallway once again, and then later watched high crimes, with ashley judd in it, ha, it was an aight movie, and that was basically it, and also dont have class tomorrow friday cause its mid term time now or something like that

October 15th--Been staying quit busy lately, not ecessarily with school work though, but its all good, so havent been on computer much at all for once. Couple nights ago played frisbee and golfed/putted in the hallway for like atlest 2 hours, and also then dave ryan ashley and i went into the big lobby here and played frisbee golf for awhile it was a good time, and then just sat around an reminisced about whatever. and then once again last night we all putted in the hallway for quite sometime, in between me watching the cardinals game, and ughh dangit they lost, i was quite mad after that. im still looking for an indoor horseshoe set to play with in the hallway here, but havent found anything yet, so if you know of something like that somewhere let me know or whatever. ran 500s today for track practice, and i just got a 5,5,4,3 but pretty good for me for only running once a week and all. and well yeah thats been bought it i guess

October 12th--Slept in till 1115 today as was up pretty late last night just hanging out down the hall with a bunch of ppl, just talking and such. So the iowa ftball game had already started before i got up but it was just 7-7 then and then of course iowa blew them out 44-16, what a great game, then after the game i went to wal mart and got my hair cut and got a new can opener cause mine broke. Then came back here and worked on my paper for a bit but then the st louis bb game came on so i watched that and yay they won too, then i really got to working on my paper after that was over, but didnt quite get it finished cause went to the campus house and watched silence of the lambs with bunch of ppl as well, after sitting around there for awhile after the movie we all went in search of an abanded beat down church and we found it way in the boonies, and walked around it and in it, it was pretty freaky, and while doing all of this ppl kept making fun of me for whatever i ever said as im always so random, so i really got it dished out to me, but it was fun though, this next wkend i think we are goign to go to haunted houses in kansas city area, i hope so atleast, it would be fun, and we bed time

October 10th--Not a whole too lot been going on, just been watching st louis game here, and they are losing still dangit, and also working on ag paper, and playing ninentdo, duck tales, i about got the game beat. And i also won a shirt for answer a question on mule mail about drinking, question being average person drinks how much on campus, and i was the first person out of everyone here to answer it right. And then an email got sent out to the whole campus saying Congratulations Peter Saltsgaver!!! as the subject, so now everyone here knows that i won, i feel like a fool, ha, gotta get my name out to the women here somehow if i dont already know them, hah, but i back to game here now,

October 8th--Woke up extremely tired this morning, and do not know why as i had gotten plenty of sleep lately. Nearly fell completely asleep in geology class as the lights were off and we just saw a slide show on different types of erosion and rivers. Then went to philosphy class and figured out that we were not having class today so everything went, yay, or soemthing like that. So when walking to next class to sit and wait hollie asked if i wanted to go eat or whatever with her so then went with her, and all we did was drive around in her car for a good whole hour wasting time for the next class, she pretty much scares me though. Then just got a homework assignment for stress managment and left class, so didnt have much for class at all. today in track i also actually ran, first time of actual running in so long. it was interval day with 600s, my shins didnt really feel to bad but not gonna get ahead of myslef cause then they will start really hurting again probably, and so got pool workouts for the rest of the week, and ill probably mix in a lil bit of easy running every other day or so. It felt so good to actually run again, without much pain in shins, other than the pain of just not being in very good shape. Then came back here to start working on all my homework, but i soon realized that its kinda hard to rely on other ppl to do stuff for you, as my life has been going oh so well lately, good thing i got a fairly decent workout in today so i wouldnt be all so upset. So i just had to do some reading, and then later ill get started on my paper for agriculture. so just been watchin whatever on tv here tonight as cant really do to much, my productivity went well with my homework for one night atleast. and well thatd be part of my day there i guess, so take care and be good.

October 7th--sorry again that i havent been keeping this updated, but ive had so much stuff bothering me here lately, so i havent been up to doing this by anymeans. and well i got my bone scan results back today and i guess they were negative but thats all i heard about it so i dont know anything else. and so well for awhile atleast im taking running easy in track so i can try to have my shins finally get healthy, im just gonna run on tuesdays as thats interval day, so i can hopefully get a good workout in then, and then every other day of the week im gonna do pool workouts, i bought flippers the other day for my pool workouts, they make the workouts much harder, so hopefully i am staying in somewhat decent shape without doign any actually running, and the other day i also got my mp3 player and i really like it cause it holds up to 9800 minutes of songs or just whatever else and so thats like over 2000 songs, compared to most other mp3 players that hold just like 20 songs or such, so i really like it. and well havent had any tests or anything like that lately, did sign up for classes today though, and i dont really like how it turned out as i have a night class from 6-9, which i really dont want, but i believe im gonna stay with it cause i need to take that class sometime anyways atleast, and well i dont really wanna type much more here now, so well take care and be good, and btw find me a woman ha

September 29th--Havent done a whole too lot today, i was gonna try to get ahead with some school stuff, but i really dont know how to do that for some of my classes so i decided not to do that yet, so maybe next weekend riight, ha.  last night went to sweet home alabama with dave, ashley(who didnt wanna sit by me :(  , jill, monica, blair, anna, laura, trica, katie, kelli, and i think thats it, sorry if i left you out there.  the movie was aight, i thought it was gonna be better than it was, more of a girl movie i guess, although not actually chick flick material but yeah.  also went to the football game here yesterday, we won. i watched the great iowa game too, the ot victory over penn state was great.  then today went to church this morning with blair,  then had brunch or whatever with her and the girls on the hall here at the caf after church, and just basically been doing nothing much since then. and the slow process is continuing on, but its moving

September 27th--Well i havent kept this up to date at all lately as there has been many things that have been bothering me, and will continue to bother me but yeah.  Well main thing is that laura called me on sunday night and she broke up with me on the phone, so i have been quite down about that, i knew it was goign to probably happen and all but yeah, dont wanna talk bout on here really, if you wanna know, ask me about it and i may tell you, if im in the mood.  And then my shins have gotten continually worse in track, i have been going on a every other day basis on the track, as i run one day and then the next day i go in the pool for a workout, and today i went to the trainer and he says absolutely no running for atleast 2 wks now, so all i can do are pool and bike workouts or such. I got a thing with a doctor on monday to see what is going on with me, and then possibly getting a bone scan for a possible stress fracture.  So pray for me with both of the aspects so that i can get better with both of them. There has been just too much going on here that ive been upset about lately so yeah.

September 16th--Woke up really really tired this morning, and so the first 3 classes i dont remember much about them at all and then had aerobic conditioning in which we did step aerobics, so that woke me up.  Then for track practice we had hills, and then i lifted, and im exhaused, so yeah.

September 15th--Nothing to much really happened at all, did some homework, the girls on my floor make me mad, and another day in a row of crying discussions with laura :(

September 14th--Slept in till like 1130, oh it was great. And then got some of my homework done, but not all that i had planned on getting started, so tomorrow, im gonna have to do a lot more, of like my lit stuff, as i  need to read alot.  I also watched the iowa, iowa state game, gosh dang.  Laura called so talked to her, and well otherwise, just hung out in the girls room basically playing nintendo, or just talking or such.

September 13th--Went to the trainer, and of course they really didnt tell me anything i didnt know, or do anything to help me that im not already doing, so i just hope that what i have been doing to help out my shins will actually help them out.  Then went to my two classes for friday, and then came back here and basically just chilled, and didnt do much of anything.  We didnt have track practice then till 5 because we were spose to help out at the xc meet here, so we had practice at the golf course and then hung around there to help out.  I was assigned to help keep ppl up and moving throw the chute at the end of the race to keep ppl in order of their finish, and then went around in golf cart and picked up some of the flag markers.  And we didnt get any food or food money, so we were all upset cause usually we do, but they said they didnt have enough for the ppl who worked there, so that was just dumb.  Then came back here and at alot, then went over to the union and played hide and go seek around the quad, oh i love that game it was quite fun.  It was the christian campus house ppl that were playing it, we played for quite awhile too, then i came back here to the dorm and wound up going up to blairs room and played spoons, ha with 5 other ppl till like 2 or so, and by then i was so tired, i just came back here and slept. so theres my abbreviated day.

September 12th--Had my first test of the year today in geology.  It involved walking around the room looking at 50 rocks and minerals and identifying what rock or mineral it was.  It was kinda harder than i thought it would be, as i thought i knew them all, but i guess i didnt, so just hoping i did well still.  Then in philsophy i just so wanted to tell this one guy off for mocking and making fun of this girl.  I gave him some glares then and i think he got the point cause he walked out of class quick, knowing that i wanted to tell him how big a jerk he was being to hollie, i dunnu it just all made me mad.  then in stress managment we just had like a study hall, to give us time to do work or course so we wont procastinate to save stress, it was dumb ha.  Then sat around for track, and in track we had 8-10 200s at 60%.  I actually got 8 of them done, first time ive actually ever made it through that. so proud of self, but my shins are also really starting to bother me, so im gonna start going to the trainer here tomorrow. and i dont feel like doing anything tonight homework wise so im just not gonna do any, and then this wkend im gonna hit it hard and try to get ahead in some classes.

September 11th--First off would like to pray for those who lost their lives last  year, and also for those whose life has changed since that day.  Today in geology just had a review for our test tomorrow, then in global ag i forgot to take my paper to class that was due, so oops.  After american lit i had aerobic conditioning and all we did was walk for 30 minutes around campus for exercise, rough day ha.  For track it was our easier day, as every wednesday will be, we just did abs, sprint drills, and then just some short sprints.  Then i went to the christian campus house, which is like a youth group type thing, and then came back here and studied for geology, and so ive actually been busy most of the day here. so yeah. gbye take care and be good

September 10th--Woke up very tired this morning, and so i spilled my protein all over my desk and on my mouse and mouse pad before class this morning, so i had to clean all that up.  Then went to geology and watched some video about gems and all, and then philsophy and stress management, not much happened in any of them.  But two girls introduced themselves to me today, and one waited for me after philsophy so she could walk with me to our next class, and so im like um aight.  And then after classes came back here and took a much needed nap for bout 2 hrs, then was back off to track practice.  We had to run 3-5 600s at 60%.  Then after practice had to go to library to pick up some stuff behind the reserve desk and then studied for geology test and read for lit, and then just relaxed.

September 9th--Today was the first day of official track practice.  We had to do 5 sets of 2 150 meter hills with 3 minutes rest.  It was actually pretty dang hard.  To long to run hills though for sure.  I also read several pages for my american lit class, and otherwise didnt do much of anything, as was quite just tired from track practice.

September 8th--I finally have gotten this somewhat close to where I would like it to be, still many other little things I would like to add here and there, but this is a good start for now atleast. I will start actually doing the 'my day' section tomorrow as track will have officially started so I will have somethings to talk about.