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---Well with the war going on now and all I figured I should write a little about what I believe about it and such.  First off does this war even have a name, I know that is a really minute focus of what is going on and all now, but someone asked me that question the other day and well of course I had no answer for it, is it the 'war on iraq' , 'war on terrorism', 'world war III' or what.  All i do know is that like every station has a different title pertaining to the war, but yeah that really isnt important though so yeah.  And well otherwise I really do not know where to start talking about this topic.  I just do not even fully understand why we are fighting and what we are fighting for.  All I know is that we want Sudam dead and to have Iraq rid of its weapondry.  But well if someone asked us to get rid of all of our nucleur weapons and all of our other weapons do you think we would actually do that, heck no.  So from all of what I know I just believe we are fighting just to secure our ranks as the worlds most powerful country.  So all this is going to become is a huge power struggle that is going to cost this nation billions and billions of dollars just for us to say that hey we are indeed the most powerful country, yeah we lost several lifes during this escapade but we're the strongest yay for us.  I just see no point in really doing that all for just having a title as being the strongest nation.  I know there are many other reasons for this as well, but I just see it all coming down to the greed for more power.  Iraq has indeed done stuff to us in the past but well i think that we have kind of provoked what has occured by our propositions that we have made with them that are just poposterous.  We try to make deals with that that we in no way would do ourselves if were asked to do so, as i stated earlier.  I just wanna know the underlying issue of why we have actually gone to war, as i dont believe i really know right now, maybe im just dumb and havent listened to stuff well but yeah.  But well we are now in the heat of war and theres no backing out now.  There will always be those doubting whether or not we should actually have gone to war here as has been show quite frequently already from the numerous protests in the US as well as other countries.  Im not gonna say im against war or for it, as i just dont know much about what is going on now, so im just playing it safe and saying that im neutral.  One thing i do know however is that i am standing up for those of us americans that have been called to duty and are taking part in the war efforts.  Even if you are against the war you should stay strong and true to those who have to do the fighting, as they are the true heros that are protecting us.  So just keep your support for those 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and so on age men and women, as if you do not show support for them they will lose hope in our own country and then have nothing true and genuine to fight for for the US of A.  God will prevail out of this no matter what as He is indeed the Almighty, so all I can do from here and same for you is just to keep praying for the safety and lifes of all and that peace will soon become from all of this. Well yeah as you can tell i really do not know much of what is going on, so inform me and tell me your opinions of it if you wanna.---

^^^What bothers me are people who dont mind their own business, when they know that the people with the problem want to take care of it themselves, if someone wants to say something go for it, but you know that youre just gonna make it worse, so be smart with it all, so just think fully about what you may be getting yourself into first^^^

***Once again this rant is about me not liking people who think they know everything and think they are the best thing in the world, and no one else matters. And well aint gonna really get into it all here really, just figured i would state how that bothers me, from last night when went ice skating and such, when i was nice by even driving someone there, but then this person then thought they had to right to tell me im always wrong with my driving etc...***

***What bothers me are people who stay stuff or do things because they know its gonna bother me, so they think its funny that it does bother me, why do people do this, will never know other than that it was for having  me feel bad, so why make me feel bad, not a clue if they actually care.***

^^^Well I just found out how hard it is to love someone but then have that person lie to me about something that they had promised me that they would not do, and then once I ask that person if they had done it, they deny it many times at first but then finally admit to doing it, so in otherwords they lied to me once again, by not admitting it at first. So now that trust that I had for that person, which they never thought was even there cause they dont believe me altough I have never lied to this person ever, is basically all gone, and so then with the trust goes most of the love and caring for that person as it all dwindles away from what this person has done to me. They say they have done nothign wrong at all, but I dont see how that can be so, when they had promised me but then again go against their word again, what else am I going to learn now, in the terms of this person changing her mind on, as she has done that already to me. That person is just not very reliable to what they have said in the past, and who wants to have someone being so unreliable to them, no one I hope. And this after I have been told that this person wants to be mad at me because I have been talking to one of her friends, but then this person goes and actually visits one of my friends, ok try to figure that one out, she is mad at me for talking to her friend, but then again she actually goes and visits my friend, that is totally contradicting her thoughts of why she is mad at me, cause she is doing something worse than what I have done for just talking to her friend. I was trying as hard as I can to make amends with this person, after everything, even after this person secretly getting into my hotmail account and reading my messages, which is really really low, I thought we were old enough now to actually talk things over instead of secretly going behind my back to figure stuff out, but I guess were not that old yet somehow. Yeah, I might have gone a lil to far with this person in discussing things earlier, but heck this person does my no means have to come back and do all of this junk, to have me hurt so bad now. I have never lied to this person, so why must I be lied to, for loving this person, and loving this person too much, that I went to far in trying to have this person have a life with less ways of hurting themself and living by the words of the Bible, but what I get in return is betrayal and lying. I find it worthless now to try to make amends with this person, as they are the one now that is goign to have to try to win back over a friendship, yeah still friends, but not by anymeans good friends, cause friends do not go behind their friends back and then lie to them as well. This person could probably care less about even seeing me again actually, but not saying that as a fully true thing as I do not knwo for sure how this person is thinking, but its hard for me to have any clue at all when this person does not even really attempt to communicate with me anymore, as she just wants to be mad at me, for me doing nothing wrong, makes absoultely no since at all, I just hope this person learns from all this, and that they dont put another person through all this hardship because they just want themselves to be happy and not seriously bring into affect my feelings. So for you who this is about, Im going to once again sit and wait to have you talk first to me, cause of what you have all done to me now, and I do not see a point in putting more time into you, unless you are willing to put time into me.^^^
------------in addition------------------
I just learned that this person also had done the thing that they had promised not to do when we were actually dating, and then not tell me because they knew I would be mad about it, but wow I thought that people that are dating are not spose to go behind the other persons back and then hide things from them, that is just not how it works, but thats how it was in this case, and oh my gosh does it really hurt, I put all my love into this person only for this person to come back and betray me, lie to me, and go behind my back, while I was always being so honest and up front with this person, why must I have this treatment put on me, it is just not fair at all, for me to receive this from what love I put into it all, totally did not expect for this person to do this too me, but I guess its my fault that I allowed myself to trust and then love this person so much only to have this person hurt me so deeply. This person thinks that I should be able to talk to them first, but I do not know how I can talk first, when Im the one that has not lied, im not goig to talk to someone that has lied to me, I believe it is their duty to try to talk to me about it, this person I believe is just lucky that I do love them, so that I am willing to accept it all, even though I should not have to accept any of it at all by anymeans, so I believe that it is this persons work that is gonna have to be the negotiator in trying to make me feel somewhat better about it, as they are the one that has lied to me, although they do not believe that they have actually lied to me, which is really really hard to understand, any common sense would say that when you tell someone that you will not do something, but then go ahead and do it, especially behind their back that they have indeed lied. I just want to sometime find that special someone who will not lie to me, but that definetly was not this person, I dont wanna say its her loss cause I didnt agree with her opinions but yeah, but I kinda believe that it is her loss, as I never lied to her, would never lie to her,would always be true to her etc...but to her that did not matter, as she could go ahead and do this stuff to me anyways, giving me something I did not deserve to receive, this persons friends will probably stick up for her, just cause they are her friends, but in terms of common sense, if they really reasoned out about it, they would conclude that indeed friends especially boy and girlfriends do not betray, lie, hide things from each other, and do things behind their back, so here I am just gonna have to try to move on through all this, after I gave my life to this person, but then have them not give all of theirs to me. It just is not fair, it seems as a waste of my time, money and efforts now as it only led to a lie that had been going on for sometime. I just do not understand how people cannot be honest with one another, it only leds to arguments when people lie, so why do it, is it stupidity, never will know I guess, but all I can do is pray for those people who do lie and hope that they begin to realize that in life they do not need to lie and keep things from one another. 10 months of my life, isnt much in the long run, but wow, it was basically 10 months of being with someone that would turn around and betray me, ouch, it really really hurts. Im really sorry for those of you who have friends that lie to them, cause it just is not right and is totally not acceptable, but well my tears have no ceased, and so I will stop with this now as well. So just be honest with people, its that easy, theres nothing hard about it, but for most people it is, unfortunately, it will all come back and stab you later on after the person that was lied to is stabbed, as the point in lying is that there is no point in doing it.


***What really bothers me is the idea of someone being able to be so rude and crude to someone but then that someone who is getting all the bad things said too, just plays them off like nothing has happenened. Yeah, I can understand friends joking around with one another and calling them bad names or such, or wait no I cannot. That person must not actually be a good true friend if they are going to do that to one, even in a joking matter. There is no point in being mean to your true friend at any time. And what really baffles me is the person who receives the making fun of or name calling etc... can just move on and still accept the person as their true friend. That to me just does not seem very feasible in the terms of having a true friend. And that is how most so called friendships are nowadays. Am I spose to go say bad stuff about a girl that I like so then that she will like me? Not at all, but that is still how many things come forth, which is quite weird. If one is willing to accept it that they are getting things said too, well power to them that they can accept it, but that is not how it should be. An actual true friend will not do that to you. I could go on about this and try to explain it in a lot more ways, but nah, so hopefully the main idea is stated cleary enough there. But so just realize who your actual true friends really are, the ones that will stick by your side and the true meaning of friendship, which entails niceness, not name calling etc...***

~~~What really bothers me is people who think they know everything in my classes. It is usually the older people, like in my philsophy class there is this older lady who responds to every single thing our teacher says with some dumb comment or story for something and all. Gotta give the people credit and all for coming back to school but yeah they dont have to act like they rule and own everything. This lady comments about something but is so wrong with what she is saying so the teacher is like no thats not how it is and then she always just comes back and says yeah i know, i fully agree with you, oh come on now, you totally contradict yourself there, by saying somethign and then going right over to his side, and she doesnt even realize what she is agreeing to half the time either, as she is just trying to impress the teacher, which i sure hope he isnt falling for. If i was teaching that class i would just be like hey woman, just let me teach here and keep the comments about what you think you know down, yeah mean, but thats the only way with her, if she could even comprehend what i would be saying then. And then just in general i dont like the people who try to argue some points but the points are so irrelevant and there is no way they can be true, i know some of you think my points are dumb but they really do have a meaning to them if you would just really think about them. So i would just wish that people would not try to impress others with knowledge that they dont even know or act like they know knowledge that they sure dont know, cause some of us people are actually smart and know that you are in no way right with what you are saying.~~~